May 29, 2024
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Kady McDermott Weight Gain: Had A B0*b Job Before Love Island? Clashes With Bosses!

Kady McDermott Weight Gain

Since returning as the mega bombshell in the Love Island villa for the second time, fans have noticed a lot of changes in Kady McDermott’s appearance. She has undoubtedly changed a lot, as she looks pretty different, and fans have noticed it. That lead to many concerns regarding Kady McDermott weight gain. While many believed it was due to her age, some believed she had undergone surgery. Did Kady McDermott undergo plastic surgery to get such an appearance? Well, the reality star was twenty years old when she first appeared on TV, and now she was in her late 20s. But recently, the latest Love Island UK star has talked about the changes in her look. Here is what we know about it.


Born on September 1995 in Stevenage, Kady Harriet McDermott was a make-up artist before making her television appearance. Her life completely changed when she joined Love Island Season 2, and since then, she has been a prominent name in reality shows. In the dating reality series, the star coupled up with Scott Thomas and even reached the finals. But unfortunately, they didn’t win the game. However, it opened the doors for Kady as she appeared on another reality series titled The Only Way Is Essex before returning to Love Island Season 10.

Fans Believe: Kady McDermott Weight Gain Leads To Changes In Her Appearance

Kady McDermott Weight Gain
Kady McDermott

Kady McDermott has entered the latest Love Island UK as a bombshell that has changed everything. Soon the atmosphere of the island turned a bit nostalgic for the islanders, especially for Scott Thomas. Well, her look was quite different as she appeared a bit fuller and drastically different than before. And one can notice that she doesn’t look the same as she was before. Many of her followers believe she has gained some pounds as she appears slightly fuller and bustier. So is it because of Kady McDermott weight gain? In fact, her facial features looked quite soft rather than sharp and edging like before.

But the influencer hasn’t yet addressed these changes. Thus Kady McDermott weight gain speculations remain uncertain. However, the reality star loves to keep herself healthy and fit. This is why she follows a proper diet plan and exercise regime. In an interview with Daily Star Online, Kady discussed how she managed to keep her stomach flat. She revealed she had quit sugar trends to make her belly look slimmer. Apart from this, Kady also follows high-intensity workouts, including cardio and running. She revealed she generally spent 45 minutes per session five times a week. Kady generally focuses on her lower body and works out accordingly.

As for her diet, she loves eating healthy food and consumes a lot of vegetables and protein while avoiding sugar and carbs. She also told the outlet that she eats lots of steak, chicken, eggs, smoked salmon, and cottage cheese. In fact, she makes her own healthy pizza which is rich in protein.

Kady McDermott Weight Gain & Plastic Surgery

Kady McDermott Weight Gain
Kady McDermott

While Kady claims that her weight gain is natural, fans believe cosmetic surgery is the major cause of the changes in her appearance. Well, Kady has once revealed that she had done a “wonky” boob job in Turkey soon after her villa exit. After undergoing a breast augmentation procedure, her petite frame turned into a size up to 30E. It was a massive change in her appearance, leading to Kady McDermott weight gain rumors. But in 2019, the reality star revealed that she had removed the implants a year earlier and replaced them with something suitable for her figure. Now she’s 30C/D. Kady also told The Sun that she regretted not doing her research before jumping on breast augmentation surgery. Well, fans believe it’s one of the reasons behind Kady McDermott weight gain, as it makes her look a bit bustier.

Lip Fillers And Veneers

While Kady McDermott weight gain remains a major concern, fans also believe she has done something with her face. Her uplifted cheeks and beautiful smile have gained her followers’ attention. But the celebrity has already mentioned that she has never done anything with her face. As per the reality TV star, she has only done lip fillers and veneers. Kady has already revealed that her lips are injected every eight months with 0.5ml of plumper to regain a natural pout and look rounded. The procedure generally uses dermal fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm into parts of the lips.

Kady McDermott Weight Gain
Kady McDermott

This enhances the lips and costs around 95 euros per treatment. The star also admitted she had veneers that completely changed her smile. Well, it was the result of porcelain veneers. While Kady has addressed these procedures, she denies the allegations of undergoing other cosmetic surgery. She told her social media followers that she had never done anything to her face and asked her followers to stop spreading rumors of her having undergone chin filler, jaw filler, and Botox. As for Kady McDermott weight gain, the reality star stated that she has just grown up now, and that’s why her appearance looks slightly different from before.

Kady’s Backstage Drama Over “Secret Boyfriend”

The 27-year-old recently appeared on Love Island Season 10, where she paired up with Zachariah Noble. However, fans become suspicious when she refuses to kiss hunky Zachariah and participate in the kissing challenge. Soon everyone started wondering about her decision. Despite her denial, a source claimed she had a secret boyfriend named Liam Greer for over a year. In fact, as per The UK Sun, Kady had spent a romantic night with her secret partner before making her sensational return on the hit dating show. Now, the producers of Love Island are suspicious of this too, and a rep has revealed that she has been involved in severe chats with bosses because of not mingling up with any of the boys in the villa.

Kady McDermott Weight Gain
Kady McDermott And Zachariah Noble

A source told the outlet that Kady and Liam, 30, jetted off to the Maldives and had a romantic gateway last Valentine’s Day. In fact, the pair was spotted in Ibiza last September. However, neither Liam nor Kady has opened up about their secret romance. As for Liam, he’s currently facing imprisonment for a money laundering case. As per the reports, he has laundered 350,000 euros. In fact, police have also reached Kady’s house while looking for him. Although Kady has remained tight-lipped, fans suspect she’s in a secret relationship with Liam, which may also end her in prison.

What do you think is Kady hiding something? What happens when Kady’s secret boyfriend rumors turn out to be true? Comment down your thoughts below. This is all about Kady McDermott weight gain. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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