May 21, 2024
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Brett Goldstein Gay: Ted Lasso Star Finally Talks About His “Sex Symbol!”

Brett Goldstein Gay

Brett Goldstein Gay: None can deny the popularity of the sports comedy series called Ted Lasso. The show gained a critical appreciation and performed well in terms of viewership. Although the series has wrapped itself up, Ted Lasso has recently scored twenty-one Emmy nominations. Thus, the final season has brought much popularity to this show. However, on the other hand, one of the key actors of the series, Brett Goldstein, has sparked another concern regarding his sexual orientation. Lately, the Apple TV Plus series Ted Lasso introduced its first gay character on screen, but that has resulted in Brett Goldstein Gay rumors. Brett is an English actor and writer who has created Shrinking, a comedy series. After receiving prestigious nominations at the Emmy Award, the middle-aged actor is currently a subject of discussion. Several reports claimed him to be in a secret relationship. But is it true? Let’s see!


Who Is Brett Goldstein?

Brett Goldstein Gay
Brett Goldstein

Born on July 17, 1980, in London, Brett Goldstein is a talented actor and comedian. On top of that, the 42-year-old is also identified as a podcaster and writer. After attending Sevenoaks School, he went to the University of Warwick to graduate in film studies. Before pursuing his career professionally in the film industry, Brett worked in a strip club. He then moved to New York City and studied acting. But it was in the early days when he took an interest in acting and making films.

While studying in New York, Goldstein also wrote scripts. His career started through short films, and later on, he debuted in feature films. Brett Goldstein went on to become a prominent personality in television and was cast in a few series as well. Well, he appeared in the role of Hercules in the mid-credits scene of Thor: Love and Thunder. And he might reprise the character in upcoming MCU properties. But his recent role in Ted Lasso led to Brett Goldstein Gay rumors.

Brett Goldstein’s Ted Lasso Enters Proudly In Emmy Awards!

Brett Goldstein Gay
Brett Goldstein

Ted Lasso is an American sports comedy-drama that debuted on NBC in 2020. So far, the series has sparked three seasons, with the latest being released on March 15, 2023. Be it with writing or humor, the show has never disappointed critics and its audience. Even after the final episode, Ted Lasso continues to create its legacy after entering the Emmys. The latest installment has received nominations in the Primetime Emmy Award in twenty-one categories. Well, the drama has already earned eight such awards and is on its run for a perfect three-for-three record in the Outstanding Comedy Series category. Talking particularly about Brett Goldstein, the actor has taken two Emmy trophies home for the first two seasons of Ted Lasso. However, his character of Roy Kent has amassed a significant fan following throughout its run.

Brett Goldstein Gay: Is He Married Or Dating Someone?

It is common for celebs to hide their personal life from the camera and lead a secret romantic life. But things don’t really remain under wraps for long. Soon it led to the rise of Brett Goldstein Gay rumors. However, Ted Lasso star Brett Goldstein was rumored to be dating a female comedian. Things were not official until the reports confirmed it. It is pretty unclear as to when Brett began a romantic relationship with Beth Rylance. But, people already knew that they were an item much before the reports surfaced on the internet. In September 2021, the English actor also mentioned her name in a thanking speech at the Emmy Award. That was when things received clarity, and their relationship ultimately got confirmed.

Brett Goldstein Gay
Brett Goldstein And Beth Rylance

As per the industry sources, they were even quarantined together during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even a couple of times, they posted each other’s photos on social media handles. But suddenly, by August 2022, the pair were reported to have parted ways due to unknown reasons. Both of them even unfollowed each other, and that confirmed their breakup. Moreover, netizens speculated work obligations and career aspects as the reason behind the pair’s separation. However, some believed Brett Goldstein Gay rumors were one of the reasons behind it. Following the breakup, Brett Goldstein has not been spotted with any other female or celebrity.

Brett Goldstein Gay: How Did The Actor React On Such Speculations?

While Brett Goldstein Gay rumors are all over the internet, the actor has not addressed the issue. However, he hasn’t even opened up about his sexual orientation publicly. It is since the beginning that the Ted Lasso star remains silent when it comes to his personal life. Thus, it is safe to assume Brett is straight. However, after being labeled as a ‘s*x symbol,’ Brett Goldstein

reacted to such a label. Initially, he was speechless, but then the artist responded. The 42-year-old said that he would expect the public to call him with such a tag from now. Brett Goldstein continued to say that these matter does not even fall in his attention area.

This was all about Brett Goldstein Gay speculations. Stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247 for more updates!

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