May 20, 2024
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My Perfect Stranger Episode 12: Recap! Killer’s Identity Gets Revealed

My Perfect Stranger Episode 12

The latest murder mystery K-drama, My Perfect Stranger, has wrapped up the twelfth episode, and fans look forward to seeing what happens next. However, My Perfect Stranger Episode 12 was a rollercoaster ride, finally revealing the killer’s face. Well, the entire drama revolves around the mysterious murders that continue to rise in a small village. While the murder mystery occurred decades ago, it once again came into the light. So our protagonist headed to unearth the mystery, including finding the real culprit. But what they unearth in My Perfect Stranger Episode 12 will shock you. Here’s everything you need to know.


My Perfect Stranger Episode 12: Recap Explained!

The previous episode opened up with trouble in Hae-jun’s plate. His dad discovered the cryptic matchbox at the house and suspected the former was the killer. Soon he confronted Hae-jun, who said he couldn’t answer his question at this moment. But he ensured that he could explain properly once his car was repaired. In fact, Hae-jun was ready to give every detail regarding his possessing the matchbox. While his father wasn’t convinced and still suspected him of all the murder cases, he gave him time in My Perfect Stranger Episode 12.

Min-soo’s Arrest

My Perfect Stranger Episode 12
Rakuten Viki, KBS2

On the other hand, cops suspected Min-soo after Mi-suk’s testimony and later arrested him. They searched his room and discovered the red rope and knives used to tie and kill the victims. The officers were relieved to resolve the case and find the culprit. They then decided to close the case. But Baek Dong-sik wasn’t convinced as the notes’ handwriting differed from Min-soo’s. However, his senior officer cited that they had enough evidence against Min-soo.

But Yoon-young and Hae-jun knew that Min-soo wasn’t the killer, as his hand broke the night of the murder. The duo suspected Mi-suk behind this and believed she framed him in My Perfect Stranger Episode 12. However, they needed to gather the evidence that could frame her. Further, in the novel, the latter mentions Kim Hae-kyung had witnessed the murders. So the duo decided to let her confront them, and their plan eventually worked out as she opened up to Hae-jun.

A Confession!

My Perfect Stranger Episode 12
Rakuten Viki, KBS2

After a fierce moment, Hae-Kyung revealed that she found Min-soo under the bridge when he fell off. So she called Mi-suk to help him. While they were trying to help him, Mi-suk revealed her family issues and how his brother hit her, and their parents didn’t care. But during this time, they accidentally witnessed the real murderer disposing of the corpse of the assistant teacher in the river. She revealed that she couldn’t get a clear look at the person. But Mi-suk did, and after helping Min-soo, Hae-Kyung decided to inform the cops. However, Mi-suk stopped her.

Mi-suk showed Hae-Kyung the bruises given by her brother and decided to frame him for the murder case so that Min-soo could get away from her life. In an urge to help her, Hae-Kyung agreed to go with Mi-suk’s plan. However, she was worried that more murders would happen in the future, so she confessed to Hae-jun so that he could stop it. While the former informed Yoon-young about this, his phone rang. Bum-ryoung was on the other line and told him that he saw Soon-ae at Kyung-ae’s grave, but now the former was nowhere to be found.

Search For Soon-ae, Another Murder

After attending Bum-ryoung’s call, Hae-jun was convinced that something had happened to her, but the cops weren’t listening to him. Well, it was because they believed they had already caught the culprit. So Bum-ryoung and Hae-jun both started searching for her. During their search, the former came across the abandoned house and found Soon-ae. She was tied up, and the murderer hovered over her in My Perfect Stranger Episode 12. So without thinking for a second, he went straight to deal with the murderer so she could run away. However, in the process, he got killed.

My Perfect Stranger Episode 12
Rakuten Viki, KBS2

But luckily, Soon-ae managed to escape. However the killer chased her, but when he saw Hae-jun coming in that direction, he suddenly disappeared. Soon officer Dong-sik with Hee-sub and Yoon-young reached there. After seeing them there, Hae-jun decided to chase the murderer. On his way, he came across the same place and found Bum-ryoug’s dead body the same way he was supposed to die. Just then, Dong-sik arrived and saw the former looking at the corpse with bloody hands and believing Hae-jun had killed him. The episode ended before he could say anything.

This is all about My Perfect Stranger Episode 12 recap. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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