May 30, 2024
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Trina Braxton Weight Gain: Singer Flaunts Her Curves At BET Award! Is She Pregnant?

Trina Braxton Weight Gain

The “Only Love” rapper Trina Braxton is known for her unique vocals and, of course, The Braxtons. But the star has recently been slammed for her appearance in BET Award 2023. Well, Trina and her fellow rappers made the night memorable with their remarkable performance. However, her look captured the audience’s attention, leaving them concerned about Trina Braxton weight gain. While many took to social media to share their concern, some believe Trina is expecting another child. It quickly sparkles Trina Braxton pregnancy rumors. But is the rapper pregnant with her third child? Well, plenty of speculations are surfacing on the internet, so instead of ruminating, let’s head straight to see what Trina has to say about all these rumors.



Born in Severn, Maryland, Trina Braxton was born in an artistic family. Her mother, Evelyn Jackson, was a former opera singer, while her father, Michael Conrad Braxton Sr., was a power company worker. Thus she had a knack for singing, and she used to sing in the church choir in her teenage years. While the 48-year-old was exploring her interest in music, she had her first big break in 1992 when she and her sisters formed The Braxtons, a music band. However, after losing two members, the group released their only album, “So Many Ways.”

Trina Braxton Weight Gain
Trina Braxton

But it took almost two decades for her sisters to reunite. The reunion was broadcasted on We TV as a reality show, Braxton Family Values. Soon the show hit the viewership charts and was renewed for two more seasons. Later Trina released her solo single, which gained a huge positive response from the fans. Not only did Braxton is famous for her music and acting career, but the star also has successful hair and bar companies. She and her Braxton sisters have created several brands and commercially successful business endeavors too.

Fans Show Concern For Trina Braxton Weight Gain

Trina recently appeared at the 2023 BET Awards, where the rapper Trick Daddy and Uncle Luke paid tribute to the 50 years of Hip Hop. All the stars, including The Sugarhill Gang, Big Daddy Kane, D-Nice, and MC Lyte, appeared to take the fans way back in time during the Culture Biggest Night. While the award ceremony was a blast, many fans were concerned about Trina Braxton weight gain. Well, the star showed off her highly curvy figure, which made her fans come up with several speculations. She was undoubtedly donning a red bodysuit with signature accessories.

Trina Braxton Weight Gain
Trina Braxton In BET Award 2023

However, her curvy figure drew fans’ attention. Shortly after the award ceremony broadcast, many took to social media to express their distress regarding Trina Braxton weight gain. While several people on social media body-shamed her, her loyal fans tried to defend the “Good Life” singer. Some of her fans shut the weight gain rumors by saying, “Let her live her life.” Well, the singer had been following a rigorous diet plan and had seen significant weight loss. But her recent appearance gave birth to several rumors. As of now, the rapper hasn’t opened up about her weight gain. However, many believed that her age was one of the factors behind this increase in pounds.

Is Trina Braxton Pregnant?

While Trina Braxton weight gain is trending over social media, some avid followers believe the singer is pregnant. Well, it isn’t the first time such rumors surfaced online. Back in 2011, Trina Braxton pregnancy rumors spread like wildfire. However, the singer shunned the rumors by saying she wasn’t pregnant at all. She said she was working her ass off in the gym to lose some pounds. She also denied the rumors of being pregnant and slammed the haters by saying she “loves her curves and doesn’t care what others say about her.”

Trina Braxton Weight Gain
Trina Braxton

While she cleared the air in 2011, Trina Braxton pregnant rumors are again hitting the internet. Many speculated that the singer was pregnant after watching her BET Award 2023 performance. They believe this is why she has gained some extra pounds. While the singer has yet to address the rumors, her loyal fans defended her. Many claim that the “Million Dollar Girl” rapper isn’t pregnant; instead, the belly fat is because of Trina Braxton weight gain. However, they believe she doesn’t need any diet pills to lose some pounds. They ask the other followers to support the artist irrespective of her appearance.

Rapper Opened Up About Her Three Miscarriages

Although the singer is known for keeping her life private, she has recently opened up about her three miscarriages. Earlier this year, Trina appeared on Caresha Please, where she discussed her experience with pregnancy. She said she was quite young when she faced the first miscarriage. So she had no clue about what was happening to her body and did not know about the miscarriage. However, the third miscarriage changed everything. Still, she is happy to have her two sons, Eric Mojica and Caleb Mojica, in her life.

Trina Braxton Weight Loss Journey

Trina Braxton Weight Gain
Trina Braxton

Well, weight is always a matter of concern for Trina Braxton. The reality TV actress has talked about her weight gain quite often in the past. Back in 2014, she revealed that she had gained 40 pounds. She went from 135 to 170 pounds. While Trina Braxton weight gain made things a bit complicated for her, the star decided to shed some pounds. Eventually, she lost 24 pounds. Trina proudly revealed that she was 146 pounds and was eager to lose ten more.

Soon after the news, fans were curious about Trina Braxton weight loss journey. Many were inspired by her weight loss and wanted to learn more about how she made it possible. But the TV personality revealed that it was challenging to follow a proper routine when she had two teenagers to look after. Thus instead of hitting the gym, the star followed some cardio exercises at home. While Trina Braxton weight loss journey made huge headlines, the star has again put on some weight that has become a major concern for her fans.

This is all about Trina Braxton weight gain. What do you think is Trina pregnant with another child? Comment down your thoughts below. Till then, stay tuned with TechRadar247 for more such updates.

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