April 14, 2024
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Linda Hunt Net Worth: Actor’s Income From NCIS Will Surprise You!

NCIS: Los Angeles star Linda Hunt made the headlines when the star suddenly disappeared from the show. Well, she has gained a household name by portraying Hetty in CBS drama. However, fans were curious to see her in the series finale, especially after learning how much she had made through a few minutes of appearance. So, how much is Linda Hunt net worth? Well, you’ll be surprised to know that the actress is living a lavish life with the love of her life. Despite being in her 70s, Linda Hunt’s net worth is more than any other TV actress. So without wasting any time, let’s head straight to learn about her wealth and where she is now. Keep reading.


Who Is Linda Hunt?

Born on April 2, 1945, to Raymond Davy Hunt and Elsie Doying Hunt, Linda Hunt’s artistic background played a huge role in paving her career. She has an older sister, Marcia, and the two grew up in New Jersey. Her mother was a piano teacher that worked as a major influence for the star as it helped her gain clarity on what she wanted in her life. During childhood, she attended the Interlochen Arts Academy. Later Linda graduated from the Goodman School of Drama and earned a degree in arts.

Linda Hunt Net Worth

Hunt always had a knack for acting which led her to make her debut in 1975 Ah, Wilderness. It was her Broadway debut, and soon she continued to rise the steps of her acting career. Hunt also received Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play for End Of The World. She also received two Obie Awards for A Metamorphosis In Miniature and Top Girls, her two Off-Broadway work. It was just the first step toward a hefty Linda Hunt’s net worth. Well, the list continues as she gained a huge name through her theatre work before entering film and television.

How Did Linda Hunt Rise To Fame?

Well, Linda Hunt was already a well-known actress before she made her on-screen debut. Despite that, her film debut created a buzz around the nation. Because of her small stature, Linda appeared in the musical comedy Popeye by Robert Altman, and soon she gained huge recognition. Two years later, Hunt returned to the big screen playing Billy Kwan in The Year of Living Dangerously. It was a film adaptation of Peter Weir’s novel of the same name. But interestingly, she played a male character and also won an Oscar for playing the opposite sex. Do you know she was the first female who set this record?

But it wasn’t easy for her to play a male character, as Linda even dyed her hair and shaved her eyebrows to portray Billy. However, it was worth it in the end and also helped to boost Linda Hunt’s net worth. After her biggest hit, Linda appeared in several critical acclaim movies. Such as Dune, She-Devil, Kindergarten Cop, and If Looks Could Kill. Linda then made her small screen debut as Judge Zoey Hiller on The Practice. She appeared on several shows, including Without A Trace, before her mega career jump. Her role in NCIS: Los Angeles as Operations Manager Henrietta “Hetty” Lange turned out as her acting breakthrough. Even Hunt has won two Teen Choice Awards for her beloved character.

But Why Linda Left NCIS: LA?

NCIS: LA had recently dropped its series finale on May 21, 2023, and fans hoped to see Hetty back on screen. Well, it wasn’t a surprise as Linda suddenly disappeared from the show following her car accident. She sustained serious injuries but was supposed to return soon. However, it took some additional time to recover, but she teased to return later that season. But unfortunately, her character was long gone for the entire Seasons 10 and 11. Later due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Linda was given special consideration for her age. So, she was away from the season.

Linda Hunt Net Worth

In season 12, Admiral Kilbride (Gerald McRaney) was ordered to clear Hetty’s office, hinting at the end of Linda’s journey in NCIS. While fans were stressed about whether they would ever see their beloved character again, Hetty made her return. Her return was a big shocker yet a relief for the fans. She returned in the season 13 episode titled “Subject 17,” but sadly, she never returned to the series finale. But do you know Linda received a hefty amount for her few seconds of appearance? Although the exact amount isn’t disclosed yet, it still increases Linda Hunt’s net worth.

A Look At Her Personal Life

When she was just a kid, Linda was diagnosed with a medical condition that took place due to Growth Hormone deficiency. It is known as Hypopituitary Dwarfism. This medical condition stops the hormone’s growth, making it impossible for a person to grow normally, resulting in short height. But because of her small stature, she was a victim of a bully at a young age. Linda also mentioned in an interview that her father was always worried for her until she won Academy Award. He was mainly worried about her career choice.

Linda Hunt Net Worth

But she proved her worth. Now the past doesn’t matter in front of Linda Hunt net worth. Despite dealing with such hurdles, Linda met the love of her life, Karen Kline. Karen is a psychotherapist, and they came into a relationship in 1978. Since then, the couple have been together and tied the knot in 2008. They live in a Hollywood bungalow with their three pet dogs. The couple doesn’t have any children. But the love for each other never wore off.

Linda Hunt Net Worth

The American actress is known for her huge acting career. As per the reports, Linda Hunt net worth is estimated to be around $12 million. While she earned her name through theatre, her net worth peaked to great heights with her role as Hetty in NCIS: Los Angeles. However, how much she had made through NCIS remains a mystery. But as per the news, she had been the highest-paid actress on the show. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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