Siesta Key Season 6

Siesta Key Season 6: Star Teases “End Isn’t Near” Amid Cancelation Rumors!

No doubt, reality series are more popular these days than any other genre, and one such show that is making rounds is Siesta Key. Since the show debuted, it has earned global recognition, and with its fifth season wrapped up airing this year, fans are wondering about Siesta Key Season 6 future. Many are concerned about whether their favorite reality series will return to MTV amid the rumors that Siesta Key Season 5 is the final season. Is it? Nothing is known to date, so it remains a mystery. But the series cast has recently opened up about Siesta Key Season 6 possibility. So let’s see whether the show will return.

American reality TV series Siesta Key debuted back in 2017 and soon became the most dramatically popular show. It follows the struggle of a group of young adults and how they deal with the biggest and bitterest challenges of their lives. The group embarks on a journey as they spend time together; they confront issues of heartbreak, love, betrayal, and looming adulthood. While things seem to settle, their life takes an ultimate turn that entirely changes everything. Now the group has to figure out what they are looking for.

Siesta Key Season 6: Latest News! Is It Happening?

The American reality TV series Siesta Key made the headlines with its pilot season in 2017. Well, the show turned out as a top-rated series on MTV and also gained massive recognition from the global audience as well as critics. With the show’s huge popularity and spicy nature, people tune into the reality show to see what’s happening in their favorite characters’ lives. Now that the fifth season has just wrapped up, fans demand Siesta Key Season 6. But the series cast Juliette Porter has recently spilled the chances of the show are quite thin. So is it off the cards? Let’s see!

Well, it’s quite early to speculate the future of the show, especially when Siesta Key Season 5 has just wrapped up early this year. But surprisingly, rumors regarding Siesta Key Season 6 cancelation left fans on edge. It all started when the star cast took to their social media to share their throwback pictures. One by one, each cast member shared throwback snaps of them filming the series over the years, leading to speculation that Miami Moves would be the final season of the show. But MTV hasn’t yet made any official statement.

Siesta Key Season 6

However, the reality show saw a sharp drop in ratings. Well, Siesta Key Season 5 debut received a poor response from the audience compared to the first four seasons. Thus it makes fans wonder whether the sixth season is on the cards. But MTV generally takes four to five months and sometimes more to announce the future of the show. If you remember, the fourth season received renewal a year after the third season of Siesta Key wrapped up. Although it’s unlikely that the network will take more time in the case of Siesta Key Season 6, let’s wait for the official announcement.

Juliette Porter Dispelled Siesta Key Season 6 Cancelation Speculation

The swimsuit designer recently relocated to Miami with the series cast for the fifth season that showcased their journey and hustle while settling up there. While the fifth season was completely different from its previous four seasons, the poor reception and the cast’s actions made everyone believe the show was a done deal. Soon the fans bombarded Juliette’s comment section asking for a proper explanation. Many questioned whether the fifth season finale was the series finale. Will they ever see the cast back on the screens since they all are working to settle down?

Siesta Key Season 6

With so many questions, Juliette finally took to Instagram to dismiss the rumors. She revealed that none of them knows whether Siesta Key Season 6 is happening. However, the actress admitted that a higher-up executive might know the show’s fate. But she claimed that neither the cast nor her producers have any clue about the sixth season. While providing an inside look at the show, Porter said that ratings and story potential would undoubtedly play a role in the series’ renewal.

Porter Talked About Cast Action

Soon after Siesta Key Season 5 wrapped up airing, the key cast members of the show posted their series of snaps depicting their journey on Siesta Key. It quickly left the audience believing that the fifth season of Siesta Key was the final season of the show. However, the JMP The Label designer explained that the cast felt nostalgic about their journey. She said she was 17 when she appeared in the pilot season. Juliette recalled her time filming the initial batch of episodes of the series, saying so much has changed. Now everyone is working on their own thing. Thus that nostalgia prompted them to post all the throwback pictures.

But the speculation for Siesta Key Season 6 not returning began before the fifth season started filming. In fact, it seems like the show has been on fumes. Just like many reality shows, the cast members matured, leading to a change in their priorities, and it becomes difficult to find common ground to continue with the show. The same happens with Siesta Key, as in the fifth season, the cast moved to Miami and focused on their career. They tried to stay true to their lives, but the drama in Siesta Key Season 5 was phonier than ever. Hence it left many to believe that perhaps Siesta Key Season 6 won’t happen.

Chances Are Still High For The Next Run

Although it appears a bit challenging for the creative team to return with Siesta Key Season 6, Juliette shed light on its possibility to return based on its storyline. The designer reflected that the reality series renewal concerns the cast and where they are heading now. So if the show incorporates the cast members’ lives, they may develop a more dramatic storyline. The previous season saw Chloe and Maddison as a married couple, Brandon had a child, and Porter focused on her committed relationship. Although it remains unclear what happens next when MTV returns with the next season of Siesta Key, it’s safe to assume it won’t be the same.

This is all for now. TechRadar247 will update you more about Siesta Key Season 6 and its release date. So stay with us for more such news.

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