June 16, 2024
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Melanie Martinez Weight Gain: Fans Support The Voice Star’s Sudden Change!

Melanie Martinez Weight Gain

Seems like The Voice star Melanie Martinez is starting a new social life on Instagram. The American singer has recently deleted almost all her posts and videos. A few months ago, her account consisted of only three photos, and it was completely unexpected. However, a certain reason behind the action was not stated by the celebrity. Well, apart from it, Melanie also created headlines when her fans speculated that she underwent plastic surgery. People claimed that she had a knife procedure to attain a fairy look. Later on, such rumors were reported as baseless and rumors. Besides this, the singing sensation was in the media spotlight after releasing a teaser of her track, Death. Moreover, the young female is currently the subject of discussion because of her body weight. Here’s what exactly is on the internet concerning Melanie Martinez Weight Gain.


Born on April 28, 1995, to Mery and Jose, the female artist has been on to various singing competitions. She received her breakthrough from her appearance on the stage of The Voice. Martinez gave her audition in the third season of the show and ultimately rose to prominence. Though she could not make it to the finals, she was convinced by her performance. Further, Melanie continued pursuing her career in music. In 2014, she released her debut EP titled, Dollhouse. It eventually became popular on social media and increased her fan following. Interestingly, the singer is known for inculcating stories in her songs. She often narrates her life and childhood experiences. Apart from singing, Melanie Martinez is a popular songwriter and visual artist as well.

Did Melanie Martinez Face Sexual Assault?

Melanie Martinez Weight Gain
Melanie Martinez

The entertainment industry has witnessed several cases related to sexual harassment and assault. But everyone was in shock when The Voice star was reported to have faced the same situation. Her former friend and musician, Timothy Heller, stepped out in public and revealed the same. However, Martinez denied such allegations, but her fellow artist shared a four-part tweet. The screenshots proved that her accusations were right, but, on the other hand, Melanie claimed that the encounter was consensual.

Reacting to the tweets, the K-12 singer expressed her sadness. She mentioned her disappointment with the statements spilled by Timothy. Both of them have been known to be friends since 2015, according to the social media photos. But the media celebrities parted ways a few years back. Later on, Melanie Martinez came up with another response commenting upon the tweet. She was thankful to her fans who stood by her side. The female artist was grateful for the trust and support her admirers showed throughout the matter.

Melanie Martinez Weight Gain: Did She Get Plastic Surgery?

It is common for celebrities to undergo plastic surgeries or other treatments for more beauty. The use of fillers has now entered the trend, and with that, many actresses have already used this technique. Meanwhile, Melanie Martinez was also rumored to have gone under plastic surgery. The rumors were so quick that her social media posts had many comments asking about the same. Despite this, she never showed up with a clarification, but later on, such reports were denied. There was no proof that Melanie had used the surgery to lift up her face.

Some of the netizens claimed that her fairy look was entirely the work of medical surgeries, but then, such accusations proved to be false. Besides this, the singer has spoken about societal expectations concerning beauty and good looks. She opened up about how females are always under pressure to meet the expectations of the society. This particular concern was addressed in one of her songs, Mrs. Potato Head. The track emphasized the risk of plastic surgery and the ideal standards of society.

Melanie Martinez Weight Gain: Is The Voice Singer Pregnant?

The concern related to Melanie Martinez Weight Gain is linked to her pregnancy rumors. The first time when the rumors sparked was in 2017. Once it was highlighted on social media platforms, it knew no boundaries to rest. However, it has been more than six years since it has been doing rounds on the internet. Although the artist has been active over the years, she never responded to such claims. According to the reports, the news broke out for the first time when Weekly Magazine published it. Of course, it was not true, and it seemed like the team did not conduct any research.

Talking about her weight gain, Melanie has always maintained a healthy and ideal body type. Her fans have never spotted Martinez in plus size or carrying a zero figure. However, the young American songwriter appeared to be bulky in one of her Instagram posts. She was actually wearing a costume which apparently hinted that she gained weight. But that was not the case! It was only the attire that created headlines regarding her weight gain.

However, in the past few days, a couple of media outlets claim that her eating disorder has resulted in her putting on weight. Binge eating disorder refers to the act of consuming food in a short span of time. Some people believe that Melanie has given up on her workout routine too. Due to such conditions, she seems a bit heavier than before. Since her personal life is far away from the camera, she never showed up in public to talk about her weight gain. This is why none of the aspects are officially true and are still speculations.

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