May 30, 2024
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The Real Has Come Episode 23: Tae Kyung’s Confession! Will Yeon Doo Run Away? WATCH HERE

The Real Has Come Episode 23

Things are getting intense for good in Tae-Kyung’s life. Well, he had been dealing with the so-called family who always tried to create trouble for him. However, after Yeon Doo’s arrival, everything has changed. Now in The Real Has Come Episode 23, Tae-Kyung will try to settle things with her as he wants to see her close to him. But will it ever be possible? Well, she is looking forward to leaving everything behind. So now it makes the show more interesting to see how Tae-kyung confesses his feelings and convinces her to stay. Fans are already waiting for this moment. So without wasting time, let’s head to see how things will move.


The Real Has Come Episode 23: What Will Happen Next?

The upcoming episode will focus more on Tae-kyung’s feelings. Yeon Doo reminds her that she will leave the place in two months. But instead of stopping her, he agrees, which leaves Yeon Doo surprised. When she is busy thinking about the possibility that Tae-Kyung has no feelings for her, he proposes an offer. He tells her he will make sure to make up for her so she won’t go anywhere. The Real Has Come Episode 23 preview clip also hints at a budding bond between Mrs. Eun and Yeon Doo. She continues to teach her how to write while Mrs. Eun whines.

The Real Has Come Episode 23
KBS2, Amazon Prime Video

However, the former reminds Mrs. Eun that she needs to practice. On the other hand, Jun-ha tells Se-jin that Yeon Doo is pregnant with his child and not Tae-Kyung. But Se-jin refuses to believe and blames Jun-ha for everything, especi ally for spoiling her marriage with Tae-Kyung. As for Tae-kyung’s sister, she continues to create a mess in his life. But Yeon Doo warns her to stay back. It leads to a fierce conflict between the two.

A Quick Recap!

Last week fans saw Tae Kyung confess his feelings for Yeon Doo, and when she said it was just a spur-of-the-moment, he confirmed he was deeply in love with her. But Yeon Doo refused to listen to him and yelled at his family for mistreating him, leaving everyone surprised. Chan Sik then asked everyone to apologize to Yeon Doo and Tae Kyung. So everyone did except Mrs. Eun. However, Yeon Doo didn’t spend time to lash her out, which led her to apologize to her grandson. Well, Yeon Doo knew Mrs. Sun was illiterate, and she was actually teaching her, so the latter couldn’t risk shedding light on her flaw. Meanwhile, Soo Kyung called Yu Myung to discuss the contract.

The Real Has Come Episode 23
KBS2, Amazon Prime Video

But Dae Sang interrupted them and told Soo Kyung that Yu Myung was a fraud. However, Soo Kyung didn’t believe her as she was just seven years old. As for Yeon Doo, she saw In Ok in a vulnerable position, where everyone asked her to prepare meals to their needs. But Yeon Doo grabbed her hand and stated they were going on a date as the former was on strike. Meanwhile, Tae-Kyung told Yeon Doo that he didn’t care about the contractual relationship and wanted to express his true feelings for her. Speaking about Mrs. Eun, she was finally learning the letters from Yeon Doo.

The Real Has Come Episode 23: Release Date

The forthcoming episode will finally reveal Tae-Kyung and Yeon Doo’s relationship fate. You will see it in The Real Has Come Episode 23, which will air on June 10, 2023, at 19.55 KST. The all-new episodes follow a weekly release pattern, dropping two on Saturday and Sunday nights. The local Korean audience can steam it on KBS2, while the global audience can catch it on Amazon Prime. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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