May 30, 2024
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Hidden Love Season 2: Finale Hints At Potential Sequel Or Spinoff?

Hidden Love Season 2

C-drama has gained massive popularity over the years, and Hidden Love is a perfect example to prove this growing popularity. It has recently dropped its finale, and now fans are looking forward to learning whether Hidden Love Season 2 is on the cards. Well, the show undoubtedly has created a huge buzz among the global population with its lovely cast and sweet romantic storyline. Many tuned into the show to see whether the lead character Duan Jia Xu will ever find the love of his life. But did he reunite with Sang Zhi in the end? Now fans are curious to see whether they are together or how things will move in their life in the upcoming season. So let’s head to see how things will move in Hidden Love Season 2.


Directed by Lee Ching Jung, Hidden Love is adapted from a webtoon named “Secretly, Secretly; But Unable To Hide It.” The series focuses on the one-sided childhood love story of Sang Zhi. She falls in love with her brother’s best friend, Duan Jia Xu, who often comes to their house to play games with her brother. But unfortunately, Duan has no clue about her feelings, and his family issues have also created distance between them. However, faith has a different plan for them, and they reunite again, which changes everything.

Is Hidden Love Season 2 Renewed?

Hidden Love Season 2

Hidden Love has recently wrapped up its first season, and now fans are curious to learn whether the show will return with Hidden Love Season 2. Well, the show has only wrapped up on its native channel, Youku, while it’s yet to conclude on Netflix. Thus it’s quite early to guess whether the streaming platform will return with the next season. However, the renewal decision is in Youku and the creators’ hand, who has yet to make any announcement. Well, the show only concluded, so fans need to wait a little longer. Typically the C-industry takes a couple of months or more to announce its decision.

So we can expect the same with Hidden Love. But the show has ended perfectly, leaving no loose ends and cliffhangers to explore. Thus it remains unclear whether the show will return with another season. However, it isn’t the first time that the C-drama ended with a proper conclusion and got another season soon after it got wrapped up. So there’s a hope the same may happen with Hidden Love Season 2. But nothing is sure at the moment. In fact, neither the creator nor the cast has made any announcement or hinted at the potential season 2. So it’s better to wait for an official announcement.

A Quick Recap!

Hidden Love Episode 25 opened up with a jolly note where Duan started recruiting a team for his startup. He was determined to excel in his field, and thus, he shifted to his hometown to make things worthy enough. He later met his friends and seemed glad to see Sang Yan. In fact, Duan also called him brother as he was dating Yan’s sister Sang Zhi. Soon the scene shifted to Sang Zhi, who was eager for something. Well, she seemed ready to pursue a career in advertisement and animation. Meanwhile, Duan had a word with Sang Zhi’s parents.

Hidden Love Season 2

They seemed worried about their daughter’s future because Duan belonged to a victim family, and his family had faced a dark fate. Soon the episode featured a flashback highlighting the scenes where Sang Zhi saved Duan from being bullied. But finally, her parents agreed to allow Duan to stay with their daughter. As the episode progressed, it focused on Duan’s growth and how his career upturned. Everything then went well, and finally, he proposed to Sang Zhi, who said yes. Soon the show ended on a happy note when the couple got engaged.

Now, What Will Happen In Hidden Love Season 2?

Well, the show ended on a happy note when Duan proposed to Sang Zhi, and she said yes. But the show needs to explore their wedding ceremony. So it is expected that Hidden Love Season 2 will explore this story arc. It may focus on the couple’s story and how they handle their marriage life. Since the series is adapted from a Webtoon, the chances are high that it will feature its storyline. Further, fans will get to see more of Sang Zhi’s character development if the show gets another renewal.

Who Will Return For Season 2?

Hidden Love Season 2

As of now, the network still needs to renew the show for the second season. However, if the show returns, then chances are high that Zhao Lu Si and Chen Zhe Yuan will return as Sang Zhi and Duan Jia Xu. Apart from them, Victor Ma sa Sang Yan, Zeng Li as Li Ping, and Qiu Xin Zhi as Sang Rong will also return. Well, the family may reunite once again. But who else will join the show if it gets another season remains unclear. There’s also a chance that fans will see some new faces in the next season.

Hidden Love Season 2: Release Date

The show hasn’t received a renewal yet. Thus Hidden Love Season 2 release date remains uncertain. But the network will only take a few months to announce their decision. It doesn’t seem like it will take a long time to announce its fate. So as soon as we learn the official announcement, we will update this section. Till then, stay tuned with TechRadar247 for more such updates.

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