May 29, 2024
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True Beauty Season 2: Creator Teases Possible Second Run!

True Beauty Season 2

The tvN drama True Beauty showed how adorable high school romance can be. Although the series failed to impress the native audience, it became a huge hit overseas. However, it has been more than two years since fans last saw Lim Ju Kyung and Lee Su Ho sharing romantic gestures. Thus, viewers are already anticipating the much-awaited reunion in True Beauty Season 2. Well, the drama wrapped itself up in 2021, and since then, fans cannot wait to have more from the makers. But interestingly, the series creators and production team have spilled the details regarding the second season. So is it on the cards? Well, not only did they announce the series’ current status, but they have also hinted at a potential True Beauty Season 2 release date. So let’s head to see what’s cooking for us.


The trend of Korean dramas and shows gradually became more popular with the arrival of engaging stories. One such show that opened up new dimensions for the Korean industry is True Beauty. Adapted from the webtoon of the same name, the TV series is helmed by Kim Sang-hyeop. It focuses on a high school student who has a complex about her looks. Initially, it was made available on Viki. In 2021, the drama landed on Amazon Prime Video, while in selected regions, True Beauty was released on Netflix in 2023.

Will True Beauty Season 2 Return?

True Beauty Season 2
Netflix, Viki

It has been more than two years since fans last saw True Beauty. But unfortunately, the most-awaited drama hasn’t announced any update regarding season 2. While the series’ fate remained unclear, rumors surfaced that tvN had already renewed the show for the second season. This week, rumors surfaced that True Beauty Season 2 is already confirmed. A TikTok user posted a video on the social media platform claiming the return of the entire cast for the next season. The video features the lead cast members promoting True Beauty.

While the promotional clip appears to be from the first season, the account claims that the series has already been confirmed. Well, these rumors appear to be music to the series fans’ ears as they have been waiting for this announcement. But the network hasn’t officially made the announcement. So it remains unclear whether True Beauty Season 2 is on the cards. But many believed it could be possible, as the Webtoon recently concluded. So it may help pave the groundwork for the second season.

Creator Opens Up About True Beauty Season 2 Production Status

While the rumors regarding True Beauty Season 2 renewal are all over the internet, many sources claim that the show is currently in production. Some reports suggest that the production for the second season began in 2021, soon after the first season wrapped up airing. However, other reports suggest the filming will begin this year, claiming the cast will return to reprise their roles. But nothing is known to date, as the series creator and network have yet to confirm the production details.

What To Expect In True Beauty Season 2?

True Beauty Season 2
Netflix, Viki

The story is centered on a high school girl, Lim Ju Kyung. She was perceived as ugly and so was bullied at her school badly. Well, she had no friends, too, and was constantly mocked for her looks. But because of the financial crisis, her family moves back to the countryside. Lim Ju Kyung and his brother, Lim Ju Young, are then admitted to another school. However, this time, Ju Kyung was passionate about using makeup to transform her face. Interestingly, Lee Su Ho, the most handsome boy in the school, falls in love with her. 

As the story proceeds further, Han Seo Jun enters the plot. He used to be best friends with the main lead, but a tragic accident pushed them apart. However, he eventually fell in love with Ju Kyung and hence, ended up being the second lead. In the final episode, Ju Kyung’s elder sister tied the wedding knot with Han Joon-woo. On the other hand, Lee Su Ho finally returned to Korea and met Lim Ju Kyung. Both cleared their misunderstandings, and Seo Jun cried over his unrequited love. He sang one of Se-yeon’s songs at his debut performance. Lastly, Kang Soo Jin was also back in Korea, and she apologized to Ju Kyung for making the situation worse for her. 

If True Beauty Season 2 returns, the makers might explore aspects of Lee Su Ho and Han Seo Jun’s friendship. Fans might also have a sneak peek into Lim Ju Kyung’s career. Also, the second installment might provide an answer to a few questions. Will Seo Jun continue singing all his life? What will happen in Su Ho’s relationship with his father? In addition to it, the second chapter will indeed focus on the romantic relationship between the lead couple. Since the Webtoon is already concluded so, there is ample source to look for.

Who Will Return In The Second Season?

True Beauty Season 2
Netflix, Viki

The lead actors, Moon ga Young, Cha Eun Woo, and Hwang In-Youp, have a higher chance of returning to the screen together. If it happens, they will be reprising their roles of Lim Ju Kyung, Lee Su Ho, and Han Seo Jun, respectively. Apart from these primary cast members, Park Yoo Na can be back in the shoes of Kang Soo Jin.  Regarding the supporting cast, Kim Min Gi and Im Se Mi may return as Lim’s siblings. Additionally, Jun Joon Ho can mark his entry into the second installment as Lee Joo Heon, Su Ho’s father. 

Moreover, Moon Ga Young last appeared in JTBC’s The Interest Of Love. Currently, she does not have any prominent projects in her kitty. Meanwhile, Cha Eun Woo is preparing for his next release, A Good Day To Be A Dog, scheduled for 2023 release. Hence, the makers might approach him after finishing his prior commitments. Lastly, Hwang in Youp was seen acting in ‘Why Her.’ It was released back in 2022, and thus, the actor can reunite with True Beauty’s makers immediately. However, some new faces might join the show as well. But, if the creators come up with a replacement concerning the main cast, True Beauty Season 2 will lack the previous charm.

True Beauty Season 2: Release Date  

As of now, the network hasn’t announced the renewal of the second season. Thus it remains unclear whether the show will return. But there is speculation surrounding the True Beauty Season 2 release date. As per the source, the second season will release in December 2023. Currently, the network hasn’t announced an official release date. So we will update this shortly. Till then, stay with TechRadar247 for more such updates.

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