June 16, 2024
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American Born Chinese Season 2: Stars Hints At A Possible Sequel!

American Born Chinese Season 2

American Born Chinese Season 2: The finale episode, where the battle raised several questions, has finally come to an end. American Born Chinese wrapped up on such a note that it has left the fans in perplexion. While Wei-chan succeeded in discovering the Fourth Scroll, he also helped his father at the same time. Things took a different turn when an unexpected revelation appeared before them. Jin was the Fourth Scroll who was capable of inhibiting the impact of a huge explosion that could have hampered both heaven and earth. Well, the action-comedy drama is a Disney original series that is said to have inculcated all the captivating elements. It has already delivered a big splash on the screens. But will it return with American Born Chinese Season 2? Here’s everything about the potential second season that you all must know!


Created by Kelvin Yu, American Born Chinese is based on a graphic novel of the same name. By ably combining action-comedy and coming-of-age elements, Gene Luan Yang has incorporated a few Chinese tales as well. The eight-episode-long pilot season premiered in May 2023 on Disney Plus. Being called one of the best deliveries on the platform, American Born Chinese also features Oscar-winning actors Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan. Talking about the core plot, the story follows protagonist Jin-Wang who struggles to adjust with his fellow mates. He is pushed to participate in a fight between Chinese mythological figures after Wang reveals his identity. The series also delves into parenting, peer pressure, and other personal life aspects. Besides this, the swift switch from 16th-century China to the present day and vice-versa is quite deft.

What Is The Current Status Of American Born Chinese Season 2? Is It Happening?

Neither the makers nor the Disney officials have announced anything regarding renewal or cancellation of the series. As of now, American Born Chinese Season 2 is not in production, as its status has not been confirmed. Well, it has only been a few days since the debut installment aired, so fans should not fret about it. In addition to this, a few media reports claim that it is way too early for Disney to announce its future plan for the drama series. Even if the story adapts the graphic novel to its highest point, American Born Chinese has the potential to run for a few more seasons. This implies that the creative team is expected to has already prepared the future storyline!

American Born Chinese Season 2
Disney Plus

On the other hand, the positive critical reception can be considered an optimistic tool to consider a renewal. On top of that, the final battle has yet to have a complete conclusion. Hence, the probability for the action drama to return is high. While discussing the sophomore installment, actor Yeo Yann Yann has also hinted at a possible sequel. She played the character of Christine and said that the plot definitely has room for future exploration. In fact, Daniel Wu who played Monkey King has teased the chances of season 2 and the possible storyline. So, all we need to do is wait for the network to analyze the ratings and other records more closely.

What Will Happen Next In American Born Chinese Season 2?

In the last episodes, fans had their excitement at its peak. Jin received a message from Guanyin that informed him about the approaching plan of Bull Demon. He had to tackle the situation, which had the power to destroy both heaven and earth. Hence, to stop the attack, Jin sought Anuj’s help to locate Wei-Chen. Surprisingly, they discovered him in his true monkey form. Later on, Jin and the others in his team realized that Demon’s strategy had much resemblance to his manga. So, while planning to nullify Bull’s intentions, they decided to activate the staff’s magic.

American Born Chinese Season 2
Disney Plus

In contrast to them, Simon and Christine were desperately looking for the pendant. During their search, the pair found Sun Wukong, who was later on incorporated with good health by them. Meanwhile, Jin had an encounter with Amelia, where both confessed their love. But later, Jin, Wei-Chen, and Sun Wukong fought against each other, and that was when Jin realized that he was the Fourth Scroll. Lastly, Chen said goodbye to Jin and returned to his home. But he was shocked to find his parents missing. The season ended with Princess Iron Fan claiming to make his parents return if he agreed to accompany her.

As far as the plot of American Born Chinese Season 2 is concerned, the story is likely to continue from the ending point of the finale. At the moment, the makers have no dearth of the source material. Thus, more incidents from the graphic novel are bound to appear on the screens. Further, Daniel revealed that the second season would explore Jin’s arc and how he ended becoming the Fourth Scroll. He also added that the next run would focus on the jade pendants and its legacy.

Who Are Expected To Return In The Next Season?

American Born Chinese Season 2 will definitely have Ben Wang in the role of Jin Wang, the protagonist. Actress Yeo Yann Yann is also expected to return as Christine Wang. Apart from these two, Ke Huy Quan, Chin Han, and Jimmy Liu are likely to return as Jamie Yao, Simon Wang, and Wei-Chen, respectively. In addition to them, Daniel Wu as Sun Wukong, Sydney Taylor as Amelia, and Michelle Yeoh as Guanyin, might join the cast as well.

American Born Chinese Season 2
Disney Plus

American Born Chinese Season 2: Release Date

A release date for the sophomore installment has not been revealed, as the American Born Chinese Season 2 announcement is still pending. Disney Plus will take some time to decide the series’ future; only then an apt detail will show up. Moreover, we expect it to drop around late 2024. Stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247 for more updates!

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