June 14, 2024
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Niki Lauda Net Worth: How Rich Was The Former F1 Legend?

Niki Lauda Net Worth

Niki Lauda Net Worth: Before Hamilton vs. Alonso or Vettel vs. Webber, F1 fans were crazy over Hunt Vs. Lauda, as it was the most iconic rivalry in Formula One in the 70s. Niki Lauda was the biggest name in F1, not only because of his exceptional skills but also because of his remarkable personality. Sadly, the legendary driver passed away in 2019. But his fans always wonder how much wealth he left behind that led to a huge lawsuit against him after his death. So, let’s discuss Niki Lauda net worth at the time of his death. And what made his widow sue his firm?



Niki Lauda entered the world of motorsport, overcoming his strict family’s opposition. He participated in both F1 and F2 racing in March 1972. On the F1 squad, however, there was hardly any achievement, but he kept going strong in F2. He joined the Italian Giants after hopping about in a few cockpits. His big break came in 1974, when Enzo Ferrari, the owner of the ‘Ferrari squad, took an interest in him. Ferrari then signed Lauda immediately and gave him a signing bonus sufficient to pay off his obligations. On the team, he did a commendable job. 

Niki made his track debut in the “Italian Grand Prix” while recovering from his catastrophic accident in August 1976. He finished in fourth place with a unique “AVG” crash helmet. His relationship with Ferrari, though, was deteriorating over time. By the end of 1977, he had finally made up his mind not to have his Ferrari contract renewed. However, Niki Lauda Net Worth was still enough to fulfill his needs.

Niki Lauda Net Worth
Niki Lauda

In 1978, he joined Brabham and earned a $1 million salary, although he only won three races. He won his third World Championship medal in 1984. Niki experienced various new ailments and health problems in 1985. He then requested to retire from the squad finally. Lauda then served as a consultant for his former squad Ferrari in 1993. He later changed sides and joined club Jaguar as their team manager, which boosted Niki Lauda Net Worth.

Lauda also had a commercial pilot’s license and started the airline “Niki” in 2003. He frequently flew as the airline’s captain for this new venture. In 2012, Lauda accepted a non-executive chairman position at Mercedes. He was instrumental in getting Lewis Hamilton to join the squad and race. Niki, meanwhile, won 25 races over his 177-race racing career. Furthermore, with a career point total of 420.5, he achieved 24 pole positions and the fastest laps. After that, he earned 54 podium positions.

Niki’s Investments

Well, Niki had a private airline in 1979 called Lauda Air. However, in 1999, he sold it to Austrian Airlines and founded another airline, “Niki,” in 2003. But the airline was later got merged with Air Berlin in 2011. After five years, Niki returned and took over a charter air company named Amira Air, and he later renamed it LaudaMotion. Apart from this, Niki also made his appearance on several big events and TV. He even earned a colossal amount by just guest appearing on the shows, which increased Niki Lauda net worth.

Niki Lauda Net Worth
Niki Lauda And James Hunt

In fact, he did a cameo at the end of “Rush,” the 2013 film based on his and James Hunt‘s biggest 1976 F1 battle ever. Niki was also featured in a Mayday episode where he earned significantly. The F1 legend also owned Mercedes-AMG GT S, Mercedes G-Class, Land Rover Defender, and Mercedes GLE Coupe. While the remaining endorsement remained under wrap, Niki had a secret fortune worth 445 million euros. Thus it made him the wealthiest F1 racer of all time, boosting Niki Lauda net worth.

Secret Fortune

After his death, the German magazine Bunte revealed that Niki’s entire estate and will were tied up in a private foundation model, which he drafted in 1997 at a Viennese notary. At that time, the racing legend decided that his entire wealth would go to his ex-wife Marlene Knaus and their two children, Mathias and Lukas. But later, he changed his will twice. As per the recent will, a part of his wealth would go to his second wife Birgit and their twins Mia and Max, along with his sons from the previous marriage. Even though he left his huge wealth for Birgit and his four children, a significant sum would be given to his wife Marlene and illegitimate son Christoph.

Niki Lauda Net Worth
Niki Lauda

But if all direct heirs die, the remaining money would go to the Museum of Art History in Vienna. Well, no doubt, Niki Lauda net worth was huge. But it led to a huge conflict among his family as recently his widow Birgit sued his foundation for 30 million euros. Birgit was open to dispute despite getting a huge lumpsum after his death. A family friend told the Austrian newspaper Kurier that Birgit started all the proceedings while the rest of the family completely respected the late legend’s decision. But after her action, they were ready to defend it in court.

Niki Lauda Net Worth!

Niki Lauda was one of the most iconic F1 drivers of his time. After retiring from his motorsport racing career, Lauda ventured into other professions. At the time of his death in 2019, Niki Lauda net worth was around 200 Million USD. His racing salary was a major contributor to his wealth. Also, Lauda was the Chairman of the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team

in the later days of his career. Moreover, Niki also made huge money from his Airline company called, Lauda Air. 

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