June 16, 2024
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How Did Squidward Die: Did Nickelodeon Clarify The Matter? TikTok Trend Explained!

How Did Squidward Die

How Did Squidward Die: If you haven’t watched SpongeBob SquarePants, then your childhood might have lacked fun, most probably. Well, it is not such an animated series that has created a fanbase among the young audience but has received huge attention from adults too. Be it the story, animation, or the characters, the series has garnered tons of positive reviews throughout its run. Moreover, the show is the fifth-longest-running American TV series in the animated category. But recently, SpongeBob SquarePants has been making headlines. One of the pivotal characters of the series, Squidward, has jumped to the TikTok. ‘How Did Squidward Die?’ challenge on the TikTok platform has led thousands of people to create videos. If you are wondering what it actually refers to, then here you go!


Squidward Tentacles is a fictional character who plays a key role in SpongeBob SquarePants. The Pacific octopus was known for his short temper, arrogant, and bitter behavior. He lives in a moai form and has been voiced by Rodger Bumpass. Further, Squidward has marked his appearance in various SpongeBob films and series. Talking about his role in the series, the character was employed at a restaurant at the post of a cashier. Though he had been doing the job for years, he never enjoyed working there. Moreover, he disliked SpongeBob and Patrick Star, but both considered him a friend as they were unknown of his hatred. Nevertheless, Squidward believed himself to be a great singer, but no one identified his talent.

What Was The Reason Behind Squidward’s Death In The SpongeBob SquarePants Series?

How Did Squidward Die?

Squidward had an immense fan following among the viewers. His presence in the series acted as the icing on the cake. But in one of the episodes of the series, the character met a tragic end, and his death shook the entire belt of the viewers. The unofficial episode confirmed his death. It started with Squidward practicing for a concert. He was last seen playing his clarinet, but his practice session was constantly disrupted by Patrick and SpongeBob. Although he issued a warning to them, nothing happened. They continued to trouble him, and the screen introduced the fans to a fish with blood-red eyes. The fish acted strangely and spilled details on ‘Red Mist’ in a cold voice. As soon as the Red Mist appears, the entire screen is transformed into a red-colored platform. So is it how Squidward died?

How Did He Die?

The next moment, fans noticed him playing the clarinet and performing at the concert, which Squidward had always wished for. It was not only the other people who were slandering him but Patrick and SpongeBob also passed negative comments on his singing. Since he never thought of such a reaction, Squidward was pushed into depression. Moreover, he failed to accept the negativity and, thus, landed in emotional distress. Just like in the previous scene, the screen changed abruptly and glitched again. In addition to this, it was accompanied by some unusual and doomy sounds, hinting at how did Squidward die.

How Did Squidward Die
How Did Squidward Die

Lastly, when the screen was back with Squidward, the character was no more alive. So how did Squidward die? Well, the episode wrapped up by showing him shooting himself with a gun. Therefore, Squidward died by taking his own life because of the trauma and depression. Nonetheless, the episode felt more like eerie visuals in a series touted as a comedy-drama.

How Did Squidward Die: What Is The TikTok Trend? How Did It Start?

The famous trend on TikTok: How Did Squidward Die commence with the reports of a website called, Creepypasta. It posted the story of Squidward’s suicide, aka Red Mist. According to the online portal, the episode was originally planned to be included in the fourth season of the comedy caper. However, it is claimed that the episode was never approved by the showrunners because of the scary and terrific scenes. Since the violence in the episode was feared by the makers, they were not ready to broadcast it normally on the screens. There are several media reports that suggested the episode was narrated by one of Nickelodeon’s interns but was deleted later on.

Everything started when a user from the 7chan’/x/paranormal forum stated the entire story. He mentioned how he was called to watch a blueprint episode of ‘Fear of the Krabby Patty.’ However, the title was different from what was told to him. The user confirmed the title to be ‘Squidward’s Suicide.’ Since he thought of it as a jest by the animators’ team, he ignored it initially.

How Did Squidward Die
How Did Squidward Die

Did Squidward Die In The Show?

Talking about the TikTok trend: How Did Squidward Die, as soon as Creepypasta’s theory of Squidward’s suicide went viral, it became the reason for several memes and internet trends. Some of them were creepy, while some of the trends were labeled as hilarious. Gradually, it emerged as a TikTok movement, and people started calling it the ‘How Did Squidward Die’ trend. The trend was meant to record the reactions of the people who could watch the viral video of Squidward’s death. People needed to search for the same and record their natural reactions on the unofficial episode where the Pacific octopus shot himself in his head. In addition to this, most of the videos have a similar sound. The soundtrack has been uploaded on TikTok by AnitiNightcore, the user’s name.

When it comes to Nickelodeon clarifying the matter, the officials never showed up with any statements on Squidward and his death. If you had followed the series till the last episode, you would have noticed that the octopus was alive and profound till the last moment. Therefore, not making the circumstances scary for the fans, it is advised to believe that Squidward is still confident about his singing skills and works at the restaurant.

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