May 19, 2024
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Jason Momoa Weight Gain: Aquaman Actor Faces ‘Body Shame!’

Jason Momoa Weight Gain

Jason Momoa Weight Gain: While discussing DC extended universe, the first name that strikes our mind is probably, Jason Momoa. The American actor was highly rumored to enter the Indian cinema for intense action sequences. However, later on, it came out to be false, and fans’ expectations saw a sudden retardation. Besides this, the action superstar has landed into several prominent characters. Apart from playing Aquaman, Momoa is also a known figure in the Game of Thrones as Khal Drogo.


Besides his acting career, the actor remains in the headlines because of her handsome look and strong physique. Undoubtedly, he has a huge global fan following, especially among females. But currently, social media users have found their new target- Jason Momoa Weight Gain. The ‘Frontier’ star is being body shamed for the recent pictures from his vacation. Thus, his fans have been curious about how he put on such weight and the reason surrounding it. Here’s what we know!

Born on August 1, 1979, the Aquaman actor spent a few months in Hawaii. Following their parents’ divorce, he came to Iowa with his mother. He then received a graduate degree from Norwalk Hugh School and also pursued an interest in soccer. Further, Jason attended the University of Hawaii. Though he portrayed the character of Jason Loane in Baywatch Hawaii, Momoa rose to prominence after Conan The Barbarian. Interestingly, during the mid-2010s, he is said to have directed and co-written Road To Paloma. Nevertheless, the rock-climbing enthusiast is assumed to have been in a feud with Vin Diesel. Meanwhile, he is also suspected to be related to Dwayne Johnson, and people assume they share common family ties.

Are Dwayne Johnson And Jason Momoa Cousins?

Jason Momoa Weight Gain
Jason Momoa And Dwayne Johson

Before Jason Momoa Weight Gain rumors sparkled, fans doubted Dwayne and Jason were cousins. It is true that the WWE star and the Aquaman star come from the Samoan dynasty. Additionally, they also share a few common aspects concerning their career. But despite similar ethnic backgrounds, Jason Momoa and Dwayne Johnson are not related to each other. In addition to this, their families are not tied together with a common bond. Yet, both of them share a brotherly bond on-screen. Last year, Dwayne’s daughter, Tiana, delivered a special message for Jason to accept her message request. Not only this, but Tiana has also confessed to being Momoa’s fan. The Rock also requested him to send a birthday wish video for her, and he did it too. However, Dwayne Johnson referring to Jason as ‘brother’ in one of his posts is still a fan-favorite moment.

Is There Any Dispute Between Jason And Vin Diesel?

The Fast And Furious franchise has garnered a cult fan following over the years, thanks to the powerful performance of Vin Diesel. Throughout its run, the actor has apparently created a massive fanbase and has an exceptional identity. In the most recent installment, Fast X, Jason Momoa also signed the dotted lines and became a part of the official cast. Shockingly, fans assumed both actors had landed in a dispute as they were about to share the screens for such a big project. The feud was then addressed in one of the posts made by Vin Diesel.

Jason Momoa Weight Gain
Jason Momoa And Vin Diesel

The actor posted a photograph of himself with Jason Momoa in the same frame. He subtly addressed the online rumors and clarified that they were on good terms. Vin Diesel assured that the entire cast has ‘love’ among them, shutting down all the baseless rumors. Nevertheless, it is not the first time when Fast & Furious franchise suffered such a feud rumor. A few years before, the media focused on Dwayne Johnson’s open disapproval of Vin Diesel. But later on, the issue was settled, and the environment at the sets was again resumed positively. Since the sets of Fast and Furious had various popular personalities, it is obvious that we are to hear some brewing controversies or dispute rumors. Now let’s get back to Jason Momoa Weight Gain and how it all started.

Jason Momoa Weight Gain: The Actor Is Being Body-Shamed!

US Weekly recently posted Jason’s photograph from his vacation. His fans are surprised to see him in a different physique, and they have begun referring to the actor as ‘dad bod.’ Currently, Jason Momoa is on vacation mode and has taken a break from ‘Photoshop.’ Since fans have always seen him in six-packs, the American celebrity became a hot topic as soon as his weekend pictures went viral. His abs are all gone, and his belly fat is peeping out secretly. Hence, many netizens show their concern about Jason Momoa Weight Gain, and this has also resulted in body shaming. But despite such negative criticism and comments, the 43-year-old has not addressed the issue. To date, he has not made any statements related to the entire scenario.

Jason Momoa Weight Gain
Jason Momoa

But do you know Jason Momoa had to undergo a vigorous exercise regime to fit into the DC superhero’s role? Since Jason Momoa Weight Gain was trending all over the internet, his fans mentioned how the actor was trained strictly for Aquaman. His trainer made him climb the rock wall to bring the desired change to his physique. Not only this, but the Fast X star also practiced weight training and gained the required amount of weight. Post Aquaman’s release, equal importance was given to the recovery training session. The Baywatch Hawaii actor also consulted a professional masseur and physical therapist. This was the entire backstory of Jason Momoa Weight Gain journey!

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