April 16, 2024
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Letterkenny Season 12: In Production? Writer Reveals An Exclusive Update!

Letterkenny Season 12

Letterkenny Season 12: The farmer, the hockey players, and the other members have made the long journey of Letterkenny so memorable. The Canadian sitcom is not only satirical but has also shown the survival of the Irish immigrants. Moreover, the show debuted in 2016 on Crave and is still running, thanks to its popularity. Featuring an ensemble cast, Letterkenny has proved what it is like to lead a large panel cast. Nonetheless, the makers played a smart move by developing a spin-off series, Shoresy. It is based on a character of the same name featured in the original series. With the spin-off returning with another season, fans are curious about Letterkenny Season 12. The last installment dropped on Christmas 2022, and a special episode premiered in May 2023. Interestingly, the chances of another season are positive, and things seem in place.


Created by Jared Keeso, Letterkenny has Jacob Tierney as the captain of the ship. There is an interesting trivia about the sitcom. Originally, Letterkenny was not developed as a TV series but rather YouTube web series. It was primarily titled Letterkenny Problems but became a TV show after Crave picked it up. Many critics and audiences have found it authentic to deliver on-point humor. Apart from Canadian farm life, this sitcom is also popular for its witty and unusual characters. However, there were instances on social media that pointed toward the dryness of Letterkenny. Some netizens said that the series has significantly lost fans when compared to the previous seasons. But, despite such allegations, the series is said to have a loyal fanbase who is anxiously waiting for Letterkenny Season 12.

What Is The Status Of Letterkenny Season 12? Has The Production Started?

Crave has not announced anything concerning the next season of Letterkenny. After the end of the eleventh season, an official statement confirming its renewal or cancellation has not been made yet. Yet, some reports are apparently pointing toward a positive detail. Although Hulu did not order new episodes, Crave is seemingly excited for Letterkenny Season 12. According to Bustle, the network has shared some snaps of the cast. It’s expected to be from the sets of the next season. A certain caption was not provided to the snaps, but the hint was enough.

Letterkenny Season 12
Crave, Hulu

In addition to this, writer-director Jacob Tierney also shared an update about the filming of Letterkenny Season 12. He took to Instagram and revealed shooting began in September 2022. On the other hand, if you have been following The Produce Stand podcast on Twitter, you must have gone through a series of BTS photos. The podcast has a Twitter thread that features several photos from the sets of season 12. Moreover, Jacob, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, seemed optimistic about the show’s pace. He expressed his emotions upon the successful run of the series.

Why Don’t We See Shoresy In Letterkenny?

Have you ever noticed that Letterkeeny never revealed the identity of Shoresy? Despite it, he is known as the most popular and iconic character of the show. He also received a spin-off series which is soon coming up with a second run. Well, almost every time, his face was obscured, which created another sense of mystery. On top of that, though he served as a side character, his relevance in the story was no less than the central character. Played exclusively by the creator himself, Shorsey has two sides. He can be an antagonist and, at the same time, a comedic personality.

Letterkenny Season 12

Coming to the point, a justified reason to hide his identity has never been stated. But it’s reported that Keese plays the role of Wayne and Shoresy. Therefore, it could be one of the possible reasons why the latter’s face was never shown. Secondly, the secrecy related to Shoresy could be a strategic decision to add more mystery to the series. Moreover, it has ultimately led to the birth of several jokes on the internet concerning his face and identity. But, even then, the character managed to enhance the overall aspect of the Canadian sitcom.

Who Will Return In The Letterkenny Season 12?

The cast of potential season 12 has not been finalized yet. But Jared Keeso is bound to return as Wayne and Shoresy. Nathan Dales will also return as Daryl, while Michelle Mylett will fill in the shoes of Katy. Beside them, Dylan Playfair as Reilly, K. Trevor Wilson as Squirrelly Dan, and Andrew Herr as Jonesy could join the cast. Meanwhile, Sash Striga and Nadine Bhabha are expected to make a comeback. Both of them were seen in James Daly’s Instagram stories. Lastly, Patrick McNeil and Dan Petronijevic are speculated to reprise their roles of Connor and McMurray, respectively, in Letterkenny Season 12.

Letterkenny Season 12

Letterkenny Season 12: Release Date

Following the trends of its release from the past three seasons, Letterkenny came up with a new installment every Christmas. This particular pattern began in season 8 and continued till the latest chapter. So, it seems like Letterkenny Season 12 will also land during Christmas 2023 if it gets renewed. In this case, it will premiere on Hulu

a day after, on December 26, 2023, for the US audience. After the new episodes, makers can come up with a special episode for the next year. Most probably, it would make some time during mid-2024. Stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247 for more updates!

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