April 17, 2024
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Lookism Season 2: Plot Hints At Potential Sequel! Releasing In 2023?

Lookism Season 2

Lookism Season 2: The first impression is always imprinted by looks. Loosely based on this concept, Lookism was dropped on Netflix. The series is an adaptation of a popular manhwa of the same name. Despite being billed as a comedy-drama, it revolves around a dark theme focusing more on body shaming, bullying, and more. No doubt, the Manhwa has a loyal fanbase, and it was quickly confirmed when Netflix dropped its TV anime adaptation. Soon after the series hit the streaming giant, it topped Netflix’s chart and became one of the top-rated shows on the streamer. However, it’s been a year, and fans are curious to learn the fate of Lookism Season 2. Will it return? Let’s see what Netflix is planning for us.


Lookism is helmed as the brainchild of Park Tae-Joon. It was adapted for Chinese industry, where it converted the show into 38 episodes. Bankrolled by Tencent, the Chinese television series featured Wayne Zhang, Lomon, Dino Lee, and Wang Zi Xuan. Later it returned as a Korean anime series. Originally, the story introduces a high-school student who lives with two personalities that are totally different from each other. He can transform himself from a handsome guy to an ugly teenager and vice versa. It was an experimental move from the creators that turned out to be convincing for them.

What Is The Current Status Of Lookism Season 2?

As of April 2023, Lookism Season 2 stands unannounced. The creators have yet to reveal whether the series will be returning with a second season or not. Therefore, the future of the anime series stands at an uncertain stage. The official team is expected to show up with a formal statement confirming further developments. However, it seems like the second season will have to wait longer to see the light of day. Since it aired on Netflix, the restoration is not easy. Some of the criteria must be fulfilled by the particular series to ensure its return on the screens.

Lookism Season 2
Lookism, Netflix

Critical reception and viewership are the most crucial categories that Lookism needs to excel in if it wants to re-appear on the screens. The series garnered positive reviews and emerged as a critically acclaimed show. In addition, as soon as the episodes premiered, a large population was found watching the adventures of Park Hyung Seok. Thus, the viewership level was enough for Netflix officials to consider creating new episodes. Another factor that adds a plus point to the possibility of Lookism Season 2 is the ongoing journey of the original manhwa. The manhwa that has been adapted in the animated form is still releasing new chapters and is expected to continue for more chapters. Hence, an ample amount of sources is available to be considered for another installment.

What Is Expected To Happen In Lookism Season 2?

The first season started with Park Hyung Seok facing bullying for his fat and ugly looks. He also experienced hate from other students and was constantly troubled because of his body shape and face. He was harassed every day, and so he keenly wished to transfer the school. Later, the boy was shifted to Seoul to attend the new school and wanted a new start in his life. Interestingly, a few days before he could start attending school, his body saw a significant change turning him into a slim and handsome Park Hyung Seok. But his life then got divided into two bodies where he remained handsome during the day and obese during the night.

Lookism Season 2
Lookism, Netflix

In the final episode, Hyung-Seok’s school was busy preparing for the concert and the music competition. Jae-Yeol was managing the outfits for Park Hyung Seok and Deok-Hwa. However, Daniel Park witnessed a girl at his school whom he earlier saw at a nearby convenience store. He had a small conversation back then with his original personality. Therefore, when he tried to break the ice, she took it as a wrong move. The girl thought that, like many other boys, Park Hyung Seok was trying to hit on her.

In the final scene, the concert began, and Park Hyung Seok shared the stage with Deok Hwa. Both sang their respective songs beautifully, and then, the competition saw its end. Most of the audience and the chief of a famous music label were sure that both of them would end up ruining the event. But they were proven wrong, and the event was successful. Interestingly, the song sung by Park Hyung Seok was sung by his mother in childhood.

Is It The End?

As far as the narrative of Lookism Season 2 is concerned, the creators can adapt other chapters of the manhwa. There are a lot of sources available in the kitty that can be utilized to form the plot of the second season. Moreover, the pilot installment has left many loose ends to explore as it hasn’t yet justified the reason behind such changes in the protagonist’s life. So season 2 may explore all the loose ends too.

Lookism Season 2: Release Date

Lookism Season 2
Lookism, Netflix

It has only been a year since the first batch of episodes finished airing. Therefore, we might have an official announcement in the coming months. Moreover, the release date will only be revealed after the path for season 2 is cleared. As of now, Lookism Season 2 is not expected to make its way on Netflix

until 2023. The chances for it to return before the fans are in 2024. Meanwhile, you can catch up on the previous episodes or enjoy reading the new manhwa chapters.

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