June 15, 2024
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The Good Bad Mother Season 2: Releasing In 2024? Kang-Ho Finally Takes The Revenge!

The Good Bad Mother Season 2

There were times when Korean dramas were believed to belong to the romantic genre only. But in the last few years, they have undergone drastic changes. The most recent addition to the streaming platform Netflix is The Good Bad Mother. This Korean drama is a combination of various genres that don’t make much sense. The slice-of-life series also focuses on humour and the preciousness of life. At the same time, it delves into crime and revenge too, and this makes it different from The Reply 1988. Though it premiered originally on JTBC, it can be streamed online on Netflix in certain regions. Well, a few people have labeled it as a courtroom drama whose absurd humor was enough to derail it. The drama ended with a hopeful conclusion, and with that, viewers are curious about The Good Bad Mother Season 2. Here’s what TECH RADAR 247 knows!


The instant success received by The Good Bad Mother made it a huge commercial hit. It has entered the list of the highest-rated series in the history of Korean cable television. Not only this, the family drama stands at the top. On top of that, it is reported to be the most successful drama for JTBC. Directed by Shim Na-yeon, The Good Bad Mother revolves around the falling relationship between a mother and her son. Both are finding happiness while the son is trying to get revenge for his father’s murder. Moreover, the mother-son duo tries to reconcile following the death of the man of their family. Apart from the story, the Korean drama has been appreciated for its cast and its strong performances.

Is There Any Chance Of The Good Bad Mother Season 2? What Is Its Current Status?

With the 14-episode-long first season ending on June 8, 2023, the current status of The Good Bad Mother Season 2 is uncertain. As of now, neither the maker nor the Netflix officials have shown up with a formal statement. Hence, the future of the series is still to be explored. Most importantly, it has not even been a month since the debut installment finished airing. So, it is way too early to expect an official announcement from the team.

The Good Bad Mother Season 2
The Good Bad Mother, Netflix

In the present time, the Korean drama industry has started developing sequels and follow-ups. Some of the prominent dramas that were revived after a significant gap include Tale of the Nine-Tailed and Love Alarm. Therefore, the chances for The Good Bad Mother to return back is pretty high. In addition to this, the drama has bagged monstrous viewership and received mostly positive reviews. Thus, Netflix could pick it up for another season very soon. The last factor that increases the possibility of the sophomore installment is the climax. The final episode did end on a hopeful note but seemed a bit incomplete. Hence, fans want Jin Young-soon and Choi Kang-ho’s story to continue further.

What Will Happen In The Good Bad Mother Season 2?

Before exploring the future story, let us have a quick recap of The Good Bad Mother’s finale. The episode began with Kang-ho excusing Tae-soo to testify against Woo-Byeok, the man behind Kang’s father’s murder. Although the former had tied up with the presidential candidate’s daughter for the statement, he wanted Tae-soo to testify.

On the other hand, Ji-suk was trying to collect evidence against Woo-Byeok. While doing so, he recorded a conversation, and later on Kang-Ho arrived at the rooftop with police officers. Lastly, Woo-Byeok was arrested for the charges of attempted murder. Further, Tae-soo did exactly what Kang-Ho wanted, but the court also witnessed a shocking revelation. Ha-young admitted that she gave sleeping pills to Kang and knowingly caused the accident.

The Good Bad Mother Episode 13
Netflix, JTBC

As far as the plot of The Good Bad Mother Season 2 is concerned, it might pick up from the ending point. It will explore Kang’s relationship with Mi-Joo, whom he proposed just like his father did to Young-soon. We might also have some flashbacks of his mother as Kang-ho read an ‘apology’ letter from her.

Who Will Return In The Next Season?

The first season of The Good Bad Mother featured Ra Mi-ran as Jin Young-soon. She was a single mother and owned a pig farm. Lee Do-Hyun played the lead character, Choi Kang-ho. He suffered from amnesia and was a prosecutor by profession. In addition to them, Ahn Eun-jin and Yoo In-soo portrayed the character of Lee Mi-Joo and Bang Sam-Shik, respectively. The other actors in the supporting roles were Choi Moo-sung as Song Woo-byeok, while Jung Woong-In filled the shoes of Oh Tae-Soo. Apart from them, Oh Ha-Yeong was played by Hong Bi-ra.

The Good Bad Mother Season 2
The Good Bad Mother, Netflix

Talking about the cast of the second season, the main cast will return to their respective roles. Some of the actors in the supporting roles are also likely to be back on the screens. If the story proceeds in a new direction, a few fresh faces can also join the cast.

The Good Bad Mother Season 2: Release Date

The series has recently ended, so it will take time to be back with a new batch of episodes. However, if renewed by this year, the filming for The Good Bad Mother Season 2 is expected to begin by early 2024 as the team will take time to finalize scripts and shooting locations. Keeping this in mind, fans are speculating it to drop sometime during mid or late 2024. We will update the section as soon as any update shows up.

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