May 27, 2024
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Grantchester Season 8: Release Date Out! Tom Brittney Shares Update

Grantchester Season 8

When talking about period drama, the first thing that clicks our minds is war and battles filled with bloodshed. But Grantchester has changed the perspective to a great extent. Although the series is set in the 1950s, it is more of a mystery drama. It has continued its legacy for seven seasons and has not failed to deliver the required thrill a detective series should appeal to its audience. The show debuted on ITV, and currently, it is in the headlines because of new episodes on their way to premiere soon. In addition to this, Tom Brittney has revealed a major update on Grantchester Season 8. Let us dig into the details!


Based on the short stories collection, The Grantchester Mysteries, written by James Runcie, the TV series is developed by Daisy Coulam. Moreover, the show has gained much attention globally for its ensemble cast. Talking about its story, Grantchester revolves around the investigation process carried out by Sidney Chambers. He is accompanied by other officials, Will Davenport and Detective Inspector Geordie Keating. The three work together to solve the crime mysteries prevailing in the city. Each season has a different story as it adapts a different short story every time. Featuring the countryside area of 1950s England, steal the limelight of the series.

Will There Ever Be Grantchester Season 8?

The debut installment of Grantchester was released on October 6, 2014, and ran till November 11, 2014. Soon after it finished airing, the show was picked up for another season that landed on ITV in 2016, and the trend continued till 2022, when the seventh chapter premiered on March 11, the same year. Interestingly, back then, it was announced that season 4 would bid farewell to James Norton as he no longer served as the lead character.

Grantchester Season 8
Grantchester, ITV

As far as Grantchester Season 8 is concerned, the makers have already announced the renewal back in August 2022. ITV restored the show for its eighth installment, with Al Weaver being the director. Surprisingly, it will be the start of his career as a director. He is known for playing the role of Leonard Ernest Finch from the beginning. Nevertheless, the filming began months ago, and the forthcoming season could have entered the post-production stage already. On the other hand, Grantchester star Tom Brittney took to social media to announce an important update about the series. The actor posted several photographs from the series and captioned it by revealing the release date.

Besides this, the viewership level has significantly decreased over the years. The initial batch of episodes was watched by almost 6.63 million people on average, while the latest chapter managed to reach only 4.17 million viewers, approximately. Therefore, a couple of media reports suggest that Grantchester Season 8 might continue to see a downfall reducing the ch ances of future seasons. Hence, the statistics need an increment to avoid an abrupt cancelation.

What Will Happen Next In Grantchester Season 8?

Will and Geordie had to solve a new crime that involved a murder case. Meanwhile, Leonard was worried about his cafe and delved into the moral dilemma. Earlier, he decided to run his cafe and continue the business, but then, he was unable to dedicate his time to it. Leonard was seen more in the alley, where he helped needy people. On the other hand, Daniel was equally responsible for running the cafe, and Leonard felt sad as he thought about the huge investment Mrs. C and Jack had made in the business. Besides this, the former had cancer and decided to undergo proper treatment, but she was scared about the surgery. Despite Will on her side, she had lost faith in God and remained unconvinced.

Grantchester Season 8
Grantchester, ITV

In contrast to these circumstances, Geordie is troubled by a note she discovers while examining the personal things of the killed man. She was confused as the note had the same phrase that she had noticed on one of the walls of Professor Larson’s. To know the truth, Geordie visited her office but was surprised to see her lying o the floor. The professor was attacked badly. And upon asking, she revealed that it was Jim who barged in and created the whole scenario. Moreover, the climax shows Will and Bonnie marrying each other.

In the upcoming season, the detectives will continue to investigate different murder mysteries and confront unfamiliar situations. Apart from it, Grantchester Season 8 can explore the relationship between Will and Bonnie. The creator has promised more adventures and thrill, as always.

Which Actors Will Return In The Next Season?

Grantchester Season 8
Grantchester, ITV

Robson Green will return to reprise her role of Geordie Keating. And Tom Brittney is bound to appear on the screens as Reverend William Davenport. In addition to them, Al Weaver as Leonard Finch and Kacey Ainsworth as Cathy Keating have joined the cast of Grantchester Season 8. Nick Brimble, Oliver Dimsdale, and Tessa Peake-Jones will be seen playing the role of Jack Chapman, Daniel Marlowe, and Mrs. Sylvia Chapman, respectively. Besides this, some of the guest stars that will be appearing in the upcoming season are Shaun Dingwall, Jeff Rawle, and Jemima Rooper.

Grantchester Season 8: Release Date

Tom Brittney has shared some snaps and revealed that the first episode of Grantchester Season 8 will be released on July 9, 2023, on PBS. However, the post did not reveal the release date for ITV. And hence, fans will have to wait a bit longer for it to be out. Reacting to the post, fans commented that they could not wait for the team to announce the UK air date.

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