April 17, 2024
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Our Kind Of People Season 2: Makers Planning Something Big?

Our Kind Of People Season 2

Our Kind Of People Season 2: American dramas have undoubtedly established great prominence in the entertainment industry. Be it comedy or thrillers, their dominance cannot be ignored. Our Kind Of People is one such drama that has received the audience’s attention. Touted as a fall entry on Fox, the show managed to entertain the viewers with a batch of 12 episodes. It has been fun watching the Black elites stepping out of their house to play in the summer. After the first season, it seemed like the series went underground, as fans did not hear any piece of news concerning the second season. Thus, Our Kind Of People Season 2 is being searched a lot all over the internet, and here’s what we know about it.


Created originally for Fox, Our Kind Of People debuted on September 21, 2021. The episodes were released on a weekly basis. With Karin Gist and Wendy Calhoun as the creators, the American drama is said to be inspired by a novel written by Lawrence Otis Graham of the same name. Moreover, the story is set against the backdrop of Massachusetts, where a single mother, Angela Vaughn, tries to reclaim her family’s reputation. But she is left in shock after discovering a dark truth about her mother’s past. Things take a drastic turn when her entire community gets affected by the shocking history.

Will There Be Our Kind Of People Season 2?

Our Kind Of People Season 2

Those who were already waiting for the renewal of Our Kind Of People are sure to get disappointed as the officials have shown up with a piece of sad news. Our Kind Of People Season 2 has already been canceled and is not happening in the future. In May 2022, the team announced the official cancellation, thereby nullifying every possible expectation. The news broke within the six months since the series finished airing, and further installments were axed by the creators. But a proper justification for the same has not been provided to the fans yet. Thus it is unclear for what reasons the cancellation was formally stated.

On the other hand, since there’s no convincing reason, people are speculating about several factors that could have hampered the series’ future. Among all such suppositions, reception and the audience response are being held the most significant ones. Talking about the critical reviews, Our Kind Of People opened up to average reviews and was not considered a critically acclaimed series. Besides this, the audience’s take on the drama series was lukewarm. In addition to this, the viewership level was below expectations and was compared with the Lee-co-created Empire, which had a successful run on Fox. Therefore, it is pretty possible for the makers to cancel the renewal because of the low ratings.

What Would Have Happened Next In Our Kind Of People Season 2?

The first season witnessed tons of melodrama and emotional incidents. Taylor and Nikki were no more in a relationship, and apparently, the reason for their sad breakup was Lauren. Quincy later revealed it to Nikki, and thus, the latter uttered cursing words for the Franklins. Meanwhile, Nate proposed to Nikki, but the moment was spoiled. Tyrique appeared out of nowhere and interrupted the proposal. He handed over a file related to Teddy that was meant for Angela. Nonetheless, the file was important as it hinted at his brother’s murder. Angela wished for help from Leah, but she was still engaged with Teddy’s issue. Therefore, the former had to leave the place alone and rushed in a hurry.

Our Kind Of People Season 2
Our Kind Of People, Fox

Furthermore, she denied Tyrique’s proposal and wanted to accept the engagement ring the following day. Later on, every individual was surprised by Teddy’s admission, while Angela had many queries in her mind. She was not ready to accept his admission and, thus, doubted him. Other than this, Angela was concerned about accusations against her mother. She asked about it to Teddy, but he denied it without any second thought. With his denial, Angela discovered that Olivia framed Eve for the drug seizure and went to confront her. While Olivia was unknown of Angela’s plan to record her voice, she validated the allegations. When she realized Angela was recording the conversation, Olivia tried to break the phone but failed.

Our Kind Of People Season 2 would have picked up from the point where the pilot season left off. Also, it might have shown up with a valid answer to the significant cliffhanger it left behind. Who shot Leah and why? Will he remain alive or die? These questions could have been addressed.

Who Could Have Returned In The Next Season?

The first season saw Yaya DaCosta as Angela Vaughn. Lance Gross played the role of Tyrique Chapman, while Nadine Ellis appeared in the character of Leah Franklin Dupont. In addition to them, Alana Kay Bright, Rhyon Nicole Brown, and Kyle Bary joined the cast as Nikki Vaughn, Lauren Dupont, and Quincy Dupont, respectively. Lastly, Morris Chestnut as Raymond Dupont and Joe Morton as Teddy Franklin completed the main cast.

Our Kind Of People Season 2

As far as the cast for Our Kind Of People Season 2 is concerned, most of the prominent cast members had the probability of returning to the screen. However, some actors from the recurring list would have reprised their roles as well. Apart from that, there were chances for a few new faces to show up.

Our Kind Of People Season 2: Release Date

Since the series has already been canceled after the first season, the release date for Our Kind Of People Season 2 is not available. According to Fox officials, future chapters of the drama are not being developed. Hence, a confirmed date will never be announced until it lands on a new home or gets restored. Nevertheless, you can enjoy watching the previous episodes if you haven’t!

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