May 25, 2024
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Seaside Hotel Season 10:High Possibility Of Return! Releasing In 2023?

Seaside Hotel Season 10

Since 2022, North Sea’s small Seaside Hotel hasn’t opened its door to guests during summer. The summer is already here, and the irresistible show has yet to make any announcements. Fans have been highly curious to know whether their favorite Danish drama Seaside Hotel Season 10, will return this year. No doubt, the curiosity is at its peak as the show earned a massive fan following through the decade. But is it on the cards? Unfortunately, we have unpleasant news for Badehotellet series fans. Keep reading to learn whether Badehotellet Season 10 will return this year.


Badehotellet, aka Seaside Hotel, focuses on the story of the North Sea Dunes beach hotel staff and guests. It is set in 1928-33 and follows life at the seaside hotels back then. But the core of the show focuses on the lives of three young people: Amanda, Fie, and Morten. While all of them belong to different backgrounds, their fates are intertwined. The trio struggles with finding themselves amid dealing with the social ascent and emancipation themselves when others try to make decisions on their behalf. As things become more complex, the characters go through several highs and lows.

Seaside Hotel Season 10: Latest News! Renewal Status

The Danish drama debuted back in 2013, and since then, it’s been on air. The show wrapped up back in early 2022, leaving fans wondering about the series’ fate. Well, it’s been almost a year, and still, the network hasn’t made any official statement regarding Seaside Hotel Season 10. So is it happening? Currently, there’s no latest news regarding the tenth season, but there’s hope that the show will shift to a new home. Keep reading to know more.

It’s been a decade since the show was on the air, and it has been bringing plenty of engaging storylines to the audience’s plate. In fact, the show was the most-watched fictional show on Danish TV from 2016 to 2020. It broke all the records at that time as Seaside Hotel was one of the first Danish series to gain worldwide recognition. Despite that, it’s been a year, and TV 2 hasn’t announced the renewal of Seaside Hotel Season 10. So is Badehotellet Season 10 off the cards? Well, fans are curious to know that, and it’s likely they have to wait for the official announcement.

Seaside Hotel Season 10
Seaside Hotel Season 10

Chances Of Season 10 Return

While the ninth season aired back in 2022, the entire show was made available on PBS Passport in the United States in 2023. Well, it appears as the first step toward targeting the global audience. So far, the show’s loyal fans were Danish. But now it is available for the global audience, hinting at Badehotellet Season 10. This is because PBS is trying to expand its show’s roaster. So it could be a sign to add Seaside Hotel to its latest streaming list.

Further, the show has been on air since 2013, so it doesn’t seem like the network will axe it without any specific reason. Also, the show always received positive responses from the audience as well as critics. It has managed to remain the most-viewed show on TV 2. Also, it earned 7.9 solid ratings on IMDb. Thus there’s a high possibility of Seaside Hotel Season 10.

Seaside Hotel Season 10

Seaside Hotel Season 10: Cast Details

No doubt, the original series cast will return for the next season. Well, without them, the show won’t be complete. So expect to see Ole Thestrup as Julius Andersen, Bodil Jorgensen as Molly Andersen, and Cecillie Stenspil as Helene Aurland Weyse. Besides, Rosalinde Mynster as Fie Kjaer will also return with Amalie Dollerup as Amanda Madsen Berggren and Morten Hemmingsen as Morten Enevoldsen. Joining them will be Peter Hesse Overgaard as Hjalmar Aurland, Mads Wille as Grev Ditmar, and Sigurd Holmen le Dous as Philip Dupont. The other remaining cast includes Bjarne Henriksen as Otto Frigh, Birthe Neumann as Olga Fjeldso, and Kristian Halken as Peter Andreas Kjaer.

Seaside Hotel Season 10

What Will Happen Next?

Since season 6, the show follows a summer season from 1939 to 1941. The last season focused on the summer of 1945. So fans can expect to see Badehotellet Season 10 to explore the next season of the year. It will focus more on the guests who continue creating a problem for the staff, while our three main leads will deal with their unstable lives. They will continue to work on their way to reach great heights. But things will go differently than their plans when their close ones get involved.

Seaside Hotel Season 10

Seaside Hotel Season 10: Release Date

As of now, TV 2 has yet to renew the show for the tenth season. Thus it remains unclear when the next season will air. Typically, the show airs in the first quarter of the year. But it didn’t happen this year, leaving Seaside Hotel Season 10 fate up in the air. However, we expect the network to make an official announcement soon. So till then, stay with TechRadar247 for more such updates.

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