May 30, 2024
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Blark And Son Season 3: Already In Development! Releasing In 2024?

Blark And Son Season 3

Comedy Central’s latest addition live-action puppet show, Blark And Son, has dropped its second season, and fans can’t wait to see more of Blark And Son Season 3. No doubt, the second season finale was on the next level. It was filled with adventure, mystery, abduction, and of course, murder, drawing fans’ attention throughout the time. While the audience was thoroughly into the show, it’s been a year since the network hasn’t commented on season 3’s status. So is it happening? Well, the creator has already teased Blark And Son Season 3 release and more. So what are you waiting for? Let’s head straight to see what’s aligned next for the audience.


Blark And Son is a dark comedy series initially created for social media. However, the show gained huge popularity for its witty humor and unique plotline. Thus shortly after its first season, Comedy Central added it to its streaming list. As for the series’ story arc, it focuses on Blark, a sensible father who wants to ensure his beloved son “Son” can live in the wild world. So he goes to any length to help his son deal with the upcoming challenges, whether a fire cult or a first date.

Blark And Son Season 3
Comedy Central

Blark And Son Season 3: Latest News

Despite being a show initially developed for Instagram, Blark And Son has been on air since 2018. The pilot episode aired back on June 4, 2018, and soon received huge recognition from global fans. As of now, the show has two successful seasons and a loyal fanbase. However, it’s been almost a year, and fans haven’t heard anything regarding Blark And Son Season 3. Will the creator return with the next outing? Well, no need to fret. This is because the creator has recently spilled the beans on season 3’s production status. Keep reading to know it.

Unfortunately, Comedy Central hasn’t renewed the third season yet. The second season wrapped up on February 2021; since then, fans haven’t learned anything about Blark And Son. Well, the show gained generally favorable viewership. Thus, it’s unlikely that the creator and the network won’t return with the third run. It earned solid ratings on IMDb, bagging 7.7 out of 10. Further, the critics also called it a show filled with humor and a pleasant storyline. And only a year has passed. If you remember, the pilot season of Blark And Son aired in 2018, and it took almost three years to return with the second run.

Blark And Son Season 3
Comedy Central

So considering the timeframe, we expect the same with Blark And Son Season 3. Also, the network hasn’t axed the series yet. Thus it’s a good sign that the series may return sometime in the future. Speaking about the possibility, the creator Ben Bayouth recently confirmed that they are working on something new. He revealed more to come in the animated puppet series, hinting at the possibility of season 3.

Is Blark And Son Season 3 In Production?

Although there’s no such official statement that can confirm Blark And Son’s production status, Ben has teased they are currently in the development of season 3. As per the source, the creative team is looking forward to moving from the social world to the television one. Initially, the series is created for social media. But after Comedy Central

picked the second season, the creator believes they may return to the network once again. However, Ben hasn’t unveiled Blark And Son Season 3 release date yet. Nevertheless, it’s a great sign that the series is in development and may return soon this year.

Blark And Son Season 3: What Will Happen Next?

Blark And Son Season 3
Comedy Central

The live-action puppet show focus on a father-son dynamic and how they deal with their everyday lifestyle. But the second season introduced an enigmatic character, Chimpy, who possessed danger for everyone, especially Son. Judging by his cute face, it was hard to figure out his nefarious intention, and there was when Blark made a mistake. He considered Chimpy as a friend who later captured him, Junior, and Stacey. However, in the season finale, Stacey managed to escape while Blark and Junior were still hostage.

While Blark was trying to save their lives, Stacey returned only to save Junior. She then killed Chimpy with a sharpened bamboo stick from behind and took Junior with her. So now, if the show returns with Blark And Son Season 3, chances are high that it will focus on the ruptured relationship between Stacey, Blark, and Junior. Junior has seen a lot, which will eventually affect his social life. So now it remains unclear how Blark will help him to deal with the upcoming challenges.

Blark And Son Season 3: Cast Details

Blark And Son Season 3
Comedy Central

Now that the creator has revealed that Blark And Son Season 3 is developing, we can expect to see the series’ titular character back. Ben Bayouth will undoubtedly return as Blark, along with Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Son. Well, the show follows an ensemble cast, so it’s unclear who else will reprise their role. But Stacey (Jim Rash) came out alive in the second season finale, so she will return with Junior (Justin Roiland). However, there’s a thin chance that Chimpy (voiced by Jonathan Sanders) will return for the third outing, as Stacey killed him in the end.

Blark And Son Season 3: Release Date

Blark And Son is currently in production, so it may take some months to wrap it up. Typically, the production lasts for almost six months before undergoing post-production work. So considering the timeframe, it’s likely that Blark And Son Season 3 will release sometime in early 2024. However, the network has not announced a tentative release date for Blark And Son. So we will update you soon. Stay with TechRadar247 for more such updates.

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