May 19, 2024
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Hilda Season 3: Creator Spills Shocking News! Releasing In 2023?

Hilda Season 3

Hilda Season 3: Netflix is home to thousands of content, including several animated series. In fact, the streaming giant is known for its spectacular library, and one of the popular shows that increased its subscribers is Hilda. Touted as a comedy-drama, the show has created its own fanbase with its supernatural elements. Hilda is often considered a charming cartoon that fits perfectly in the category of light-hearted entertainment. Moreover, the series debuted on Netflix in 2018 and sparked off two seasons successfully. After the second installment wrapped up, fans are looking anxiously for Hilda Season 3. Here’s what we know!


Known as the brainchild of Luke Pearson, Hilda found its inspiration from a graphic novel series. The first two initial episodes had their world premiere at the New York International Children’s Film Festival. Bankrolled by Mercury Filmworks and Silvergate Media, it revolves around a little girl, Hilda. It focuses on her day-to-day adventures. Interestingly, her blue hair has received much attention. Moreover, the supernatural drama opened up to rave reviews and won prestigious awards.

Will There Be Hilda Season 3?

The first season of Hilda was released on September 21, 2018, and was billed as a miniseries. So initially, makers did not plan to develop a follow-up to the series. But the positive response was so favorable that it could not stop them from announcing the second season. Shortly after the debut outing wrapped up, the team restored the show for season 2. However, the second installment aired after two years on December 14, 2020. The latest from the series includes a film titled Hilda and the Mountain King. It was dropped on December 30, 2021. Talking about Hilda Season 3, the series received an update back in 2021.

Hilda Season 3

Even though Hilda has been labeled as a miniseries, the production has always kept the fantasy ride of the 11-year-old girl going. As far as Hilda Season 3 is concerned, Silvergate Media has already renewed the show for the third installment. On November 19, 2021, it was officially announced that Netflix would bring up the forthcoming season. But the formal statement was attached with a piece of disappointing news. Although fans are delighted to hear about the brand-new season, they are sad as Hilda Season 3 will be the final installment of the series. Therefore, Hilda is about to bid farewell to all its fans soon in the coming months.

A Quick Recap!

Hilda was trapped in a curfew and was trying to escape but was caught by Johanna in the previous season. Since the former was using a Nowhere Space, their collision caused an issue with it. Thus, they were ultimately led to land on Stone Forest. It was a mysterious and strange place where both were unknown of the exit. So, they anxiously began looking up for a way to escape the place. David and Frida were worried about Hilda. So, they stepped out of the city to search for her. Surprisingly, both came across Gerda and Ahlberg. The entire group then decided to spend the time in a camp.

They were fixing the camp at the mountain’s lower base. On the other hand, Hilda and Johanna were wandering in the forest, and surprisingly, they were very close to David’s group. But everyone was not clear about it. While fighting away all the trolls, Hilda and her companion somehow managed to escape the forest. It was not easy to come out of the place, and thus, it required a daring act to rescue themselves.

Hilda Season 3

Troll Magic

Furthermore, they were taken care of by a mother-son duo. He was the one who used the Troll Magic that made them realize the way out. Besides this, David and Frida managed to sleep at night in the camp. Gerda was also safe, and everyone survived the night hours at the mountain’s base. Now, it was their chance to escape from the place. So, to make their job easier, the group together created a floating life raft. Meanwhile, Hilda and Johanna were attacked by a two-headed troll. The angry creature aimed to hurt them. But Alfur showed up at the nick of the time.

He arrived at the spot while traveling on a pigeon’s back. After then, the three finally escaped the mountain. When Johanna returned home, she sent her daughter to bed for rest. Hilda was not disturbed for the whole night, but things took a turn in the morning. When Mum entered Hilda’s room, she was shocked to find out about her disappearance. Instead of the little girl, the Troll child was lying on the bed.

What Will Happen Next In Hilda Season 3?

Hilda Season 3

As far as the narrative for Hilda Season 3 is concerned, Luke Pearson has spilled important details on it. He said the third season would pick up from the point where the movie left. The ventures will be transported into the new territory. Adding to his statement, he said that despite the presence of a few detours, the story is promised to be more focused and exciting. He expressed his sadness as Hilda Season 3 is touted as the final installment. At the same time, he was excited about the things reserved for the fans to witness in the upcoming season. Luke commented that the story has already surpassed the novel’s idea, and hence, the surprise is big. Lastly, he mentioned Hilda’s world and hinted at a deep exploration of her adventures.

Hilda Season 3: Release Date

Hilda Season 3 is already official, but a confirmed release date has not been announced. However, the third installment is 13-episodes-long with Emerald Wright-Collie serving as the producer. Moreover, when Netflix announced the upcoming movies and series, it mentioned the arrival of more episodes in 2023. Thus, it is possible for it to drop by late 2023.

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