May 20, 2024
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Tyra Banks Weight Gain: DWTS Host Opens Up About Her Relationship With Food!

Tyra Banks Weight Gain

Tyra Banks Weight Gain: Being a model is not an easy task when people all around expect you to be under the ideal fashion industry guidelines and expectations. However, a few personalities have come out bold and proved them wrong. One such American model and actress is Tyra Banks. She is highly active in a couple of TV shows and in the modeling industry. But the celebrity gained significant prominence after being cast in “Dancing With The Stars” as a host. She has been on the show for about three seasons, but we are doubtful whether Banks will appear in the next season.


While she has a huge fan following and a great career, the model’s plus size concern has made her a hot topic lately. In fact, a major population is curious about Tyra Banks Weight Gain journey and the reason behind it. Addressing the matter, Tyra has confessed several shocking revelations. Here’s a detailed report on her weight gain!

Tyra Banks Career Breakthrough!

Born on December 4, 1973, in California, the model/actress starred in the sitcom titled The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air. She made her acting debut with the 2006 release Higher Learning. Although the 49-year-old landed in various roles, Tyra gained her breakthrough from Disney’s Life-Size and David McNally’s Coyote Ugly. It would be a little surprising, but she had also marked her presence in Gossip Girl.

Tyra Banks Weight Gain
Tyra Banks

But the artist made history as she created one of the longest-running reality TV series, America’s Next Top Model. Tyra Banks not only served as the executive producer there but also hosted many seasons. Unfortunately, it was canceled in 2015, but thankfully, a revival was announced in 2016. Besides, Tyra is also known for hosting America’s Got Talent Season 12 and further went to the stage of Dancing With The Stars in the 29th season. And now her recent look is going round in circles as people are concerned about Tyra Banks Weight Gain. That again made her the most trending subject on the internet, boosting her popularity.

Why Did Tyra Banks Exit Dancing With The Stars?

Also popular by the name BanX, Tyra Banks kicked off her career as a model. But her last few ventures have established her as a successful host. She is one of the highest-paid models in the industry. And after joining as the host of DWTS, Tyra received a new identity. The celebrity remained the host for about three seasons. However, in March 2023, she announced her exit from the show. The makers then signed Alfonso Ribeiro as the main host, while Julianne Hough came on board as the co-host.

Tyra Banks Weight Gain
Tyra Banks

When asked the reason behind saying goodbye to Dancing With The Stars, the TV personality mentioned her business priorities. Banks said that she was going to handle her entrepreneurship. Besides this, BanX decided to shift her focus from the dance floor to the stock market. She felt the need of the time to leave the dance stage to produce other new TV shows. Apart from them, the California born revealed a few shocking aspects of being a host. Banks mentioned how things were put on her as a host. She was asked to repeat the same set of words and talked about the dark side of being a host.

Tyra Banks Weight Gain: The Star Gained 25 Pounds Since 2019!

The American model has been listed as one of the most influential models by Time magazine. Not only this, Tyra has made herself a prominent personality in the modeling and acting industry. With such factors, people expect her to maintain an ideal figure and body weight. She is often expected to fit into the so-called perfect norms. Despite that, she has put on a considerable amount of weight, creating chaos among her fans, who seem worried about Tyra Banks Weight Gain. However, recently, the supermodel shared how her body transformed after being photographed for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue in 2019.

Tyra Banks Weight Gain
Tyra Banks In Dancing With The Stars

The 49-year-old recently shared her daily food intake routine with Harper’s Bazaar. Tyra said that she possesses an interesting connection with food. Opening up more about her weight gain, Banks revealed that she had gained around 25 pounds since 2019. America’s Next Top Model host confessed how she used to order food from two different restaurants to compare them accordingly. Though certain social media users and her haters have trolled her for plus size, the TV personality is not worried about it.

Tyra Banks Weight Gain: Supermodel Addresses The Rumors

In recent times, the internet has been brimming with Tyra Banks Weight Gain rumors and other reports. Talking about the same to People Magazine, she said people insulting and calling her body ballooned up has been hurtful over the years. Her body weight has undergone fluctuations many a time since she retired from modeling. Initially, Tyra was frustrated when her jeans no longer fit her.

But as days passed by, Dancing With the Stars host Tyra did not fret over her weight and curvy looks. In an interview with a media outlet, the model clarified that she wouldn’t be changing her lifestyle to fit into someone’s expectations. The hard-core foodie insisted that she had no issue with her weight gain. So, she has already decided to follow the same diet and continue to enjoy eating, irrespective of what others have to say about Tyra Banks Weight Gain.

Tyra Banks Weight Gain
Tyra Banks

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment Tonight, Banks said that over the years, she felt the need to stand up for herself. The supermodel felt a responsibility to stand against the negative criticism and those who bullied her for weight gain. Lately, Tyra Banks is enjoying her time. She has lost all the stress and does not fret over a bulky figure. The actress is delighted to have her favorite delicious food without being concerned! This is all for now. Keep coming back to TECH RADAR 247 for more such interesting facts!

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