April 25, 2024
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Jason Weaver Net Worth: How Rich Is The Lion King Actor In 2023?

Jason Weaver Net Worth

Disney’s Lion King, an American musical drama film, was not only a huge commercial success but laid its own legacy. But did you know the singing voice behind the young Simba? It was Jason Weaver, an actor, and a singer. The celebrity received his major breakthrough after being cast in the WB sitcom titled Smart Guy. Apart from actively participating in the acting career, Jason is a budding singer too. The recording artist even released his album in 1995. A few years later, he joined hands with Chingy for a track, and it eventually became one of the biggest hits for the actor. Lately, Weaver has been in the buzz as he was cast in the new season of Sistas. The veteran actor took to social media and announced the same. With so many big projects, Jason Weaver Net Worth is in the media spotlight.


Jason entered the acting field with Oprah Winfrey’s Brewster Place. One can also spot him in the 1992 miniseries The Jacksons: An American Dream. However, he earned the most popularity by Lion King. The film had already brought major cash inflow for the Disney studio, and the fandom is still the same. While the singing voice of the Young Simba was loved by all, Weaver revealed something unexpected in 2019. The actor said that he was offered nearly $2 million but turned it down and favored the royalties. His mother refused to accept the offer, and he trusted his mom. Jason claimed that if his mother had not rejected it, he could have made the biggest mistake of his life. Well, though the singer turned down the offer, the earnings were compensated with royalties worth millions.

Why Was Jason Weaver Only The Singing Voice Behind Young Simba?

Have you ever noticed that Young Simba had a bit of variation in his voice when it came to his regular speaking and singing? The difference was because of the distinct cast. Jason signed the contract merely for the singing voice, while Jonathan Taylor Thomas voiced the character completely. Speaking about his part in the original 1994 version, Weaver revealed the reason behind his deal as the voice cast.

Jason Weaver net worth
Jason Weaver Feels Grateful To Elton John

The American actor said that the crew and the team were not sure about when to approach him for the project. Therefore, Lion King already had its regular and core panel of the voice cast. In addition to this, Weaver said that was the time when he worked as a child actor. If he could not be featured in The Jacksons: An American Dream, it would have been difficult for him to become the singing voice for the 1994 Lion King. Although, the Smart Guy star felt grateful to Elton John as he somewhere helped him to reach the recording studio. It was only two days after that the celebrity finished filming for The Jacksons and was called for the recording session.

Jason Weaver Appeared In Tyler Perry’s Sistas!

Former child star Jason was seen sharing screens alongside KJ Smith in the new season of Sistas. Created by Tyler Perry, the comedy-drama debuted in 2019 on BET. The actor took to his social media and expressed his gratitude for casting him in Sistas Season 6. He thanked the filmmaker and the other cast members for his experience on the sets of the drama. Reacting to the post, his fans wrote that his talent was immeasurable. They seemed excited about his new venture, and netizens wished him best wishes. Jason signed the dotted lines for the character of Brian, a new addition to the series. Well, the fresh season dropped on BET on May 31, 2023. It is also available on BET PLUS to stream online.

Jason Weaver Net Worth
Jason Weaver

Jason Weaver Net Worth: Did The Actor’s Income Reduce Over The Years?

When it comes to Jason Weaver Net Worth, official media reports, and records have never been discovered. However, a couple of media reports have speculated his monetary income to be around $4 million. On the other hand, a few media outlets claim his annual salary amounts to $7 million, approximately. Therefore, an exact figure is not available, but it will be safe to assume his net worth falls in the above-mentioned range.

In 2019, when Jason revealed that he did not accept the offer of a $2 million flat fee for the Lion King’s role, fans believed that he suffered a great loss. But, thankfully, the loss was almost compensated by the royalties. The Sistas actor managed to have a credit statement worth $1.9 million through different royalty fees.

Jason Weaver
Jason Weaver

As per the media insiders and internal sources, the actor has invested a huge amount differently, which adds up more to Jason Weaver net worth. He does not depend upon a single income source, but details about his additional sources are not known to the public. Nevertheless, a major portion of his income comes from his singing and acting career. Since he was recently cast in Sistas, it is obvious for him to have bagged a considerable amount of fees. As of 2023, he lives in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. He does not rent the house he stays in, but its worth is unexplored at the moment. Besides this, Jason Weaver is reportedly fond of big and rich cars. He has a car collection that includes several cars from different big brands. The 43-year-old has Audi, Lexus, Subaru, and other luxurious four-wheelers.

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