May 26, 2024
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Holey Moley Season 5: Casting Call Hints At Potential Next Season! Stephen Curry Returns

Holey Moley Season 5

While the fourth season wrapped up in mid-2022 when mini golfers tried to conquer the unforgiving course, fans are already looking forward to Holey Moley Season 5. Generally, the network announces its decision within a few months. But it has almost been nine months, and ABC hasn’t commented on the future run. Well, the network has a massive belief in the show. Thus such a wait makes the audience more nervous. So is Holey Moley Season 5 canceled? Well, there are many questions that fans want to know. However, you don’t need to fret. This is because we have delightful news that will blow your mind. Keep reading to learn more.


American sports reality competition Holey Moley is a golf competition where contestants have to go head-to-head to win the title. They have sudden-death matchups on a giant miniature golf obstacle course. Stephen Curry joins as the resident golf pro with commentators Joe Tessitore and Rob Riggle. The show was initially announced in 2018, and with its massive fan following, it ran for four seasons. ABC had recently dropped the fourth season and announced its winner in 2022. So will the network return with Holey Moley Season 5? Let’s see!

Holey Moley Season 5: Recent Update!

Rejoice, Holey Moley fans! The showrunner has recently spilled the beans for the fifth season. Well, the fourth season wrapped up in mid-2022, and since then, Holey Moley fans have been eager to know whether ABC will return with the fifth run. Guess what? Your wait is over now. It looks like the network is all set to bring more obstacles and fun to your screen. Although an official announcement has yet to make, fans can relax as the official website has already updated “They are back!”

Holey Moley Season 5: Renewal Status!

At the time of writing, ABC hasn’t officially renewed the series for the fifth run, which isn’t what fans expected. Well, the audience is counting on more episodes of primetime mini-golf this summer. However, they have to wait a little longer. Though the network hasn’t renewed the series, it doesn’t mean it isn’t in the pipeline. ABC previously showed its faith in the series, ordering seasons 3 and 4 in one go in early 2021. So it’s pretty unsettling for the audience to wait that much.

Holey Moley Season 5

But if you remember, the two-season renewal didn’t come just after the second season wrapped up airing. In fact, ABC greenlit the show several months after the second season concluded. So it hints that the network will soon make its official statement. Further, the show is stretching its boundary. In the fourth season, it introduced two big-name guest stars. They were none other than Kermit the Frog helming the announcer’s booth and Miss Piggy on center stage. Hence considering this, there’s a sign that ABC will soon greenlight Holey Moley Season 5.

Will Season 4 Unsteady Ratings Affect Its Renewal?

Well, the fourth season averaged a rating of 0.39 and 2.49 million in Live+Same day viewership from the 18-49 age demo. However, the show faced dropped in viewership from the third season, which averaged 0.42 and 2.64 million. Although the last batch of episodes didn’t show a steady decline in ratings, it experienced highs and lows. While such inconsistent ratings couldn’t be the best sign for a scripted series, it wasn’t the case for summer primetime competition.

This viewership represents the viewers willing to come back and watch the show, even if they’ve missed some episodes. Further, summer TV shows aren’t expected to gather such viewership, which is more than the targeted ones. So it’s enough to return with the fifth season. For now, let’s wait for ABC’s official statement.

Is Holey Moley Season 5 On The Cards?

Although ABC hasn’t renewed the series for the fifth season, the show has started casting calls. MysticArt Pictures’ website recently announced the casting call for an epic supersized mini golf course competition. The website also mentioned the eligibility requirements and how the contestants can participate in the competition show. However, it hasn’t been revealed how long it will take to select the participants. But whatever the case, it hints that Holey Moley Season 5 is on the cards, and soon, ABC will officially renew it.

Holey Moley Season 5: Cast Details

As mentioned above, the casting call is ongoing, so it remains unclear who will be the new participants. However, only people living in America can participate in the show. Apart from them, the showrunner Stephen Curry will also return for the fifth season. Joining him will be Joe Tessitore and Rob Riggle. Jeannie Mai may also join the show. In the previous season, Kermit The Frog and Miss Piggy made their guest appearance, so fans can expect to see more of them in the fifth run. There’s also a possibility that more guest stars will appear in the fifth run.

Holey Moley Season 5

Holey Moley Season 5: Release Date

As of now, the casting is going on. So the show will take some time to undergo production. Typically, the show takes four to five months to wrap up production. However, on the website, it is clearly mentioned that casting may last till September 2023. Well, Holey Moley is always billed as the summer TV show. So considering all the factors, it seems like Holey Moley Season 5 will air in the summer of 2024. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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