May 30, 2024
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Gabe Plotkin Net Worth: Charlotte Hornets New Owner’s Whooping Wealth!

Gabe Plotkin Net Worth

Gabe Plotkin Net Worth: If you have been following NBA, you might have supported the team, Charlotte Hornets, at least once. Michael Jordan, a Basketball Hall of Famer, owns the team. The player acquired a controlling interest in 2000, and since then, he has been serving as the owner of the team. But surprisingly, the team is ready to shift under another leadership. Michael Jordan has decided to sell the majority of his stakes related to the Charlotte Hornets to an investment team.


The buyer group is under the supervision of the chief investment officer at Tallwoods Capital LLC, Gabe Plotkin. With this move, the latter is already being called as the new owner of Hornets. Plotkin is also accompanied by a minority owner of the Atlanta Hawks, Rick Schnall. Therefore, this huge deal and, of course, being the CIO of Melvin Capitals have contributed massively to Gabe Plotkin Net Worth. Here is what we have got for you!

Gabe Plotkin’s Words On His Company’s Shut Down

In 2014 Gabe Plotkin founded a financial firm that primarily focused on investments in consumer stocks. The company created headlines in 2021 when a couple of short bets proved to be wrong. That was the time when Melvin Capital was facing a colossal loss. Things were not going well, and unfortunately, the firm had to suffer a 39% decline for that particular year. That led to a decline in Gabe Plotkin Net Worth.

Gabe Plotkin Net Worth
Gabe Plotkin

The series of losses was so huge that in May 2022, Plotkin had to shut down the fund, thereby returning the assets to its respective investors. He also wrote a letter to explain the entire matter to the public. Gabe mentioned how he invested everything he could, but the results were not enough to be delivered to the investors. Lastly, the CIO of the company said that he must take a step back and avoid managing external capital.

Gabe Plotkin Is The New Owner Of The Charlotte Hornets!

The majority stakeholder of the Hornets, Michael Jordan, has decided upon the agreement to sell the team to a minority owner, Gabe Plotkin. Although further details about the deal have not been revealed, official media reports suggest the Hornets stand at an estimated value of $3 billion. As soon as the agreement is signed, Jordan no longer remains the majority owner of the basketball team, and it will bring an end to his 13-year journey with the Hornets. However, despite the deal, the player will keep a minority stake. As for Gabe’s side, the group of financiers led by Gabe Plotkin will soon confirm the deal. However, by taking up Jordan’s position, Gabe Plotkin Net Worth will see a considerable hike.

Gabe Plotkin Net Worth
Michael Jordan

Initially, several rumors were claiming the same, and it was challenging for people to believe the sale of the Charlotte Hornets. But, finally, the deal is in its place, and the process will soon be executed. With the transfer of the majority stake to Gabe Plotkin and Rick Schnall, the new Hornets owners are eyeing more profit. For the uninitiated, the former used to buy shares of the team during the 2020s. As per the media insiders, Michael and Gabe have been together as investing partners in the past years. They also claim the owner of Melvin Capita has lost a vast amount (somewhat around $500 million) of Jordan’s money.

Gabe Plotkin’s Melvin Capital Shut Down After Eight Years!

Plotkin gained huge recognition on the Internet when he founded Melvin Capital. Initially, it became a significant source of Gabe Plotkin Net Worth, but later on, the company landed into several controversies. In 2020, it was a subject of the media spotlight as it created a notorious controversy that involved Robinhood brokerage service and Gamestop stock. After about two years, CIO announced that the fund was finally being shut down and the money would be returned to the investors accordingly. But his company’s bad and risky investments led him to suffer a huge loss.

Gabe Plotkin Net Worth
Gabe Plotkin

Founded in 2014, Melvin Capital shut down its operation after about eight years. The investment company was renowned for short-selling meme stocks. Following the unexpected and unbearable loss of the company, Gabe entered into sports investment. In 2019, he brought a minority stake in Charlotte Hornets from Michael Jordan. Talking about his future steps and investment plans, it is quite uncertain at this moment. Although he has declared his exit from managing external capital, anything can happen.

Gabe Plotkin Net Worth: What Compensated His Loss?

According to Sportskeeda, Gabe Plotkin Net Worth is reported to be more than $400 million. However, there have been a few debates concerning the exact figure over the years, but we might receive an official report after the deal is officially signed. During the first few years, Melvin Capital grew substantially. In 2017, Gabe successfully earned $300 million as the year’s total compensation. With such a massive profit, he was listed as one of the highest-paid hedge fund managers. Besides this, Plotkin spent around $44 million to buy a couple of properties and homes in Miami.

Gabe Plotkin Net Worth
Gabe Plotkin Assets

At the time when he began investing in sports, Gabe Plotkin Net Worth saw enormous growth. By 2020, his total compensation saw a hike of several million, eventually reaching $800 million. Sadly, he also lost $460 million during the short-selling downfall. One of the most tremendous financial losses that he ever faced was when Melvin Capital shut down and returned the cash to investors. During the short squeeze, Gabe’s company lost one billion in a day. However, prior to this, the firm managed assets amounting to $7.8 billion as of April 2022.

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