May 21, 2024
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Leverage Redemption Season 3: Reason Why Feevee Should Return With A Sequel!

Leverage Redemption Season 3

After watching the second season of Leverage Redemption, fans are interested to know the fate of the series. Well, the reboot of TNT’s Leverage has earned massive recognition over the years. Now everyone is looking forward to Leverage Redemption Season 3. But is it happening? Well, the show left several cliffhangers in every character’s life. Thus it’s quite important to see whether it will return as fans are impatient to unearth the mystery behind Sophie Devereaux’s family and not to mention Alec Hardison. Will they return? Keep reading to learn about them.


Created by Chris Downey and John Rogers, Leverage Redemption follows the story of Sophie Devereaux, who reunited with her former crew a year after her husband Nate Ford’s death. The team focuses on its way to opening a new Leverage Consulting office. During the process, they meet Harry Wilson. But he has been searching for redemption after being a crooked lawyer for years. Throughout the first two seasons, the show focuses on several cases where the team works to provide justice to the people against the rich criminals.

Is Leverage Redemption Season 3 Renewed?

Leverage Redemption debuted in July 2021, and fans undoubtedly loved the show. It gained huge appreciation for its unique storyline and cast performance. However, Amazon Freevee has yet to renew the series for its third run. Well, the show has just wrapped up earlier this year. So it’s quite early to come up with an official announcement. But the good thing here is the series hasn’t been canceled yet. So the chances of Leverage Redemption Season 3 returning are pretty high.

Leverage Redemption Season 3
Amazon Freevee

Well, the show initially debuted on IMDb TV, which was later rebranded as Amazon Freevee. While many people know the streaming platform, Freevee is still quite new. Thus, whether the streaming platform will return with the third season remains unclear. This is because the budget it takes to move the show forward will depend on the watcher list and viewership it has received. However, the show’s incredible performance hints that the chances of Leverage Redemption Season 3 are high.

It gained a strong 8.2 stars on IMDb, while on Rotten Tomatoes, the show reached an incredible height by breaking all the records. Despite being on Freevee, it earned a 93% acclamation from the audience as well as critics. As for Amazon Freevee, the streaming platform is quite new, and most shows aren’t getting greenlit in advance of the season finale. So it is unlikely to happen with Leverage Redemption. Hence it will take almost a couple of more months to return with an official announcement.

Boss Hints At Potential Leverage Redemption Season 3

No doubt, the second season finale opened the door for Leverage Redemption Season 3. In the finale, Alec Hardison’s videos from the space station showed up, where he asked for help from the group. He stated that the people who sent him there forgot about him, and he was now trapped there. So he asked them to help him land on Earth. However, the episode ended on a vague note where nobody was interested in helping him. But the series EP Dean Devlin told TV Insider that they would love to explore this arc in the next run.

Leverage Redemption Season 3
Amazon Freevee

He said the finale could lay the groundwork for Leverage Redemption Season 3, and it would be pretty interesting to see how things would move. But there’s a catch. Dean revealed that Aldis Hodge, who played Alec, is one of the finest and hardest-working people in the show business. So the possibility of the third season depends on his availability. If the timing matches and they can physically get him on the show, they will return with another season. But now the chances of the third season are more in Aldis’ hands.

Why The Show Deserves A Season 3?

Well, Leverage: Redemption has proved its worth with its incredible performance of dynamic characters and, of course, exciting heists, turning out as a successful successor of the original series. Further, the jaw-dropping conclusion of the second season saw the return of old foes. It also focused on getting even with Sophie Devereaux. Her former mentor, Ramsey, was working on something that could create chaos in her life. He was planning to frame her for the crime she didn’t commit.

This was because he wanted to humiliate her. The second season also brought her former stepdaughter Astrid to the screen by adding more tension to her life. While the finale left on a cliffhanger, it showed Astrid arresting Sophie, as per her bigger plan. But soon, the scene cuts to the mother-daughter reconciliation. But it didn’t reveal how it happened. Thus, returning with Leverage Redemption Season 3 is crucial to answering all the loose ends. So if it returns, it will ultimately explain this twisted relationship.

Chances Of Leverage Redemption Season 3 Are Also High

Leverage Redemption Season 3
Amazon Freevee

The second season finale doesn’t seem like the show’s ending. Sophie’s family has yet to explore, and why she abandoned her family remains unclear. Further, the reconciliation between her and her stepdaughter has yet to explore. There’s also a potential story arc that the team will break into NASA to save Hardison. So there are plenty of storylines to play a pivotal role in the third run. Considering this, the chances of Leverage Redemption Season 3 are high.

However, the streaming platform hasn’t yet renewed the show. But there’s a chance that it will return with an official announcement sooner than later. So let’s wait till Freevee drops official news. We will update you soon. So till then, stay with TechRadar247 for more such updates.

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