June 14, 2024
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Miss Scarlet And The Duke Season 4: Production Underway! A Love Triangle Coming Up

Miss Scarlet And The Duke Season 4

After the third season finale hit the screen this February, fans are going insane to see how Eliza Scarlet will make the life-changing decision. Well, the finale left on a massive cliffhanger, doing the groundwork for Miss Scarlet And The Duke Season 4. And guess what? The network has already announced the series’ fate. So there’s no need to fret as the series protagonist is all set to embark on another journey that will change her world. Further, the executive producer recently revealed the major plotlines of the upcoming season. So what are you waiting for? Let’s see what Miss Scarlet And The Duke have planned for us.


The hit mystery drama Miss Scarlet And The Duke is set in the 1880s. Eliza Scarlet is left broke when her father suddenly dies. Although marriage appears as the only way to her financial security, Eliza decides to run her father’s private detective agency under his name. But it brings a lot of struggle to her plate as building a reputation in a male-dominating world isn’t easy as it seems. However, her old friend William Wellington is always there to help and support her, bringing them closer than before.

Miss Scarlet And The Duke Season 4: Latest Update

The period drama debuted back in 2020 and soon became a hit series on PBS. It took the audience to the world of Eliza and how she managed to run a detective agency during the 1880s. While the third season has just wrapped up airing on the network, fans are inquisitive to know the future of Miss Scarlet And The Duke Season 4. And guess what? PBS has already revealed the series’ future. In fact, the series cast announced their return and potential storyline for the upcoming season. So keep reading.

Miss Scarlet And The Duke Season 4
Miss Scarlet And The Duke Season 4

Miss Scarlet And The Duke Season 4: Renewal Status

Soon after the second run wrapped up airing on July 19, 2022, PBS made an exciting announcement. PBS renewed the show for two more seasons. This means Miss Scarlet And The Duke Season 4 is on the cards. No doubt, it shows the network’s fate in the series. Well, why not? The period drama turned out to be lucrative for the network as it became one of the most-watched series within a few weeks of its debut. In fact, it gained 7.6 out of 10 solid ratings on IMDb, while on Rotten Tomatoes, it broke the record by earning 88%. While the third season aired early this year, PBS has yet to announce Miss Scarlet And The Duke Season 4 release date.

Miss Scarlet And The Duke Season 4

Has Production Started?

Of course, yes! Deadline reported back in November 2022 that Masterpiece had commenced production for Miss Scarlet And The Duke Season 4. Well, the filming for the fourth season took place back-to-back. After the third season wrapped up filming, the star cast returned to shoot the fourth season. Element 8 and Masterpiece have also confirmed that the filming is currently underway. Well, production generally takes five to six months to wrap up before undergoing post-production work. So we can expect the fourth season to take a few months to finish production.

Miss Scarlet And The Duke Season 4: Cast Details

The show won’t be complete without the lead character Eliza Scarlet. So the fan-favorite mystery drama will bring its beloved character, played by Kate Phillips, back for the fourth run. Eliza is the first-ever female detective in Victorian London. Joining her will be Stuart Martin as her potential love interest Inspector William “The Duke” Wellington.

While the show explores their chemistry, fans can also expect to see more of Cathy Belton. She will return as Ivy Woods. Besides her, Evan McCabe will also join as Police Detective Oliver Fitzroy. Felix Scott as Private Detective Patrick Nash, Paul Bazely, and Simon Ludders as Mr. Potts will join them as well. The other remaining cast includes Tim Chipping as DS Phelps and Curtis Kantsa. Paul and Curtis’s roles are kept under wrap.

Miss Scarlet And The Duke Season 4

Miss Scarlet And The Duke Season 4: What Will Happen Next?

The third season finale brought several shocking moments and major surprises that will indeed shake the characters’ world in the fourth season. Recently the writer and executive producer Rachael New announced what to expect from the fourth season. She reveals that the third season finale will bring a few major changes in the fourth season. It sets a few hairs running in both directions. Now Eliza will find herself in the middle of chaos. She needs to decide which way she wants to go. Whether she wants to carry on the small business she is struggling with or does she wants to work in her private detective agency.

Well, she’s the first female in London running a private detective agency that holds a huge weight. But now Eliza has to decide whether to continue with her father’s legacy. So the entire fourth season will put her on a different trajectory where she will struggle to figure out her true goal. But the sad part here is Nash won’t be part of the scene, leaving Eliza to handle this alone. And with the Duke, he will work on his feelings. For the first time, he will vocalize his feelings which he hasn’t done in the past. Duke will realize it’s time to go ahead with his feelings for Eliza.

Miss Scarlet And The Duke Season 4

A Love Triangle

Throughout the third season, Eliza spent a lot of time with Nash. She had furious moments where she cried, yelled, and unleashed her frustration on Nash. This actually helped them come closer than before. Well, Eliza and Nash treated each other as workmates. But for the first time, things will be different between the duo as Nash will start seeing her differently. However, it will ultimately bring problems between Duke and Eliza, as Duke is ready to approach her. Miss Scarlet And The Duke Season 4 will also reveal how Eliza and Duke first met and will explore more of their friendship background.

Miss Scarlet And The Duke Season 4

Miss Scarlet And The Duke Season 4: Release Date

The network has already confirmed that the fourth season is underway. So it will take some months to wrap up production. However, it’s already been five months, so it doesn’t seem like fans have to wait longer to see fan’s favorite characters back on screen. So it’s safe to say Miss Scarlet And The Duke Season 4 will return later this year. But we will update you shortly after receiving the official announcement. Till then, stay with TechRadar247 for more such updates.

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