May 21, 2024
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Harry Wild Season 2: Production Begins As ZDF On Board! Releasing Soon

Harry Wild Season 2

Harry Wild Season 2: Like many other crime series, Harry Wild is a typical murder-mystery show that premiered on Acorn TV. The first season was well-received by the audience, and critics appreciated most aspects of the story. Now the drama is in the headlines for two reasons. Firstly, the series has recently landed on Channel 5. Even though it already aired on Acorn TV, it has emerged as a recent addition to the channel. Another reason that has made it a center of buzz is the follow-up to the series. As soon as the debut installment concluded with eight long episodes, Harry Wild Season 2 jumped to the trends. Here’s everything that you must know!


Created by David Logan, Harry Wild was released on April 4, 2022. The series is centered upon a retired English professor, Harry Wild. Her son is a cop and spends most of his time investigating various cases. While looking at her son, Charlie, the professor soon develops an interest in carrying out investigations. She fails to resist and meddles in the case. So, she works on a murder case that she solves successfully, which ultimately ignites her passion for delving into such murder cases.

Harry Wild Season 2 Is Back!

Harry Wild Season 2
Acron TV

With episodes released weekly, Harry Wild premiered recently on Channel 5. Talking about the second season, the officials have already renewed the series. Therefore, Harry Wild Season 2 is happening and is expected to land on the screens soon. Previously, when the future seemed uncertain, Jane Seymour gave hope to the fans. The lead actress spoke to the British press and mentioned the leftover plot that could be covered in the sequel. While talking to the media persons, she said that there is a lot more about Harry Wild that might see the light of day soon. Now, since things are already in place, the second season is expected to return with a bang.

Analyzing the factors that could have pushed the makers to restore the series, the critical response and audience reviews come out to be the significant reasons. The darker tone and the mysterious theme has received the most attention. In addition to these, the locations and the compelling plot complete the beauty of Harry Wild. At the same time, the viewership level was convincing, as well. So it made obvious why the network renewed Harry Wild Season 2.

What Will Happen Next In Harry Wild Season 2?

Harry Wild Season 2
Acorn TV

Let us dive into the recap to find out the speculation concerning Harry Wild Season 2’s story. The last episode began with Ray’s suspension from his job. Meanwhile, Charlie was being replaced by another employee, Robin Whitney. The latter informed Charlie about the possibility of Ray’s affair with his mother. Not only this, but he also mentioned the documents that he might have exchanged with her. After listening to the gossip, he denied it and did not accept anything Robin narrated. But, he hinted at Charlie regarding his involvement in the entire matter. Lastly, Charlie was also suspended from his position.

Meanwhile, Harry Wild did not seem to be happy after discovering Ray playing drums in her house. After befriending Glenn, Ray became more passionate about becoming a musician. She advised him to continue his skill to excel as a musician. However, Ray had already broken up with Garda but was still practicing songs in her house. When she found him playing musical instruments with Glenn, Garda was a bit surprised. Glenn left the place while Ray realized that his music career had nothing left. He informed the same to Harry.

The makers promise new murder mysteries and cases to be followed in Harry Wild Season 2. The central character will continue her investigation. Apart from it, the second installment will pick up from where the first installment left off.

Harry Wild Season 2
Acorn TV

Season 2 Is Currently Under Production!

While the show got greenlit in August 2022, it took almost four months to start production. Last December, Senal News confirmed that Harry Wild Season 2 is under production. The outlet also confirmed that the show was renewed for two seasons. So the filming would be back-to-back for seasons 2 and 3. Currently, the filming is underway in Dublin. However, neither the creator nor the star cast has teased more details about the production. So it remains unclear when it will wrap up.

Who Will Return In The Upcoming Season?

Jane Seymour appeared in the titular character Harry Wild. The critics have praised her performance as a non-professional investigator. Kevin Ryan was seen in the series as the on-screen son of Harry, Charlie Wild. Stuart Graham played the role of Ray Tiernan. In addition to these actors, Rohan Nedd, Ciara O’Callaghan, and Rose O’Neill joined the cast as Fergus Reid, Vivan Maynard Thackeray, and Lola Wild, respectively. Apart from them, Danielle Ryan as Vicky Boyle and Anthony Delaney as Jordan MacDonald were seen in the show too.

Harry Wild Season 2
Acorn TV

Stuart Graham and Amy Huberman are the other actors who appeared in important roles. Nonetheless, Harry Wild Season 2 is expected to mark the return of the main actors. The chances for new faces to appear in pivotal roles are slim. Apart from them, ZDF, a German publication television broadcast, has joined as the co-producer of the series. Senior Vice President of International Fiction at ZDF, Simone Emmelius, stated that it was delightful to watch the show and were looking forward to its next season.

Harry Wild Season 2: Release Date

The release date for the sequel is yet to be announced by the team. However, it has been confirmed that the second season will comprise 6 episodes. Further, the officials have already announced that season 2 will return fall of 2023. However, they have yet to announce a tentative date. Till then, you all can enjoy watching the previous batch of episodes on Acorn TV or Channel 5. Stay tuned to TECH RADAR for more updates on the series!

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