May 30, 2024
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Rob McElhenney Weight Gain: Did The Always Sunny Star Consume Steroids?

Rob McElhenney Weight Gain

Rob McElhenney wanted all the cast members of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia to gain some pounds. This is what a media outlet reported when Rob McElhenney Weight Gain concern grew rapidly on the internet. The American actor has been in the show as Ronald McDonald since 2005. Apart from being active in the acting career, Rob is a popular comedian and writer. In addition to this, the multi-talented artist is known for his skills in podcasting, producing films, and serving as a sports executive. Besides the above-mentioned series, McElhenney garnered positive reviews for his performance in Mythic Quest. It is an Apple TV Plus comedy series that is still running. Coming to his other aspect, the American celeb co-owns the Welsh football club Wrexham A.F.C along with Ryan Reynolds. Nevertheless, ever since he appeared with a bulging tummy, Rob McElhenney Weight Gain has started trending. Read till last to know the entire journey.


Who Is Rob McElhenney?

Rob McElhenney Weight Gain
Rob McElhenney

Rob McElhenney was born on April 14, 1977, in Philadelphia. His father shares a bond with the Olympic champion Marcus McElhenney. Well, the actor’s childhood was different from others as his parents got divorced when he was just eight. Since his mother came out as a lesbian, she got separated from Rob’s father amicably. Most of his childhood days were spent with his dad. Interestingly, his two younger brothers are also gay, and that’s the reason that Rob McElhenney has always considered himself of the gay community. As far as his career is concerned, the actor received his first major role in 1997. Later on, the 46-year-old moved to Los Angeles from New York City and explored himself through different films. In the mid-2010s, Rob was about to direct an animated Minecraft movie but then exited from the project because of certain reasons. But he returned with a bang in 2020, as McElhenney co-created Mythic Quest.

Are Rob McElhenney And Kaitlin Olson Separating?

It’s Not Always Sunny! While people seem concerned about Rob McElhenney Weight Gain, recent online rumors claim that the star couple, Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson, might get divorced. The speculations say that their relationship is in danger as the couple could part ways after cheating allegations surfaced. Rob and Kaitlin have always been adorable on screen as well as in real life. The reel chemistry made them fall in love for real, and both got married in 2008. They are parents to two children aged 11 and 12, respectively. Ever since the rumors sparked online, it proved to be disheartening for the fans who have already watched them giving ideal couple goals several times.

According to online assumptions, Rob McElhenney has cheated on his wife in Wales. The breakup rumors surfaced on the internet after an anonymous source hinted at their separation. While fans have expressed their disapproval toward the distressing rumors, many have refused to accept the breakup possibility. However, addressing the speculations, Kaitlin took to Twitter and explained her views. She shut down the fishy affair rumors and cleared the air. The funny way in which she responded to the cheating assumptions created much media limelight. Here’s the hilarious tweet that she made.

Rob McElhenney Weight Gain: The Actor Went Through Body Transformation Several Times!

It is not a new thing that Rob McElhenney Weight Gain concerns have made media headlines. His weight fluctuated several times during the filming for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The first time when he turned everyone’s attention toward him was when Rob gained 50 pounds. In the seventh season of the show, he gained an enormous weight, but the next moment, Rob was spotted slim and fit. Talking more specifically about Rob McElhenney Weight Gain, he took about three months to put on weight. His weight went to 220 lbs from 160 lbs. Initially, he ate such a meal that used to be infused with high-calorie amounts.

Although the celeb is not the first actor to undergo body transformation, Rob McElhenney Weight Gain journey is among the most interesting ones. Talking more about the drastic change, he revealed eating cottage cheese at 2 AM to pile on the extra pounds. But a couple of months later, the It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia star had to lose weight. So, he made a bit changes in his diet and exercise regime to cut off 23 lbs of the 60 lbs. He used to run 3 miles a day and developed a six-pack body. The actor was under the consultation of the celeb fitness trainer, Arin Babaian.

In addition to all these factors, people allegedly accused him of using steroids. In an interview with Men’s Health, Rob McElhenney

addressed the allegations and did not clearly explain his reason. It was just an unclear statement that stopped the spread of those rumors for the time being. Nevertheless, his beer-bellied bartender character in the series is still a subject of discussion. However, fans are impressed with Rob McElhenney weight loss transformation.

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