May 27, 2024
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Dr. Romantic Season 4: Star Drops Exclusive Hint About Potential Sequel!

Dr Romantic Season 4

Dr. Romantic Season 4: The third season of the medical drama wrapped itself up with the team reuniting in the final scenes. Apart from the reunion, what was more interesting was the easter eggs that had apparently hinted at the return of Dr. Romantic. Woo-jin and Eun-Jae start dating each other officially by the final episode, and their relationship is no longer behind the curtains. While they spent some time together, Dong-hwa was revealed to be Hyung-Ju’s brother. Moreover, the last episode saw the return of Yoon Seo-Jung. On top of that, the ending has also left the door open for future seasons.


With that in mind, fans are already expecting Dr. Romantic Season 4 to return. No doubt, they are unable to get over the performance of Han Sun-Kyu, Ahn Hyo-Seop, and Lee Sung-Kyung. In addition to this, the medical melodrama has received mostly positive reviews every time it returned to the screens. So will it return to answer all the questions that have been left unexplored? Let’s see!

Set three years after the second season, the third installment debuted in April 2023. Having a great team of directors and writers, the series has won several accolades. As already mentioned, so far, it has sparked three seasons. Interestingly, a few characters remained the same throughout the seasons. Even though it ran for 52 episodes, the show has not lost its original spark. This is why Dr. Romantic is considered one of the best medical Korean dramas. Although it premiered originally on SBS, the drama is also available on other platforms, including Viki, Viu, and Disney Plus. Well, it is quite possible for the fans to have a special episode in the third season, thereby continuing the pattern.

Is There Any Chance Of Dr. Romantic Season 4? What Is The Current Status?

Dr Romantic Season 4
SBS, Disney+

The 16-episode-long season 3 of Dr. Romantic had its pilot episode on April 28, 2023. It wrapped up the story a few days ago. However, the first two installments were accompanied by a special episode too. Hence, fans are expecting a special chapter to be released by the makers soon to clarify the cliffhanger. Talking about Dr. Romantic Season 4, it remains unannounced at this moment. As of now, it has neither been canceled nor renewed by the makers. Hence, the future of the series is yet to be explored.

Coming to the current status, production for the fourth installment has not been started yet. As far as the probability of its return is concerned, it possesses a high chance of being back on the screens. As far as the viewership is concerned, it has touched the skies ever since it debuted. Also, the scale has witnessed a 27% hike in viewership. Thus, the critical reception is extremely favorable for the development of Dr. Romantic Season 4. The storyline has also been praised for its captivating elements, and the cast’s performance has almost melted the hearts of fans. Hence, we are expecting a confirmed renewal statement in the upcoming months.

Ah Reum Actress Hints At Return

Dr Romantic Season 4
SBS, Disney+

While speaking to Xports News, So Joo Yeon, who played Ah Reum, teased the possibility of Dr. Romantic Season 4. She stated that if the show returns with the fourth season, then she will consider starring in the drama. However, the drama is currently at the point where they are not allowed to discuss anything with each other, so she has to stay cautious with her words. While Joo Yeon didn’t tease much about the fourth season, her words hint at the possibility of a future installment.

Dr. Romantic Season 3: Ending Explained!

The final episode began with an alarming situation where the hospital was being evacuated. The entire team of doctors helped the patients and the other individuals to shift them to a safer place. Park Eun-Tak was helping in the evacuation while there were no signs of Master Kim. To find him, Nurse Oh searched different floors and eventually found him in an operating room. As soon as the evacuation was successfully done, the government announced a warning in the entire city.

When the hospital was almost empty, an emergency showed up. Assemblywoman Ko’s family members were badly injured because of the forest fire. So, she arrived with her injured acquaintances, and the team of doctors began operating on them with no delay. On the other hand, Nurse Eun Tak had a hard time. He was worried about Ah-reum, and they ended up kissing each other, confirming reconciliation.

Dr Romantic Season 4
SBS, Disney+

In the final moments, the government announced a compensation fund for the Doldam trauma center. Listening to this, Dr. Min-Guk was happy and shared the news with Kim Sa-bu. The closing scene of the finale then zoomed at the initials, Yoon Seo-Jung. She is probably back to join the team again in Dr. Romantic Season 4.

Which Actors Will return In the next season?

The cast of Dr. Romantic Season 4 will definitely have Han Suk-kyu as Kim Sa-bu. Yoo Yeon-Seok will be seen playing the character of Kang Dong-Joo, while Seo Hyun-jin is expected to return as Yoon Seo-Jung. In addition to them, Lee Sung-Kyung, Ahn Hyo-Seop, and Kim Joo-Hun will join the cast of season 4 as Cha Eun-Jae, Seo Woo-Jin, and Park Min-Gook, respectively. The other actors who are likely to be back in their respective roles are Kim Min-Jae, So Joo-Yeon, and many others. Besides this, the chances for new faces to be featured in future installments are thin. More details on the cast will be out after an official announcement.

Dr. Romantic Season 4
Dr. Romantic, SBS

Dr. Romantic Season 4: Release Date

If looked at the release pattern closely, Dr. Romantic has followed a gap of three years and even more in between its different seasons. Although the latest chapter ended in June 2023, the makers will take time to come up with an official announcement. So, we expect Dr. Romantic Season 4 to drop sometime in 2025. It might be pushed ahead to 2026, too, as the production has yet to start. When released, it will be available on Disney Plus

and other platforms, including the original streaming service SBS.

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