April 14, 2024
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Jennifer Love Hewitt Weight Gain: Actress’s Post-Pregnancy Struggle!

Jennifer Love Hewitt Weight Gain

Jennifer Love Hewitt Weight Gain: Leading a life of a celebrity is not an easy task. They are always surrounded by cameras and paparazzi, leading to gaining unexpected limelight. The situation is somewhat the same for Jennifer Love Hewitt. The American actress has gone through several ups and downs in her life. Her debut project as an actress was through Disney’s Kids Incorporated. However, she received her breakthrough from a teen drama titled Party Of Five, where she played the character of Sara Reeves Merrin. Jennifer was also nominated for Golden Globe Award in the category of best actress in a mini-series on television film. Currently, she is a hot topic because of her weight fluctuation. With a considerable change in her physique, the star is facing lots of criticism. Due to this, Jennifer Love Hewitt Weight Gain is a subject of discussion among the people. Here’s what we know!


The Party Of Five actress took a break of three years from acting and then joined 9-1-1. And since 2018, she has been playing Maddie Buckley in the Fox police procedural drama. Apart from her active participation in different series and films, Jennifer is a renowned singer as well. So far, she has released four studio albums. A few offer tracks have also made it to the Billboard 200 chart. On top of that, Hewitt has also served in the position of producer in some of her projects. Being a TV star, Jennifer also gets interviewed by several magazines frequently. She was listed as one of the world’s most beautiful women as well. In fact, the 44-year-old actress had recently shared a no-makeup selfie on Instagram, reflecting her age. There, she opened up about aging and expressed her emotions in the raw post.

Was Jennifer Love Hewitt Weight Gain Significant During 9-1-1?

Jennifer, while playing the character of Maddie in 9-1-1, was speculated to be pregnant in real and reel life. In 2021, she was pregnant with her third child and named him Aidan. At the same time, Maddie was also expecting a baby in the drama. Speaking about it in an interview with TV Line, Hewitt explained the incident as a pure coincidence. Initially, she did not realize her pregnancy while filming the drama. But then, the 9-1-1 star found herself pregnant in real. She later gave birth to Aiden James in September 2021. Therefore there was little change in her physique as compared to her original figure. Though it was a natural change in her body, it still sparked several rumors regarding Jennifer Love Hewitt weight gain.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Weight Gain
Jennifer Love Hewitt

Even post-pregnancy people were coming up with the same question repeatedly. In the drama, Maddie was focused on postmortem depression and its treatment. This helped Jennifer to take care of her mental health in reality. She continued to tackle depression, and her mental health gradually improved. Nevertheless, for those who are already speculating Hewitt to be pregnant with another child, it is not true.

How Did Jennifer Love Hewitt Lose Weight?

During the birth of her second daughter, Autumn, Jennifer Love Hewitt Weight Gain became a hot topic. However, following her post-pregnancy, she started working on herself by exercising in the morning. The actress began doing squats and, at the same time, embraced her motherhood. She revealed that losing weight after pregnancy was never an easy task for her.

There was a time when netizens trolled her bulky waist. On top of that, Jennifer was often compared with other actresses who went back to normal quickly after their pregnancy period. Speaking upon the matter, Love Hewitt said that her focus was entirely on her child, and there was no rush to lose the extra pounds that she had gained. The 9-1-1’s Maddie loved being a mother and tried to keep negative comments and criticism away concerning her body weight.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Weight Gain
Jennifer Love Hewitt

Still, her weight slightly affected her career. The 44-year-old actress struggled to get back to work, as there was no better opportunity for her. However, she managed to play a role in ‘Criminal Minds.’ During the filming, Jennifer was not slim, so she was a bit anxious about her weight.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Weight Gain Journey

Most of the time, when fans spotted her with a bulky figure, they wondered about Jennifer Love Hewitt weight gain and how she ended up with such a figure. But this change in her figure has nothing to do with her diet. She rarely gave up on her exercise plan and dieting routine. Primarily, the star gained weight naturally during her pregnancy. Despite her attempts and struggle, social media users have slammed her several times instead of supporting her in her weight loss journey.

Other than this, it was in 2007 when Jennifer Love Hewitt Weight Gain was widely addressed for the first time. The American actress shared a few pictures from Hawaii that showed a bit of fluctuation in her weight. Though the bikini pictures claimed that she gained a few extra pounds, Jennifer never looked stressed about it. In 2008 she worked out with a personal trainer, which resulted in a 14-pound weight loss. Hence, her body weight has gone through several ups and downs, especially because of motherhood.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Weight Gain
Jennifer Love Hewitt in Hawaii

Despite everything, Jennifer Love Hewitt Weight Gain is still a concerning topic among her fans. But the actress has a different attitude towards her weight gain and the criticism she faces. The celebrity has often expressed her disappointment with the media’s obsession with zero figures. She explained that being size two does not make one look fat. On the other hand, concluding her statement, Hewitt said that zero figure is not necessarily about being beautiful.

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