June 16, 2024
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Kirsten Storms Weight Gain: General Hospital Star Addresses Negative Comments!

Kirsten Storms Weight Gain

Kirsten Storms Weight Gain: ABC soap operas have another level of fan-following in the Western regions. One of the popular TV soap opera on the platform is General Hospital. The show has earned its cast considerable prominence among its viewers. And when discussing the show, how can we forget Kirsten Storms? She is a well-known face in the world of soap operas. The American actress has appeared in a couple of movies as well. However, after receiving a breakthrough by playing Maxie Jones in General Hospital, Kirsten bagged a nomination at the Daytime Emmy Awards in 2009. While the actress has been praised for her performance, social media is brimming with numerous rumors associated with her. But lately, Kirsten Storms Weight Gain has captured fans’ attention. Even a few photographs of her have faced negative comments related to her weight. Here’s an insight into her weight gain journey.


Kirsten Storms Weight Gain: Is The Actress Pregnant Again?

Kirsten Storms Weight Gain
Kirsten Storms

There’s no doubt that General Hospital never remains out of the media limelight. Besides this, the show also lets the viewers turn their heads toward its cast. This implies that Kirsten Storms is known to have remained a part of the media spotlight from time to time. Lately, the 39-year-old is speculated to be pregnant as Kirsten Storms Weight Gain is a growing concern among her fans. Back in 2021, Maxie Jones was pregnant on the screens. This was when her fans speculated Kirsten expecting a child without a proper basis.

In her recent appearance, Kirsten seemed to have gained a considerable amount. Due to this, her pregnancy stories surfaced on the internet. Despite numerous rumors, a few media houses have already reported that Kirsten Storms is not pregnant. The assumption came out to be completely false and baseless. Hence, it clearly defines that there could have been a different reason for Kirsten Storms weight gain.

Did Any Sort Of Medication Result In Kirsten Storms Weight Gain?

kirsten storms
Kirsten Storms

In 2011, Storms had to exit General Hospital as she was diagnosed with endometriosis. Sadly, Jen Lilley replaced her on a temporary basis. However, she returned for a short period as she had to leave GH as her doctor recommended rest. Apart from physical illness, she suffered mental health issues too. After being diagnosed with bipolar, she became dependent on anti-depressants. She revealed how the medication process resulted in her weight gain. Thus things became problematic for her as Florida-born struggled with mental complexities while dealing with physical illness. It somehow led to Kirsten Storms Weight Gain.

Coming to another aspect, Kirsten posted a mirror photo on Instagram. But the comment section was full of unexpected and negative reactions. A few people made rude remarks about her appearance and weight gain. The same happened with her another post that she shared on Instagram. The users claimed that the photograph was not recent and she had already put on some calories. The constant comparison made the actress furious. So, she jumped to answer them.

How Did Kirsten Storms React To Hate Comments?

Kirsten Storms Weight Gain
Kirsten Storms

The American actress reacted harshly to the negative criticisms made about her weight gain. She felt sad as netizens continuously threw fits against her physique. Kirsten prefers a healthy body over a slim figure, irrespective of how wildly Kirsten Storms Weight Gain stories were spreading on the internet. Storms clarified that she was not bothered by her weight gain as long as she stayed fit. Apart from it, the celebrity did not fret over her body size and increased weight. Following her clarification and response, fans welcomed Kirsten’s thought of body positivity. According to the reports, she currently weighs around 126 lbs. Despite being hit by such hate comments, the actress stayed positive as she flaunted her new look in General Hospital. Recently, the fans spotted some changes in her appearance as she went from blonde to brunette.

Why Did Kirsten And Brandon Barash Get Separate?

Recently, the soap opera Queen opened up about co-parenting post after her divorce from Brandon Barash. It is not easy for the ex-couples to raise their child together. But Kirsten and Brandon have changed the definition. The co-stars appeared together in General Hospital, where the latter left the show in 2016. Prior to their wedding, the celebrities used to be friends before dating. In August 2013, they confirmed their relationship and got married.

Kirsten Storms Weight Gain
Brandon Barash, Kirsten Storms The 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards Arrivals at Warner Bros

A few months later, the pair welcomed their first child in January 2014. However, both of them split in 2016 after filing for divorce. Kirsten Storms and Brandon Barash remained a married couple for about three years. When asked the reason behind it, Kirsten cited irreconcilable differences. Despite being separated amicably, they decided to raise their daughter together. Nevertheless, in a recent interview, the actress mentioned that she was good friends with her ex-husband. On top of that, the GH star is also happy for his new wife.

A Look At Kirsten Storms’ Career

Kirsten Renne Storms was born to Karen and Mike Storms on April 8, 1984. At a young age, she knew what she wanted to be and eventually evolved into a soap opera actress. Her immense interest in acting took her to New York for an acting camp. Moreover, her professional career began after being featured in a commercial for a toy company, Galoob. Further, she went on to perform short characters in several commercials and then landed on TV. There was a time when she filmed two projects simultaneously. As the actress went on to build her career, she was offered to play the titular role in Disney’s Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. Talking specifically about General Hospital, Kirsten Storms is the third actress on-boarded to play Maxie Jones. She signed the dotted lines for the same in May 2005.

This is all about Kirsten Storms Weight Gain journey. What do you think will she return with some more changes? Comment down your thoughts below. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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