May 26, 2024
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Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark 2: In Development! Gets 2024 Release?

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark 2

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark 2: Even though many people fear ghostly stories and scary visuals, horror shows still continue to expand their reach among the audience. It is because of the spooky elements and eerie visuals that keep providing them the adrenaline-rushing thrill. Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark is one such horror film that is known for its death-nearing horror experiences. And the creepy clans and the investigative children have made the movie even more interesting. It was released in 2019 in the theatres but the response was lukewarm. However, in recent times, Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark 2 is being constantly searched on the internet. If you are also the one hunting details related to it, you are at the right place.


As soon as the reports of Guillermo del Toro making a film based on Alvin Schwartz’s book surfaced, people couldn’t keep calm. Therefore, Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark was among the most anticipated films of 2019. Helmed by André Øvredal, the movie was not an OTT release but was actually premiered in theatres. Initially, Guillermo was about to direct the film but ended up serving as the producer along with Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan. It also received prestigious nominations at the Saturn Awards.

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark 2’s Production Status!

Scary Stories In The Dark 2
Scary Stories In The Dark

Talking about the sequel of the movie, the team has already announced the follow-up. On April 23, 2020, it was officially stated that Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark 2 was in development. But as of now, they haven’t revealed much about its development status. Besides, Guillermo del Toro will return as the producer, while André Øvredal is geared up to direct the sequel. Interestingly Paramount Pictures has signed the contract for the distribution process. However, more details about the upcoming sequel have not been revealed yet. But the second chapter is happening for sure and will hit the screens soon in the upcoming time.

What Will Be The Story Of Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark 2?

The original film was set in 1968, and took place in Pennsylvania. It started when three teenagers, Stella, Chuck, and Auggie, set a prank to bully Tommy Milner. But to seek revenge for the act, Tommy, along with his gang, followed the trio. However, the three managed to save themselves from him by taking shelter in a car. Unfortunately, they met with a dire fate as all the incidents occured on Halloween. Later the group of teenagers visited a haunted house for Halloween that belonged to the Bellows family. While they groped around in the darkness, they discovered a horror book. It was written by Sarah Bellows, who was believed of committing suicide.

Scary Stories In The Dark 2
Scary Stories In The Dark

Meanwhile, Tommy reached the house and locked them up. However, they managed to run out of the place, but Stella took away the book with her. When she returned home, Stella found that the stories inside the book continued to develop mysteriously. The pages that were blank earlier got stories written on them. Therefore, the girl was confused and, thus, decided to investigate further about it. As soon as any story showed up, the teenagers faced a horror situation in accordance with it.

In the sequel, the story will pick up from the point it left off in the first chapter. An official synopsis has yet to be revealed. And more details on the plot will show up after a trailer for Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark 2 is dropped.

Who Will Return In The Upcoming Sequel?

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark featured an ensemble cast. Zoe Colletti appeared in the character of Stella Nicholls, while Gabriel Rush played the role of Auggie Hilderbrandt. Besides them, Michael Garza and Austin Abrams essayed the role of Ramón Rodriguez and Tommy Milner, respectively. Gil Bellows contributed to the film with his appearance as Police Chief Turner. Moreover, Dean Norris as Roy Nicholls, Natalie Ganzhorn as Ruth Steinberg, and Austin Zajur as Chuck Steinberg had joined the cast. Lastly, Kathleen Pollard blessed the movie with her portrayal of Sarah Bellows.

Talking about the cast of the follow-up, there are certain names that are confirmed to return on the screens. Zoe Colletti, Natalie Ganzhorn, Michael Garza, and Dean Norris have been officially booked for Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark 2. But the creators have yet to reveal who else will return for the sequel.

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark 2: Release Date

Scary Stories In The Dark 2
Scary Stories In The Dark

As of now, the makers have not said anything regarding the release date of the sequel. Therefore, the Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Season 2 release date has yet to come out of the shells. It has been more than three years since we heard of the renewal, and still, a specific date is not available. However, we expect it to hit the theatres by the year’s end, or the follow-up can release in early 2024.

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