June 15, 2024
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The Alienist Season 3: Not Returning Until 2024? Cast Busy

The Alienist Season 3

The Alienist Season 3: Although OTT platforms are dominating the industry, the popularity of period dramas depends upon the story and not much on networks. This is why TNT has become the subject of discussion ever since it enlisted a period drama to its broadcast list. Titled The Alienist, this series was dropped in 2018 and sparked off two successful seasons. It is known to address various issues like corruption, yellow journalism, and income inequality. However, with the trio of heroes and intriguing cases to solve, The Alienist is apparently capable of continuing for several installments.


But following the end of the first season, the drama was quickly renewed for a sophomore installment. So will it happen with its third run too? Well, lately, the period drama has begun appearing in the search results as fans are curious about The Alienist Season 3. Here’s what we know!

The American drama is based on the novel of the same name that was written in 1994. Interestingly, the sequel also took its inspiration from a novel titled “The Angel Of Darkness.” Both were penned by American historian and author Caleb Carr. The Alienist revolves around a series of gruesome murders and follows a serial killer. The central characters investigate the entire case and confront historical figures. Besides this, the finale of season 2 witnessed the team’s win in solving the case of the missing baby. In addition, the series received a second life after Netflix begged the digital streaming rights at a whopping amount.

The Alienist Season 3
The Alienist, TNT

Is There Any Chance Of The Alienist Season 3? What Did The Makers Say?

The ten-episode-long season 1 was released officially on January 22, 2018, and the finale aired on March 26, 2018. Before the official premiere, the episodes were dropped on the original network, TNT, as a sneak peek. Soon after the debut installment wrapped up, it was picked up for another season. The sequel was announced on August 16, 2018, and it began airing on July 19, 2020. The most recent episode that fans have watched was unveiled in August 2020. However, the follow-up series had two episodes less than that of the initial batch.

Talking about the third season, no official words have come from the side of either makers or the network. TNT has yet to reveal whether it will order new episodes. Since an official announcement is in the pending status, the window for The Alienist Season 3 is still open. It is quite possible for the creator to show up with a renewal statement in the coming months as currently the lead cast is busy with different projects. Luke Evans is currently being considered as potential candidate for upcoming James Bond movies. Till then, we can wait for a formal statement to drop in.

The Alienist, TNT

When it comes to the possibility, there is an apparent potential for the series to return to the screens. It has received mostly positive reviews and has been praised for its enthralling story. The strong and bold performance of the cast has won critical appreciation. In addition to this, the viewership count is also decent and convincing, thereby satisfying the criteria of The Alienist Season 3. Hence, keeping all the factors in mind, it seems like The Alienist has a significant chance to release its third season.

What Will Happen In The Alienist Season 3?

In the last episodes of the sophomore season, Libby desperately wanted to see her daughter, Clara. She was also demanding access to her location, which was being constantly denied by Howard. She was soon taken into custody after Moore tackled her wisely. During her arrest, she was taken into a cell where Byrnes began questioning her. But the interrogation did not seem like a normal session as he tortured her. When he failed to gain a relevant answer, Howard stepped in as Libby expected. However, she managed to escape from the police station to meet Clara.

The Alienist Season 3
The Alienist, TNT

The team also chased her, and meanwhile, Knox shot Marcus, who eventually died. Lastly, Moore and the police team found the baby and saved her life. Libby was happy to have her daughter back, which completed her family. Though Clara was back to Libby, it did not change the fact that the latter had to be arrested. So, Sara and Kreizler convinced the woman to give up on Clara as the police were already on their way to arrest her.

The Alienist Season 3 is likely to dive into a new novel by Caleb Carr. It might return with another territory and new investigative cases. The third novel in the series is titled Surrender, New York, and is set in the present-day city. So, this can be the possible source material for the potential season 3.

Which Actors Will Be Back In The Next Season?

When the series returned for season 2, the most prominent thing the makers did was focused on the characters more specifically. Therefore, TNT would not probably want to lose focus. Thus, it apparently implies that the core cast will return to their respective roles. Daniel Brühl as Laszlo Kreizler, Luke Evans as John Schuyler Moore, and Brian Geraghty as Theodore Roosevelt are bound to appear in the future. In addition to them, Douglas Smith and Robert Ray Wisdom are expected to join the cast as Marcus Isaacson and Cyrus Montrose, respectively.

The Alienist Season 3

The Alienist Season 3: Release Date

Since a renewal announcement is yet to see the light of day, an exact date is not out. Even if it gets renewed by this year, it will take almost six months to wrap up the filming and the post-production. So, we expect The Alienist Season 3 to release by late 2024. Keep coming to TECH RADAR 247 for more updates on the show!

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