May 30, 2024
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Heather Locklear Weight Gain: Actress Suffers From Substance Abuse, Went To Rehab Centre!

Heather Locklear Weight Gain

Heather Locklear Weight Gain: A common convention in the film industry states that an actor must fit into an ideal measurement. But, in recent times, several personalities have altered the scenario. One such personality who is creating headlines through her figure is Heather Locklear. The American actress is best known for her performance in Melrose Place. She played Amanda Woodward, a fictional character, and was also called on the show to boost the ratings. Since Heather is a popular figure on the TV screen, some of her table works include Spin City and T.J. Hooker. Apart from it, the celeb also worked in several films, especially in the comedy genre. However, her recent look has grown fans’ concern. This has also resulted in growing Heather Locklear Weight Gain rumors. Not only this, she is also speculated to have undergone plastic surgery. Let’s have a look.


Who Is Heather Locklear?

Heather Locklear Weight Gain
Heather Locklear

Heather Locklear was born on September 25, 1961, in California to Diane and Bill Locklear. She has attended the University of California. For her role in Melrose Place, she has earned four consecutive Golden Globe Awards in the category of Best Actress – Television Series Drama. Besides this, the 61-year-old is also popular for her character, Sammy Jo Carrington, in Dynasty. It is a television soap opera that debuted on ABC in 1981. On the other hand, Heather Locklear was also offered a recurring role in the sitcom Hot In Cleveland. Later on, in 2013, the actress signed the dotted lines for the main role in the TNT comedy series titled Franklin & Bash. Talking about her filming career, Locklear was spotted in a pivotal role in Looney Tunes: Back In Action and The Perfect Man. For the unversed, she also made a guest appearance as a host on Saturday Night Live.

Heather Locklear Weight Gain: The Actress Went To Rehab Centre!

There was a time when Heather remained absent from the public’s eyes. Following her long absence, the actress finally stepped out in 2017, and soon, her look started Heather Locklear Weight Gain rumors. According to the reports, the actress went to the rehabilitation center after being involved in a fight with an EMT. As per the exclusive reports by Daily Mail, Heather Locklear looked almost unrecognizable when she was spotted in Calabasas. The veteran celebrity will turn 62 this year, and the old age look is quite prominent. It is said that she came in front of the camera after about five months.

Heather Locklear Weight Gain
Heather Locklear

While her fans expected Heather Locklear to be in sober look, she disappointed them. The Melrose Place star had a plum face, and cheeks seemed puffy. Not only this, but her eyes were also barely open, and it seemed like the celeb had just woken up from excessive alcohol consumption. This led to an exceptional fan theory, including rumors circuiting Heather Locklear Weight Gain. People assumed that Heather might have undergone a cosmetic procedure that resulted in such a gloomy appearance. Coming to her looks, Locklear was dressed in a comfy and casual ripped dungaree. Nevertheless, the reason behind her swelled face has no proper reason or explanation as of now.

Is Heather Locklear Still Struggling With Substance Abuse?

There’s no second thought that Heather Locklear is already known to have been dealing with substance abuse for years. Even though she went to rehab, people haven’t recognized any significant change in her behavior and alcohol consumption. Well, the American celebrity has struggled for years with her sobriety and mental health. One of the most recent rehabs that Locklear completed was in 2019. Back then, she has also faced multiple run-ins with the law. However, the Spin City star later posted an Instagram post to celebrate her one-year anniversary of sobriety in April 2020. But soon it attracted people’s attention as they seemed concerned for Heather Locklear Weight Gain.

However, inside sources claim that she is still suffering the same. Fans speculate that she might not have quit or stopped drinking even after so many issues. Nevertheless, the paparazzi have snapped her in a pair of flip-flops. During that time, Heather Locklear made strange faces and also sat on the stairs with a weird expression. Presumably, her fiancé dropped the actress off for the appointment. But she looked a bit imbalanced, and at that moment, Heather Locklear Weight Gain went in a new direction. Social media platforms are brimmed with numerous assumptions. Nevertheless, the Grammy Award-nominated actress has not addressed any such rumors and speculations.

Is Heather Locklear Weight Gain Linked To Her Pregnancy?

The 61-year-old has always been open about her body image and weight. Many of her posts imply that Heather Locklear struggled with her weight. She looked so bulky that everyone assumed her to be pregnant. But none of the reports clarified her pregnancy fat. Another claim suggested that the actress might have started overeating and got dependent on junk foods. However, in recent times, she has shed a considerable amount of weight. Though she has lost about 40 lbs, then also, the change is not much appreciated.

On the other hand, she shared her photo on Instagram and revealed to be loving her natural state. Besides this, her supporters have always shover love for her body and personality. Stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247 for more updates!

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