May 26, 2024
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Jackie Chan’s Daughter Gay: “Homeless” After Coming Out, Called Legendary Actor “Homophobic”

Jackie Chan's Daughter Gay

Jackie Chan’s Daughter Gay: While a clip of legendary actor Jackie Chan crying with his on-screen daughter has gone viral, it causes a stir among his fans as they are eager to know about his relationship with his real kids, especially his real daughter Etta Ng. In the clip, Jackie Chan cries with his on-screen daughter Liu Haocun in his 2023 film Ride On. While the clip focuses on his struggle and glorious yet terrifying stunts, many compare his struggle to Etta Ng. The celebrity’s daughter has just hit the headline after being “homeless” for opening up about her sexuality. So is Jackie Chan’s Daughter gay? Since her sexuality has become a major concern for Jackie Chan’s fans, many seem curious about Chan’s relationship with his estranged daughter. So keep reading to know more.


Who Is Jackie Chan’s Daughter, Etta? Why Did He Estrange His Daughter?

Etta Ng Chok Lam, or Xiao Long Nu, was born in 1999 to a beauty pageant queen, Elaine Ng, and Jackie Chan. Well, Jackie reportedly had an affair during the 1990s when he was already married to Joan Lin. He married to Taiwanese actress in 1982, and they are still together. However, Jackie’s affair with Elaine didn’t last long, and the pair have confirmed that they aren’t on talking terms. Jackie had no clue about Etta back then, as his former lover kept their illegitimate daughter a secret. In fact, Elaine then relocated and lived a private life away from the limelight and, of course, Jackie Chan.

Thus Etta initially had no idea who her father was. Despite learning, Etta confirmed that they didn’t speak to each other. She told E! News in 2015 that although he was her biological father, he wasn’t in his life. In fact, he never existed for her, nor she considered him as her father. Etta said she wasn’t angry with the situation or Jackie Chan. But she never wished to see him. Jackie Chan’s daughter also claimed that she didn’t need a father as long as her mother was with her. Back then, both mother and daughter lived a private life in Hong Kong.

Fans Wonder: Is Jackie Chan’s Daughter Gay?

Jackie Chan's Daughter Gay
Etta Ng With Wife Andi Autumn

While Jackie Chan’s Daughter Gay has rumors surfaced all around the internet, Etta has already come out as lesbian in 2017. She revealed her sexuality through several Instagram posts where she called herself queer. In the since-deleted picture, her beautiful silhouette stood in front of a rainbow background where she teased about her sexuality. The first photo only consisted of some hashtags related to the LGTBQ+ community. After some people supported her, she shared another picture with a lengthy note. She showed her gratitude and support for their love in her since-deleted post.

Etta shared that she remained speechless at how her girlfriend Andi Autumn’s followers went to the latter and her account to shower their love and positivity. She also said that while these people were rooting for them, the Hong Kong media continued to mock Jackie Chan’s Daughter Gay status. In the lengthy message, she addressed the hardship she had gone through. She said she “has grown up in a world of negativity,” but she was proud to open up about her sexuality. However, she wanted to help others to express themselves and tell the truth. Jackie Chan’s daughter ended her message by thanking everyone who accepted her and her relationship with Autumn.

Etta Finally Gets Married!

While it remains unclear when and how Etta and Andi Autumn met, the couple took to Twitter in November 2018 to announce their marriage. Well, Jackie Chan’s Daughter Gay news was already buzzing, and this news left the internet split. Social media influencer Andi Autumn shared a picture of her with Etta on her Instagram account to share this news. Soon fans supported her in the since-deleted pic. She also thanked them for supporting the couple in thick and thin and giving them as much energy as possible to fight against the world.

The pair are still together, and Andi promised to share their journey and hope with others. Per The Gay Times, Etta wrote in her since-deleted picture that “if you never give up on love,” a warm heart will eventually guide you. She also addressed the abuse she had received as a child but never gave up on love. Etta added that they had fought with their fears and accepted their faults. So now nobody could ever hurt them. Jackie Chan’s daughter concluded her note with, “Love is both weakness and strength. Love wins!”

Etta Blamed Jackie Chan For Being “Homeless”

In 2018, Etta and Andi claimed that they were homeless. The couple revealed about sleeping under the bridge because of their unsupportive parents in a YouTube video. Jackie Chan’s Daughter Gay status had certainly brought misfortune in her life as the couple’s parents kicked them out of their house after they came out. They also called their parents “homophobic,” which forced them to seek shelter at various community shelters, including LGBTQ. However, things weren’t well there. Autumn also said that they had to separate if they wanted to go to any of these facilities per the government norms.

Back then, the couple had no idea what to do. After going through such a situation, the pair decided to return to Canada. However, everything has stayed the same. Back in October 2022, Etta was spotted queuing up for free food in Toronto, Canada. She wore baggy pants and an oversized jacket. While Chan had confirmed another million-dollar project, his daughter was spotted scavenging for meals. But the good part is the couple is still together, and as per the reports, Etta is now working in a restaurant in Chinatown to meet the ends. However, Jackie Chan’s Daughter Gay status has evidently made things miserable for her.

Jackie Chan's Daughter Gay
Jackie Chan’s Daughter, Etta Ng, in Toronto, Canada

What Did Jackie Chan Say About His Daughter’s Lesbian Announcement And Poverty?

Jackie Chan cut ties with Etta’s mother soon after he learned about her pregnancy news. Thus he doesn’t care about his estranged daughter at all. In fact, the legendary actor admitted this while promoting his 2013 movie, Police Story 2013. Back then, he discussed how a movie scene reminded him of his daughter Etta who also walked away, just as Tian Jing did in the film. He further added that he had neglected her but didn’t explain why. Is Jackie Chan’s Daughter Gay News the reason behind this?

However, Jackie Chan has already revealed that he isn’t looking forward to leaving trust behind. As per the reports, he said if his son, Jaycee, is capable, he can make his own money. But if not, he will only waste Chan’s money. So when Jackie isn’t looking forward to helping Jaycee, things definitely seem miserable for Etta. But Jaycee is still living a lavish life while Etta is trying hard to support her family financially. This is all about Jackie Chan’s Daughter Gay. Stay with TechRadar247 for more such updates.

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