April 17, 2024
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Hunter Hayes Weight Gain: Singer Opens About Mental Health Importance!

Hunter Hayes Weight Gain

Hunter Hayes Weight Gain: It is normal to witness talented artists playing various instruments on the stage in a band. But what if we tell you that an individual can play more than thirty instruments? Indeed! We are talking about Hunter Easton Hayes. The American singer has not restricted himself to a particular category and is identified as a multi-genre singer and songwriter. The young personality has already sold millions of copies of his creations. He is known to have contributed prominently to the music field. In fact, his work has also been nominated for the Grammy Awards five times. Despite earning a massive level of success, the artist is still living a decent life. While his fans have always shown curiosity about his personal life, Hunter Hayes Weight Gain is another concern that has been going rounds on social media. Here’s the full story behind it!


Hunter was born in Louisiana on September 9, 1991. His childhood was very different from that of others, as he began performing when Hayes was only two. At 4, the celebrity was seen in a few shows broadcasted on national television. Interestingly he was also called to the White House to perform before President Bill Clinton. At a young age, he even released his own album titled ‘Through My Eyes.’ Although Hayes was active throughout the years, he rose to huge prominence after he released ‘Wanted.’ The single track remained at the top spot for a long time. Moreover, the songwriter was also made the leader of the Country Music Youth Revolution in 2014 because of his commercial success and talent.

Is Hunter Hayes Dating Anyone? Who Is His Girlfriend?

It has been a long time since singer Hunter Hayes has been in the media spotlight. Be it his newly released albums or single tracks, the American celebrity has gained huge success in his career. But when it comes to his personal life, Hayes has kept it under wraps. This is why only fewer details are available so far. However, back in 2014, he made a public appearance with a fellow musician named Libby Barnes. Both of them attended CMA together, and since then, fans have speculated them to be a couple.

Hunter Hayes Weight Gain
Hunter Hayes Weight Gain

However, later, it was reported that Hunter and Libby broke up in 2018. An exact reason for their split was not stated. But fans speculated work complications to be one of the reasons. Since then, the American singer has not pursued any serious relationships. On top of that, his name was not linked to any other woman as well. In fact, in 2021, the Grammy Award-nominated singer appeared for iHeart Country. There, he confessed to not being on dating apps and was still single.

Hunter Hayes Weight Gain: The Artist Struggled With Mental Health Issues!

In recent times, Hunter Hayes has been appointed as the new official ambassador of One Mind. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to mental health. Following his appointment, the singer shared his experiences with mental health and stress. The country singer did not only face tough times during the COVID-19 pandemic, but there also existed a few significant life changes. He sat down to talk exclusively to ET Online and opened up about his regrets. He mentioned not listening to his own instinct as the biggest mistake. Besides this, Hunter’s limited beliefs restricted him and his actions.

Hunter Hayes Weight Gain
Hunter Hayes Weight Gain

Many a time, celebrities depend upon antidepressants and other pills to win over stress. But Hunter Hayes never admitted to taking any sort of pills or medications. In contrast, he fought his battle positively and also realized the importance of mental health. However, the mental health issues led to Hunter Hayes weight gain. Even during the interview, Hunter also discussed the songs that narrated his journey. But now, the multi-instrumentalist has allowed his mind to believe in himself and to push boundaries.

Hunter Hayes Weight Gain: Did The Singer Suffer Any Serious Illness?

It is common to hear incidents associated with any serious illness resulting in unexpected weight gain. But the case is a bit different for Hunter Hayes. Although Hunter Hayes Weight Gain remains a concern, it has nothing to do with some serious physical health issues. In the past few years, he faced serious mental health issues, leading to taking a break from his career. As per the star, the continuous and constant media limelight and popularity caused stress and anxiety. Day by day, his mental health began degrading, and this was when people started stating their own theories and misconceptions about his life. Not only this, but Hunter Hayes also had a tough time, even though he enjoyed great success.

Hunter Hayes Weight Gain
Hunter Hayes Weight Gain

Talking specifically about Hunter Hayes Weight Gain, We did not find any medical illness to be the primary reason behind it. But it appears that the singer might have started neglecting his exercise plan because of stress. Undoubtedly he has gained a considerable amount, but Hayes looks absolutely healthy. Nevertheless, Hunter never made any comments on his weight gain journey. Hence, most of the aspects related to it are just random speculations. Fortunately, Hayes

is healthy and doing well in his career. Stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247 for more details on your favorite stars and celebrities!

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