Tale Of The Nine Tailed Season 2 Episode 13

Tale Of The Nine Tailed Season 2 Episode 13: Special Episode? Next Season In Development?

Lee Yeon has his own fair share in Tale Of The Nine Tailed: 1938. He was sent back in time to stop an apocalypse, and now fans are curious to learn if Tale Of The Nine Tailed Season 2 Episode 13 will clarify the cliffhanger. Well, the previous episode ending left everyone in a daze regarding whether Yeon’s journey isn’t over yet. While some look forward to a special episode, many hope for Tale Of The Nine Tailed Season 3. So was that a tease for the upcoming season? Well, everyone seems curious now as the stakes are getting higher and higher. But no need to fret. This is because we have got you covered. So let’s dig into this.

Tale Of The Nine Tailed Season 2 Episode 13: Is It Happening?

After watching the action-filled Episode 12, fans are curious to know whether there’s more to come in the historic K-drama. However, Tale Of The Nine-Tailed: 1938 only consisted of 12 episodes that wrapped up last week. So the chances of its return are few. But there are cases when some shows return with a special episode. Thus, whether Tale Of The Nine Tailed Season 2 Episode 13 will return remains unclear. But as of now, the network hasn’t dropped any official statement regarding the upcoming episode, so the chances of its return are pretty low.

But Will There Be Tale Of The Nine Tailed Season 3?

Tale Of The Nine Tailed Season 2 Episode 15

In the second season finale, Yeon finally reunited with Ji-ah as he returned to 2023. But it wasn’t the end. In the credit roll, Yeon was heard saying, “So it’s Joseon,” that hinted the show wasn’t over yet. The creative team plans to continue with Tale Of The Nine-Tailed in future seasons. However, tvN hasn’t yet officially renewed Tale Of The Nine-Tailed Season 3. But considering the cliffhanger, it seems like Yeon will return once again. This is because the closing moment shows an animated scene of Yeon being chased by two men from the Joseon era. So the story isn’t over yet.

Apart from this, per source, Tale Of The Nine Tailed Season 3 is in talks for production. The team has been working on the script, and soon the show will return for filming. Although the officials haven’t confirmed this news, reports suggest the filming will begin within a few months. Further, the lead actors are all set to return. These include Lee Dong Wook, Jo Bo Ah, Kim Yong Ji, and Kim Bum. Well, the show is the super hit and most popular show on tvN. Thus the chances of its return are quite high.

A Quick Recap!

In the last week’s episode, Yeon was reading a letter from his future self. The letter revealed the changes that occurred in the future after he messed up with the timeline and also asked him to take care of Rang. His future self also revealed that his partner was waiting for him, giving him hope to return to where he belonged. Soon the scene cut to Yeo-hee and Jae-yoo, who were waiting for their rescuers. As for Yeon, he met Ryuhei Kato, a Daitengu, the mountain god. He rushed to fight, but Ryuhei Kato stopped him and revealed that someone else would fight for him.

Tale Of The Nine Tailed Season 2 Episode 15

Meanwhile, Akira Saito informed Rang that they could only save one of the hostages. However, it all depended on whom among them would manage to snatch the treasure from Yeon. The latter understood the game and fought against Kato to save the hostages. He divided his people into groups where Rang and Shin-Joo were responsible for locating the hostages. The rest of them were sent to plant bombs everywhere in Bando Hotel. Ryuhei Kato learned about their plan, which ended up in a mess. While the team rushed to save their people, Yuki was instructed to inject poison into the two hostages so they could lose control. But things went all well, and Yeon finally returned home.

Tale Of The Nine Tailed Season 2 Episode 13: Release Date

Unfortunately, tvN hasn’t announced the Tale Of The Nine Tailed Season 2 Episode 13 release date yet. But if the network returns to clear the cliffhanger, it will probably announce soon in the upcoming weeks. As for the third season, fans have to wait for the official announcement. But considering the production will start soon, we can expect that Tale Of The Nine Tailed Season 3 will return in the middle of 2024. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.


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