March 2, 2024

Does Vaping Cause Weight Gain? Find Your Answer Here

Does Vaping Cause Weight Gain

Does Vaping Cause Weight Gain? Vaping is quite popular among people nowadays, and many also believe it has health benefits compared to traditional cigarettes when it comes to your health. Is it? However, there’re two bubbliest topics that always confuse people- does vaping cause weight gain or help lose weight? Well, many are frequently searching for the answers as a myth suggests vaping contributes to losing some pounds. So can one lose some weight by vaping? Well, many firmly believe it and also consider vaping the fastest route to lose their stubborn belly fat. And you can hardly blame them as a myth suggests e-cigarettes can help lose weight. But is it?


While there’re theories that suggest vaping cause weight loss, many people started it for the exact opposite reason. Can you believe many believed the myth that vaping causes weight gain? It is quite popular among lean people who wish to gain weight as quickly as possible. But can e-cigars help in losing and gaining weight- the two contrasting things at the same time? Well, it’s what people are looking for. So which one myth is actually true? Without wasting time, let’s head straight to see does vaping cause weight gain or loss.

Does Vaping Cause Weight Gain

But First, What Is Vaping?

No doubt, people are already aware of the term vaping. Still, if you aren’t familiar with it, then don’t worry. Vaping is actually consuming e-cigarettes that often work as the replacement for tobacco (or traditional cigarettes). The e-cigars are battery-operated devices that work exactly like traditional cigarettes. However, there’s a slight difference between them, as in e-cigars, you get your nicotine through a vape device. This vape device heats the liquid and vaporizes it. It is commonly available in flavored e-liquids. These e-liquids have artificial flavors and chemicals that vary in nicotine strength.

Does Vaping Cause Weight Gain

Back To The Myth: “Vaping Can Help With Weight Loss”

It’s pretty common for people to believe vaping can help with weight loss. Have you also heard about this myth? If yes, then pretty sure you have also tried to investigate the authenticity of this claim and from where this comes from. Well, most people believe that vaping can help fight belly fat and lose some pounds because of the vape flavor. Typically, long-term or disposable vapes come in various flavors, and people opt for them based on their preferences and choice. But do these flavors help you lose weight? Did they contain some compounds that can be used for health benefits? No!

Most of the e-liquids comprise propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, and they are the primary ingredients. The fun fact is they contain minute calorie values, which are only 4kcal per ml. Isn’t it interesting? Well, a normal digestive biscuit holds more calories (71kcals) than this. Thus it led people to believe that vaping can cause weight loss. However, let’s get a bit deeper into this. Calories work differently on the body’s system based on how they are taken into the body. The ones taken via ingestion are generally calculated based on the amount of energy released.

Does Vaping Cause Weight Gain

But when it comes to vaping, the calorie intake is quite different, as it comes through inhalation, which scarcely adds up to the general calories taken in the body. And the exciting part is the calories listed in the e-liquids are just the energy value. It has nothing impact on one’s body. Thus it doesn’t come in direct contact with the body system and doesn’t increase the body’s weight. So is that mean vaping cause weight loss? Then what about the question: does vaping cause weight gain?

Does Vaping Cause Weight Gain?

Well, it’s clear that vaping contributes nothing to your health. Calories intake is much less than the amount taken through ingestion. So vaping barely contributes to increasing calories in your body. Further, there’s no active addition of pounds to your body when one vapes. This is because vaping is different from eating. Eating helps pile up some calories, ultimately leading to some extra pounds in your body, whereas vaping has no contribution. In fact, it’s a healthier replacement for smoking that contains nicotine or tobacco, which actually leads to the loss of appetite.

Does Vaping Cause Weight Gain

Meanwhile, vaping does not affect your appetite and remains pretty normal. But vaping can cause weight gain. Indeed! Vaping doesn’t change anyone’s appetite but makes food taste much better. Does vaping cause weight gain? Partially true! Some people vape to lose weight as the sweet flavor in the e-liquids can help curb their appetite. But it is only effective for skinny people who are trying to maintain their weight and stay slim. However, vaping has a completely opposite effect on people who are already overweight or obese. This is because vaping causes taste buds to react differently.

Generally, e-liquid is loaded with artificial sweeteners and sugar. This is why people snack on more or consume high-calorie foods after vaping. This is probably because the flavor gives them a false sense of satisfaction. But indeed, it has no significant effect on skinny people. However, vaping cause weight gain. Now it’s proven too. Thus the myth is busted that vaping causes weight loss. But it does have some effects on maintaining your weight. How? Well, traditional cigarettes contain nicotine that leads to a drop in appetite and also affects your metabolism. But in the case of vaping, appetite remains the same; thus, there’s no significant weight loss seen in people who vape.

Does Vaping Cause Weight Gain

Is Weight Gain After Quitting Vaping Possible?

Vaping also contains a small amount of nicotine, although inhalation doesn’t involve much stronger doses. Since nicotine affects the appetite, their natural appetite returns when they quit smoking or vaping. So the body would react to the new normal, and the appetite would start to come normal. During this, the person would consume more food than before, and the increased intake would lead to weight gain. So, does vaping cause weight gain? Indeed it does! This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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