Christina Applegate Weight Gain

Christina Applegate Weight Gain: Dead To Me Actress Slams Hate Comments For Her Looks!

Christina Applegate Weight Gain: In the last few years, actors gaining weight has not remained a strange incident for their fans. One of the popular names that is trending in this aspect is Christina Applegate. The American actress has gained popularity in a Fox sitcom titled Married…with Children. She has been in the entertainment industry for decades and has also established a successful career. Though it was not instant for her to appear in a lead role in Jesse, Christina proved her potential. In fact, for her role in Jesse, the celeb earned prestigious nominations at the Golden Globe Award. Well, the eminent personality has created a prominent place in both films and television. But recently, she has opened up about her illness. This is why fans are more concerned about Christina Applegate Weight Gain speculations doing rounds on the internet. Let’s take a look at its backstory.

Christina Applegate Weight Gain
Christina Applegate

Born on November 25, 1971, in Hollywood, her parents were already in the artistic profession. Thus it became easier for her to pave a career in this field. Well, the actress’s mother, Nacy Priddy, is a singer and actress, while Applegate’s dad worked as a record producer. During her childhood days, the 51-year-old took training in dancing, particularly in jazz and ballet. She began working in the acting industry as a child artist. Applegate played a pivotal role in Samantha Who, for which she received two Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy Awards noms. In fact, the American celeb received another breakthrough after being signed into the Netflix tragicomedy series Dead To Me. The series gained critical acclaim. Talking about her film ventures, she landed major roles in Vacation and The Big Hit. In November 2022, Christina Applegate received the star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Christina Applegate Husband: Whom Did She Marry?

Before exploring her present love life and Christina Applegate Weight Gain, let us have a brief look at her past relationships. In 1988, Christina Applegate dated actor Richard Grieco. But their relationship was short-lived. Her name was also linked to the high-profile name Brad Pitt. As per the media speculations, Brad was 25 while the Dead To Me actress was 17. Sadly, it wasn’t a very long-lasting relationship, as she ditched him. After then, Christina met her first husband, Jonathan Schaech, in 1997. The couple finally got married in 2001 after dating for four years. Unfortunately, the marriage was dissolved, and they signed the divorce papers in 2005.

Christina Applegate Weight Gain
Christina Applegate And Martyn LeNoble

However, a couple of months later, in 2008, Christina began a romantic relationship with Martyn LeNoble. He is a Dutch musician and co-founded a rock band called Porno for Pyros. The pair tied the wedding knot on February 23, 2013, in Los Angeles. Surprisingly, it was the second time for both to get married. The lovely couple became parents after the actress gave birth to her daughter in January 2011. But back then, Christina Applegate Weight Gain rumors created controversy for the star.

Christina Applegate Weight Gain: The Actress Was Diagnosed With Breast Cancer!

Everything in her life was going well until the star was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008. People reported the cancer was at an early stage when detected. The results of the MRI showed that the cancer was not life-threatening and could be treated successfully. She was then recommended a few treatments for recovery. Further reports clarified Christina to be cancer-free following a double mastectomy.

Christina Applegate Weight Gain
Christina Applegate

Her mother was also a breast cancer survivor, and thus, Applegate has a genetic trait that can trigger ovarian or breast cancer at any time. That was the moment when the 51-year-old realized changing her regular diet and making healthy alterations could save her. It was when Christina Applegate Weight Gain was at its peak. But her husband, LeNoble, never left Christina alone during her health struggles. He supported the actress emotionally and helped her to overcome the negative circumstances. Even during the double mastectomy, LeNoble never lost touch with her.

Christina Applegate Weight Gain: Celeb Gained Several Pounds Due To Illness!

The Samantha Who actress recently opened up about her weight gain struggles. Christina Applegate was discovered to be suffering from multiple sclerosis and announced the same in 2021. The chronic illness became the major reason behind Christina Applegate Weight Gain. Although she witnessed minor fluctuations in weight, MS diagnosis made her put on 40 lbs. The Primetime Emmy Award winner filmed the last season of Dead To Me amid her battle. Hence, she said that it was difficult to watch herself in the last installment of the series.

In an interview with Los Angeles Times, Christina Applegate opened up about her health struggles. While she was battling her health issues, a few online users slammed her appearance. Reacting to the same, the actress addressed the criticism. She came up with a powerful message pointing toward the trollers and responded with grace and humor. The note focused on being optimistic and highlighting the importance of rising above negativity. However, there was a time when Christina did not like seeing herself struggling with multiple sclerosis. Stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247 for more updates!


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