May 27, 2024
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Parental Guidance Season 2: First Look Out! Set To Release In 2023

Parental Guidance Season 2

Nowadays, awareness about mental health and childhood trauma is pretty common, and many try to provide their child a better place to grow. But what if you learn your parenting style isn’t good for your children’s health and even counts as toxic for their growth? Well, this is why Ally Langdon and Dr. Justin Coulson return to test the complex parenting style of Aussie in Parental Guidance Season 2. The show has its own highs and lows, but it also provides better exposure to the parenting world and how one action can affect their child. So let’s see who will join Parental Guidance Season 2 to test their ethics and values.


Australian reality TV series Parental Guidance debuted back in 2021 and was soon hit by controversy for challenging parenting styles. Well, the show explored the most critical topic- parenting style- which has been gripping. With the increase in childhood trauma and mental health awareness, Australian parenting experts Dr. Justin Coulson and Ally Langdon teamed up with ten groups of parents to test their parenting styles. These parenting styles include strict attachment routine, French nature, helicopter tiger free range, homeschooling, and discipline. Throughout the show, the parents share how they are willing to raise their kids while the experts provide them with better ideas.

Parental Guidance Season 2

Parental Guidance Season 2: Latest News

The show debuted back in 2021 and soon became the most-watched series on the network. Well, the show gave the reality check and provided the bitter truth behind the challenging parenting style and its impact on the kids. While many loved the show for its dramatic plotline, some criticized it for showcasing such a brutal angle of parenting. But is Parental Guidance Season 2 on the cards? Well, we have pleasant news for the series fans, as the network has recently announced the latest update regarding the second season release date. Keep reading to know that.

Parental Guidance Season 2

While the show wrapped up airing in November 2021, the network took two years to announce Parental Guidance Season 2. Well, the show was one of the most-watched reality show on Channel 9 and also turned everyone’s heads. However, the network never officially renewed the show for the second season. In fact, the series’ official Instagram page confirmed that the show would return with the second season while asking Aussie to join the show. Despite the show gaining a mixed response, in early 2022, it confirmed they are back with new sets of parents.

Parental Guidance Season 2: Trailer Is Out!

Recently the network has dropped the official trailer for the second season. In the new trailer, fans can see Ally and Justin back as hosts, and they are ready to test different parenting styles. In the clip, Ally says: “As parents, we want our kids to be safe.” Soon, the scene shifts to a child who aims and shoots a gun on his front porch. A voiceover then adds, “The show that tests Aussie parenting is back on a whole new level,” before announcing the 12 parenting styles.

Soon it reveals the three of the best parenting style that will go under the microscope- Outback, Spiritual, and Influencer parents. The teaser trailer also sheds light on the different backgrounds of people and how their culture plays a key role in their children’s upbringing. The clip also shows 12 parents debating on calling their parenting style the best. One says their daughter has up to 500,000 followers, leaving others to gasp. Then it focuses on a group discussion that raises the highly controversial topic- bullying and smacking children.

One concerned parent asks, “What’s a good smack?” and another responds, “One that you can hear and feel.” Then another parent tells the cameras that their kids are well-behaved because they fear them. However, the trailer also gives a glimpse of “gentle parenting,” where the parents explain that letting children be children and respecting them as people is better.

Parental Guidance Season 2: Cast Details

No doubt, Ally Langdon and Dr. Justin Coulson will return for the second season. They will bring the ten sets of parents from the Outback to the Road School to the Spiritual to the Influencer. These are Larissa and Marcus, who follow gentle parenting. They have four kids Levi (8), Seanna (6), Amos (4), and Caleb (2). Guided by Christian faith, the couple follows a calm and kind approach to raising their young children. Next are Sammy and Jason, who follow lighthouse parenting. They also have four children Pepper (10), Jude (6), Rory (3), and Lottie (2).

Parental Guidance Season 2

The concept of lighthouse parenting influences the couple and always keeps a watchful eye on children from a distance. Only granting their children a little independence while keeping an eye on them and ensuring their safety. Tency and David are the next parents in the cast, who follow outback parenting. They have three kids Vance (10), Wyatt (9), and Clancy (7). Both focus on teaching their kids good manners with their strict approach toward misbehavior. Then there’s a single mother, Kat, who follows honest parenting. She has two fraternal twins, Billy (10) and Jesse (10).

She rebels against the Boomer parenting approach and encourages her children to follow their hearts. Next are Kajal and Deepak, who follow spiritual parenting. They have two kids, Krishna (13) and Mridula (7). Despite their busy schedules, they embark on a spiritual journey, commencing with chanting and prayer. Sarah and Shane are the next couples who follow stage parenting. They teach their kids Alaska (17), Xion (13), and River (8) how to stand out in the crowd. The remaining parents include Mark and Leanne, Ket and Jonathon, Philipa and Chris, Kim and Nick, Amy and John, and Melody and Michael.

Parental Guidance Season 2: Release Date

The wait is over now! Channel 9 has already dropped the official Parental Guidance Season 2 release date. The second season will air on Monday, June 5, 2023. It will be available to stream on Channel 9, and international fans can also catch it on 9Now. Well, the show started production in early 2022, and it took almost a year to wrap up production. The freshman season had nine episodes, but the network has yet to reveal the episode count of the second season. We’ll update you soon. This is all for now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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