May 29, 2024
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N3on Net Worth: Controversial Game Streamer Hits The Millionaire List!

N3on Net Worth

N3on Net Worth: Social media and technology have brought several changes in everyone’s life. It has apparently opened several opportunities for youngsters. However, things become more specialized when it comes to YouTube. Currently, game streaming and esports are rising speedily and have shown no sign of slowing down. One of the emerging personalities is N3on or Neon. He is a young and popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer. Over the years, the boy has landed into several controversies and added an extra pinch to his fame. However, his identity was under wraps until he roasted and insulted Ali C Lopez. The latter is known as a renowned TikTok celeb who gained mainstream attention after being invited to the Whatever Podcast. In contrast to this factor, people have also shown their curiosity concerning N3on Net Worth. Since he has thousands of subscribers on his channel, N3on is expected to earn huge numbers.


Who Is N3on?

N3on Net Worth

As already mentioned, N3on or Neon is a YouTuber, especially a game streamer. Originally named Rangesh Mutama, the internet personality was interested in NBA 2k games. He initially created channels on YouTube and Twitch and even decided that take out 80% of his earnings for the 2k titles. Although he was keenly interested in the NBA games and spent most of his time on them, N3on later shifted to Fortnite. The unexpected decision acted out as a breakthrough in his streaming career. Coming to his online channels, N3on has over 478K subscribers on YouTube, while he has about 154K followers on Twitch. Apart from these platforms, Rangesh is active on Kick as well, with 26K followers. Hence, undoubtedly, he has maintained a decent fan following and viewership. But despite its huge significance, the game streamer has been negatively criticized for using clickbaity titles and spreading sensationalism.

N3on Net Worth: What Are Controversies Related To N3on?

While fans are keen to know about N3on Net Worth, they are also eager to learn about the controversies linked with him. Well, the controversy sparked when the Fortnite player insulted a popular TikTok personality, Ali C Lopez, during Adin Ross’ Livestream. The clip from the recording went viral on the internet. It was planned as an interview session, but Ragnesh took it over badly. He consistently passed negative comments and body-shamed Lopez, the special guest. N3on used numerous terms to point out her body and figure. Meanwhile, Sneako- another personality invited to the live stream- left the interview as things turned severe for him as well. Nonetheless, the clip showing the same incident was highly criticized as N3on was still considered a newbie as he had recently joined the field.

The next one is when Ragnesh is accused of using clickbaity titles in his videos merely for views. One of his fellow YouTubers named, Jamie JT has exposed N3on a couple of times. JT unveiled that a video uploaded by the latter focused on his own death. He continued to expose that the video was even titled ‘N3on is dying.’ In addition to this, a few other videos were also published by Mutama, where his brother claimed N3on was suffering from an illness. He said the young streamer was diagnosed with seizures and a brain tumor. The incident was brought to exposure by Jamie, and the dislike count rose to new heights. Since then, the video is not available on Neon’s channel and has been deleted. Did it lead to the fluctuation in N3on Net Worth? Keep reading!

Did N3on Suffer With COVID-19?

Ragnesh Mutama got involved in another controversy when he uploaded a video a few months after faking his own death. The thumbnail and the title claimed that he met a coronavirus-infected person. The image showed him wearing a mask and entering a hospital to meet a patient. But the video had a completely other incident in reality. It was actually an interview conducted online with a user who apparently suffered from COVID-19. This again led Jamie to expose his wrongdoing. However, this time, N3on felt sorry for his actions and apologized.

N3on Net Worth: How Much Does He Earn Through Internet Streaming?

N3on Net Worth

Well, there is an absence of official reports that can suggest a true figure related to N3on Net Worth. According to different unconfirmed sources, he is estimated to earn between the range of $1 million and $5 million. As known hitherto, N3on earns majorly through YouTube and Twitch streaming. In addition to this, he might have also earned various Fortnite royalties. Moreover, one of his most popular videos was published in May 2020 called ‘I Played Fortnite With 6IX9INE.’ That made Eden Hazard a fan of the American streamer. This is all for now. Stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247

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