April 25, 2024
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Joe Pickett Season 2: Releasing In 2023! Check Out The Trailer

Joe Pickett Season 2

One does not need any reason as to why American crime dramas are popular all over the world. Be it the story or the enthralling cast, the captivating cinematography, or the compelling idea, these factors ensure their domination in the industry. One such crime series is Joe Pickett which falls in the genre of neo-Western, more specifically. It debuted in 2021 and is apparently labeled as the Paramount Plus show. Lately, the show has jumped into the trending list as Joe Pickett is returning with another season. In addition to this, the trailer has also been launched, which has increased the excitement of the audience. Therefore, fans are anxious to dig into more detail about it. Here’s everything about Joe Pickett Season 2 that you must know!


Directed by John Erick Dowdle and Drew Dowdle, the series has found its inspiration from the characters created by C.J.Box. Interestingly, the debut installment has been adapted from the first and the third novels titled Open Season and Winterkill. Well, Joe Pickett was originally released on Spectrum Originals and enjoyed a convincing viewership level. But later on, it moved to Paramount Plus. Moreover, the crime series chronicles the life incidents of a game warden, Joe, who lives in Wyoming with his family. The political and social climate surrounding the towns creates a possibility of economic destruction as well. In addition to the story, the filming locations have also won the hearts of the audience.

What Is The Current Status Of Joe Pickett Season 2?

Joe Pickett Season 2
Joe Pickett, Paramount Plus

The pilot episode of Joe Pickett dropped on December 6, 2021, and the first installment ran till December 27, 2021. The episodes followed a unique pattern where a set of episodes were released on the same day. Talking about the sophomore season, the series was picked up for another season a few months after the release of season 1. In June 2022, the team threw light on the cast, thereby confirming the return of certain actors. Following the formal statement concerning the cast, it was reported that the upcoming installment entered the production phase in July 2022. The filming took place at two locations in Alberta, Okotoks and High River.

As far as the current status is concerned, Paramount Plus has unveiled the trailer of Joe Pickett Season 2. The network will act as a new home for the lead actor and the entire crew member. However, the switch in the broadcast platform has not been justified by a valid reason. So, the audience speculates it to be an internal dispute that might have canceled the contract. Nevertheless, media traders are expecting that Paramount Plus will earn more viewers and Joe Pickett can reach new heights, according to the sources.

What Will Happen In Joe Pickett Season 2?

Gruesome murders and intriguing investigation is sure to fill the story. On top of that, the trailer has given an insight into the story and resulted in various guesses. Ever since the clip dropped, the official synopsis has created a buzz. The trailer, as expected, follows a murder investigation that serves as a link to an entire chain of criminal activities. Wyoming Game Warden Joe Pickett tries to solve the murder mystery involving a hunter. The hunter’s dead body in the forest is not merely an incident but is the beginning of a series of murders.

Joe Pickett Season 2
Joe Pickett, Paramount Plus

Apart from these, it seems like the killer targets the hunters and hangs their bodies after killing them. While investigating the case, he realizes that the killer can only be arrested if he succeeds in tackling various circumstances. In order to win, Joe had to fight his tortured past and follow anti-hunting activists closely. Besides this, a serious political dispute awaits Pickett in the upcoming season. Therefore, it is a complex web where political and judicial interest conflict. Overall, one can say that Joe Pickett Season 2 is all set to focus on the twisted sense of justice.

Which Actors Are Returning In The Next Season?

In the last season, Michael Dorman headlined the series as Joe Pickett, while Julianna Guill played the role of Marybeth Pickett. Paul Sparks portrayed the character of Wacey Hedeman. In addition to these, Sharon Lawrence essayed the role of Missy Vankeuren. Mustafa Speaks as Nate Romanowski, David Alan Grier as Vern Dunnegan, and Skywalker Hughes as Sheridan Pickett joined the cast in the first season. There were other actors too played recurring roles.

Joe Pickett Season 2
Joe Pickett, Paramount Plus

As far as the cast of Joe Pickett Season 2 is concerned, in June 2022, the team spilled an update on it. Vivienne Guynn, Chad Rook, and Aadila Dosani would reprise their respective characters. Julianna Gill will again play Joe’s wife, and Keean Johnson, as Luke Brueggeman, has also joined the cast. The other actors who are officially on board in the forthcoming installment are Cheryl De Luca, Emily Alabi, Sean Wei Mah, Aadila Dosani, and many others.

Joe Pickett Season 2: Release Date

The second season of the American crime drama is coming back to the screens on June 4, 2023. The first two episodes of the fresh batch will be released on the same day. The audience can stream Joe Pickett Season 2 online on Paramount Plus

. However, it will land a day after the original release in Australia. Following the initial episodes, the chapters would be dropping weekly on Sundays. Till then, you can enjoy watching the trailer if you haven’t!

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