May 30, 2024
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Slow Horses Season 3: Major Cast Addition! Set To Release In 2023

Slow Horses Season 3

After watching the incredible second season of Slow Horses, fans crave to see what’s aligned next in the Slough House. Well, the groundbreaking series opener just hit differently when the show focused on the disgraced M15 agents. But will they return for Slow Horses Season 3? Guess what? Apple TV+ has already announced double-renewal, hinting Slow Horses Season 3 is on the cards. Apart from this, the streamer has teased some sneak peek for the third season. So what are you waiting for? Let’s head straight to see what the creator cooks for us in Slow Horses Season 3.


Apple TV+’s highly-rated spy thriller series follows a group of formerly rejected M15 agents who are forced to work at the uneventful department called Slough House. While their career is doomed, they are suddenly put into action after a major conspiracy stirs, causing them to prove their worth. The organization is led by disgruntled chief Jackson Lamb, who encourages his agents to work on their way to find approval from their department. During this time, they uncover long-buried Cold War secrets, which finally help them to work against the national threats while foiling a rogue agent.

Slow Horses Season 3: Latest News!

The series debuted back in early 2022 and soon received positive acclaim from the audience as well as the critics. It generally gained solid reviews for its positive plotline. While the second season aired in late December, the network had already made the official announcement regarding Slow Horses Season 3. So is it happening? Well, the cast has already pulled up their socks and hinted at the potential story arc of the next season. So let’s see what the future holds for the future seasons.

Slow Horses Season 3

Slow Horses Season 3: Renewal Status

Slow Horses instantly became popular among spy thriller fans as well as critics, with praise for Gary Oldman’s performance on another level. Thus shortly after the freshman season wrapped up, Apple TV+ quickly renewed the series for the third and fourth seasons. Indeed! The streamer is looking forward to continuing with the franchise, which is why it renewed the show way before the second season could premiere. Even the second season turned out to be a masterpiece and received positive reviews for the critical acclaim cast.

The pilot season turned out to be a mega-hit series for the streamer, gaining 95% positive ratings. Meanwhile, the second season broke its own record by bagging a 100% solid response from the audience on Rotten Tomatoes. Even on Metacritic, the show performed extremely well. It gained 78 out of 100 for its first season, while the second season reviews skyrocketed as it hit 84 solid receptions. Thus there’s no doubt why Apple TV+ is looking forward to continuing with the Slow Horses franchise.

Slow Horses Season 3

River Cartwright Actor Hints At Future Seasons

Jack Lowden, who plays River Cartwright, recently told Collider about his plans for Slow Horses Season 3. While speaking about the franchise’s future, the actor said he would love to continue with the show. The series brought them joy, and it felt amazing playing River. So if the network and series showrunner looks forward to returning with such a brilliant plotline, he’s ready to play River as long as the fans demand.

When Jack was asked whether he wanted to play River until he turned 50, the star stated he doubted he would play River until then. But he later appreciated the idea and said seeing him taking Lamb’s place would be interesting. It would be thrilling to see River’s hair turning grey, and he starts becoming more scraggly and start looking like Lamb. While Jack didn’t mention the future seasons, he did hint that there’s a chance for Slow Horses to return with some more seasons.

Slow Horses Season 3

Has Production Begun For Slow Horses Season 3?

Of course, yes! The show was renewed for the third and fourth seasons ahead of the second season. The renewal announcement came in June 2022, and soon Saul Metzstein was announced as the series filmmaker. Well, both the first and second seasons were shot back-to-back. Thus the next two seasons will follow the same pattern. In fact, Slow Horses Season 3 has already wrapped up filming in March 2023. As per the reports, the show is ready to begin filming Slow Horses Season 4, which Adam Randall will direct.

Slow Horses Season 3

Slow Horses Season 3: Cast Details

While the first two seasons saw a dozen of people come and go, the series’ main cast will indeed return for Slow Horses Season 3. It’s not surprising that the show gained recognition for its eccentric ensemble cast and their excellent performances. After all, fans can’t imagine the Slough House without the grumpy chief Jackson Lamb played by Gary Oldman. Joining him will be Jack Lowden’s River Cartwright, the new recruit to Slough House. Not only them, but the Academy Award-nominee Kristin Scott Thomas will also join Diana Taverner, the Deputy Director-General of M15.

Besides her, Saskia Reeves as office admin Catherine Standish will also return in prominent nature. Fans can expect to see Rosalind Eleazar as Louisa Guy, Christopher Chung as Roddy Ho, and Jonathan Pryce as David Cartwright. Dustin Demri-Burns as Min Harper will return with Freddie Fox as James “Spider” Web. Kadiff Kirwan and Aimee-Ffion Edwards, who joined in the second season, will return as Marcus Longridge and Shirley Dander.

Slow Horses Season 3

New Addition

With a new season comes new mysteries, fresh faces, and thrill. So prepare yourself, as Lamb is returning with some new characters. Joining the existing team will be Gangs Of London star Sope Dirisu. He will play the former head of security, Sean Donovan, at the British embassy in Istanbul. Sope will also play a prominent role in Slow Horses Season 4. Apart from him, Ruth Bradley, James Callis, Joanna Scanlan, and Hugo Weaving will also join the Slow Horses Season 4 cast. So expect to see them in the third run as well. But their characters have yet to reveal.

Slow Horses Season 3

Slow Horses Season 3: What Will Happen Next?

The cast recently teased a few details about the third season during a Deadline-moderated FYC panel. Season 3 will be based on Mick Herron’s Real Tigers, focusing on the group working together to unearth the M15’s dark secrets and foil a rogue agent. Amid this, one of their teammates will be kidnapped, and they need to find her whereabouts. So as the conspiracy breaks, the Slough House team breaks into M15 HQ and also deals with the Secret Service. Oldman also revealed that Lady Di would play a significant role in the third season. It will be more action-packed, chase, and bang.

Guy will deal with the loss of her boyfriend, who died in the second season. So seeing how Guy moves on with Min (Demri-Burns) will be interesting. However, it will bring Ho into the picture as he works to win her affection. So now Louisa will get a bit mental as the former tries to get rid of her old identity. But during this process, her world starts to spiral. Further, fans can also expect to see some character development. The show will also focus on Standish’s character growth, which comes out as a brilliant spy showcasing her skills to be more than just a secretary.

Slow Horses Season 3

Slow Horses Season 3: Is Trailer Out?

Although the show hasn’t released the official trailer for Slow Horses Season 3, it did reveal a sneak peek video in December 2022. Despite not being a formal trailer, the clip gives a glimpse of the future. As mentioned, Catherine Standish and the secrets she’s hiding will mysteriously disappear. River looks injured, and the rest of the team prepares for the worst.

Slow Horses Season 3: Release Date

As of now, the network hasn’t announced the Slow Horses Season 3 release date. However, filming has already been wrapped up. So it won’t take much time to return to your screen. But as mentioned above, the shooting for both the third and fourth seasons occurred back-to-back. So until the filming for Slow Horses Season 4 wraps up, there’s little to no hope of a Slow Horses Season 3 release. Still, TechRadar247 will update you shortly after receiving an official announcement. Till then, stay with us.

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