May 27, 2024
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Jimmie Johnson Net Worth: NASCAR Star Will Not Race This Weekend! Here’s Why?

Jimmie Johnson net worth

Jimmie Johnson Net Worth: It is quite evident that American sports, especially NASCAR and Formula One, have gathered worldwide popularity. People all around the world have developed another level of fascination for these championships. Among all the popular players in NASCAR, Jimmie Johnson is the ultimate legendary name. The professional auto racing driver has lifted the winning cup several times. He has also landed in the competition field of the Indycar Series from 2021 to 2022. However, the professional driver is in the headlines after his in-laws’ death. The family already suspects it to be a planned murder. However, a detailed investigation report on the same has yet to arrive. This is why his fans are curious about other aspects of Johnson’s personal life. Hence it’s making Jimmie Johnson Net Worth a trending topic all over the internet. Here’s what we know!


Who Is Jimmie Johnson?

Jimmie Johnson Net Worth
Jimmie Johnson

Jimmy was born on September 17, 1975, in California. He was only four when he began racing motorcycles. This clearly implies that the NASCAR star was already into racing at an early age. He attended Granite Hills High School and began taking part in various driving competition series. Later on, the 47-year-old became a prominent figure in SCORE International. Above all, he has created history in his professional career at NASCAR. Jimmie Johnson created an astonishing record by winning the series championship consecutively for five years. The journey started in 2006, and he soon became the only driver to earn this achievement so far. Many people have also referred to Johnson as one of the greatest drivers ever born in racing history. On top of that, the American star has a huge number of total playoffs appearance.

Jimmie Johnson Net Worth: The Athlete Exits NASCAR Cup Race!

This weekend can be a little disappointing for all those fans who anticipated Jimmie Johnson’s performance at the racing track. This is because the player has already exited NASCAR’s Cup series for this weekend after his in-laws died in an unforeseen situation. This might affect Jimmie Johnson Net Worth negatively. For the unknown, Jack and Terry Janway and Jimmie’s 11-year-old nephew were found dead in their Oklahoma home. The police found the former two shot dead along with their young grandson Dalton. But the family is constantly speculating it is a murder-suicide. So, the investigation has already started. Well, the entire incident was reported by a woman who saw a person holding a gun. However, the identity of the person who made the 911 call is still under wraps. Shockingly, Terry Janway is reportedly considered the suspect, but the motive is unknown.

Jimmie Johnson Net Worth
Jimmie Johnson

Following the unexpected accident, Jimmie Johnson’s team, Legacy Motor Club, announced his exit. The team confirmed that the NASCAR Star would not be seen racing this weekend, putting Jimmie Johnson Net Worth at stake. As for Jimmie’s family, they have requested privacy and are saddened by the tragic deaths. Further, the family hasn’t yet made any statements on the case. But several media outlets are consistently covering the incident. So more details about the investigation will be out in the upcoming days. Hence, it’s better to wait for the official words.

Who Is Jimmie Johnson’s Wife?

If you have been following Jimmie’s journey, you must be familiar with Chandra Janway. Although she is a model, Chandra is more popular for being the loving partner to the seven-time NASCAR Cup Series champion. She often visits his numerous championships and supports Jimmie Johnson too. The former model also co-founded Jimmie Johnson Foundation along with her husband in 2006. Since then, she has been working efficiently for it and has always avoided the media spotlight.

Jimmie Johnson Net Worth
Jimmie Johnson And His Wife, Chandra Janway

Well, Chandra is not active on her social media handles and enjoys a private life. As for the couple, Janway and Johnson got married in 2004 and have been together for almost two decades. They are now parents to two daughters, Genevieve and Lydia Norriss. The girls have also been spotted taking the side of their father in NASCAR championships.

Jimmie Johnson Net Worth: How Much The Sports Star Is Earning?

Undoubtedly, Jimmie Johnson is one of the highest-paid NASCAR champions over the years. As per the reports, he is expected to earn a huge amount through his career. According to media insiders, Jimmie Johnson Net Worth is estimated to be around $170 million. In 2017, he was placed on the Forbes list of highest-paid athletes, with $21.8 million that year. Even many a time, his team has been awarded bonuses for extraordinary wins. Thus, a major part of his income comes from his professional career.

Jimmie Johnson Net Worth
Jimmie Johnson

Coming to his additional sources of income, the American NASCAR driver is known for huge endorsements. Jimmie Johnson has worked with a couple of companies, including Chevrolet and Bank of America. His endorsement venture also has the name of a commercial company Gatorade. This added a considerable amount of wealth to Jimmie Johnson net worth. Despite taking retirement in 2020 from his NASCAR

career, Jimmie turned out as the co-owner of Legacy Motor Club. Then after, he returned to the sport but on a part-time basis. His foundation also supports K-12 public schools. Ever since it was founded, Jimmie Johnson Foundation has donated almost $13 million to achieve its respective mission. Stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247 for more updates!

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