May 20, 2024
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86 Season 3: Anime Returning In Late 2023? Sequel In Works!

86 Season 3

86 Season 3: Anime and manga have an unbreakable bond, and both of them are somewhat dependent on each other. There exist numerous examples that show how a manga is later on adapted into an anime TV series. Among them, one of the series that is currently in buzz is 86. With two successful seasons, this anime is based on a manga of the same name. With some elements of science fiction and military scenes, the series debuted in 2021. Moreover, it was well-received by the audience, and their thirst for new episodes is still the same. Therefore, ever since the second installment finished airing, anime lovers have been curious about 86 Season 3. Here’s what we know!


Directed by Toshimasa Ishii and bankrolled by A-1 Pictures, 86 is known for its CGI, and the honest portrayal of war was praised by the critics. Besides this, IGN considered it one of the best anime released in 2021. 86 takes into account the war between the Empire of Giad and The Republic of San Magnolia. The war has been ongoing for the last nine years, and many people think that it is the machines that are fighting against the enemy. But, actually, it is the Juggernauts that are actively participating in the battle.

Will There Be 86 Season 3? Did The Creator Announce Anything?

86 was originally split into two parts, of which the former half was released on April 11, 2021, and ended on June 20, 2021. After about four months, the second half, generally considered as season 2, was dropped on October 3, 2021, and ran till March 19, 2022. Initially, 86 was scheduled for the 2020 release but was unexpectedly got delayed because of some unknown reasons. Well, apart from its original network, Crunchyroll signed the dotted lines for the release of the English dub, while Netflix took care of 86 concerning its release in Southeast Asia.

86 Season 3

Talking about 86 Season 3, the creators have not announced anything so far. As of now, the future of the anime series is in limbo, and the uncertainty is likely to surround it for a while. It has already been more than a year since the studio or the network has not stated a word on the future development. Therefore, fans need to wait a bit longer for the team to wash away the confusion.

Moreover, there are chances for 86 to return to the screens. Both the installments have impressed the viewers and have excelled in terms of the fanbase. Although the anime landed into several unfavorable circumstances, it never failed to disappoint its audience. In addition to this, the anime, fortunately, was well-received by the critics. On top of these factors, there is no dearth of source material, and hence, the possibility of 86 Season 3 increases by a significant percentage. In contrast to such speculation, a couple of media reports suggest that 86 has already been canceled. However, no official confirmation on the same has surfaced yet. So, the crew can only explain what exactly the anime’s fate has witnessed or will be experiencing in the coming months.

Is 86 Season 3 In Production?

86 Season 3

On March 20, 2022, Sun Wukong, an anime news leaker, claimed that the third season of 86 was confirmed in some fashion. He confirmed that the anime series was greenlit for production. It means 86 Season 3 is in the pipeline and will soon undergo production sometime in the future. However, neither the creator nor the production house has claimed the rumors. In fact, the anime TV show wasn’t announced during Aniplex Online Fest 2022. Thus it turned out as the rumors. But considering the news leaker’s previous announcement was to the point, there’s a chance that the sequel may return.

What Will Happen Next In 86 Season 3? Did Shin Die Already?

Shin and his group of friends returned to their respective homes and decided to enjoy the holidays before being admitted to the military. Ernest believed that all of them could take care of themselves and would return to the army safely. On the other hand, Shin was still suffering from the trauma that transformed his personality, turning him into a different person.

86, Crunchyroll
86, Crunchyroll

Although a year had passed, he was incapable of finding a single reason to live. Shin was not sure about whether or not he should end his life. Lastly, he apparently decided to stay together with his friends, but his loneliness troubled him a lot. In addition, he regularly visited Eugene’s grave, where he promised to reveal one of the incidents he experienced. Later on, the entire group was back in the military, and they were ready for a new mission assigned to them by the officers.

Coming to Shin’s death, the anime showed him bleeding and helpless. In such a damaged condition, he heard Rei’s voice. Both of them had a small conversation, after which his brother, Rei, turned into the Skull Knight. The climax showed Shin’s body lying on the ground while his soul was probably taken to the afterlife by Rei. This incident implied that Shin lost his identity as a killer bot. But there are chances for his brain to be implanted into the Black Sheep.

Talking about the story of 86 Season 3, the novel series has released new chapters, and hence, it can adapt them in the coming time. However, the war and military elements are bound to return in the next installments as well.

86 Season 3: Release Date

A proper release date will see the light of day only after clarification shows up. Presently, 86 is yet to be renewed, and thus, a confirmed date is not out. Therefore, fans have a single choice of guessing the year, which can mark its return to the screens. Nevertheless, if renewed, 86 Season 3 is expected to drop by late 2024.

86 Season 3

It will take more than a year for a studio to develop a story and wrap up the animation. So, the potential season 3 might not release before 2024, at any cost. Till then, keep coming back to TECH RADAR 247 for more updates on your favorite anime!

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