May 27, 2024
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Crazy Love Season 2: Kim Jae-Wook Teases Potential Sequel? Won’t Return This Year!

Crazy Love Season 2

Since Kim Jae-Wook made his appearance in the KBS2 rom-com drama Crazy Love, fans have been crushing over to learn when he will make his comeback with another thirst-satisfying story. Well, the perfect storyline captivated many people’s hearts, and now everyone is clamoring for Crazy Love Season 2. But is season 2 on the cards? Fans are curious to learn this. Well, it’s been a year since they last seen their favorite couple going through thick and thin. However, recently the series lead opened about Crazy Love, hinting at the possible sequel. So is that mean the Crazy Love Season 2 release date will be announced soon? Let’s see what the creator and cast are cooking for us without wasting time.


Starring Kim Jae-wook, Ha Jun, and Krystal Jung, Crazy Love follows the story of narcissistic CEO. It’s a rom-com drama focusing on Kim’s Noh Go-jin, who receives multiple death threats. But being the CEO of South Korea’s top math institute GOTOP, Go-jin returns with a brilliant idea to dodge his death. He fakes ill health, pretending to have amnesia to cheat his death. But it leads to several revelations and a forged storyline, which later helps in his character development. During this journey, he also meets the love of his life, which later eases things up for Go-jin.

Crazy Love Season 2: Is It Renewed Yet?

Crazy Love Season 2
KBS2, Disney+

Nowadays, K-drama is at its peak as viewers worldwide look forward to seeing more of the captivating storyline. And Crazy Love holds a different level of fanbase among the pile of such brilliant shows. The show is popular for its dystopian nature and how the protagonists unite. But after binge-watching the show last year, fans are curious to learn whether Crazy Love Season 2 is on the cards. However, we have bittersweet news for the series fans. It’s been over a year since the show wrapped its first season on Disney Plus.

But unfortunately, neither the streaming platform nor the original network KBS2 has made any official announcement regarding the second season. It’s been said that the show concluded on its own term, leaving no loose ends to explore in Crazy Love Season 2. Thus, the chances of its return are quite thin. However, some K-dramas got renewed for the next season despite getting a proper conclusion. Considering this, we can expect that soon the network will return with an official announcement revealing the fate of the series.

Is There Any Talk About Crazy Love Season 2?

Unfortunately, the series wrapped up on a perfect note. But the series star Kim Jae Wook and Krystal aka Jung Soo Jung, were glad to play such a dynamic role in Crazy Love. The actors even talked about their performances and how the storyline inspired them. Jung said she was fascinated by her character and even described her own character as the beauty of art.

Crazy Love Season 2
KBS2, Disney+

Meanwhile, Kim Jae revealed that he wanted to explore something new, and after the COVID-19 pandemic, he was keen to bring humor to his fans’ plate. While both the stars were vocal about their performance and show, they haven’t revealed anything regarding the second season. Further, the creators have yet to reveal the possibility of a season 2. Thus, it remains unclear whether it will return.

Who Will Return In Crazy Love Season 2 If It Gets Renewed?

No doubt, the show won’t be a blockbuster hit without Kim Jae-Wook in the lead role of Noh Go-jin. Thus without any doubt, we can say that Kim will return if the show gets greenlit. Besides him, Krystal Jung will also join the series as Lee Shin-ah as Go-jin’s potential romantic partner. Ha Jun as Oh Se-gi will also join Crazy Love Season 2. Apart from them, fans can expect to see some familiar faces as well. Since the story has already been concluded on good terms, it may return with some new faces. If it happens, we will update this section.

A Quick Recap!

Crazy Love Season 2
KBS2, Disney+

In the season finale, Se-gi learns about Jong-oh’s intention after he finds his sister’s phone that had her full conversation with Go-jin. He discovered that Jong-oh confessed that he didn’t care about Se-hee and believed she did the right thing by killing herself. Now he was all set to kill Go-jin, who was waiting for Se-gi in the parking lot. Before Jong-oh could kill Go-jin, Se-gi stopped the former, and later, Go-jin saved the former from arrest. After recovering, Jong-oh and Go-jin had a heartfelt conversation, where the former finally forgave Go-jin, and they both decided to work on their friendship.

Meanwhile, Soo-yeong visited Go-jin to discuss their past. But the latter told her to forget him and start her new life. He said he used to love her 12 years ago, but he had changed now. After rejection, Soo-yeong decided to focus on Baek Edu, and finally, her hard work paid off. On the other hand, Shin-ah got a job in Ilpum Edu, and Go-jin decided to let her enjoy stardom as he believed she was meant to shine. He also welcomed his former employees before proposing to Shin-ah. The finale wrapped up with the wedding bells where both Go Jin and Shin-ah said, “I do.”

So, How Will Things Be Explored In Season 2?

Crazy Love Season 2
KBS2, Disney+

As of now, the show has yet to be renewed. But if it gets another season, fans will get to see their favorite couple back. It will be interesting to see how Go-jin and Shin-ah work on their respective rival Edu companies. Further, the show may also explore Soo-yeong’s storyline. Well, she dedicated her time to her startup in the first season. So perhaps Crazy Love Season 2 may explore this angle. The show may explore the couple’s life and how they welcome their children, adding more to their storyline.

Crazy Love Season 2: Release Date

Since the show wrapped up in the middle of 2022, fans have been waiting to learn when it will return with another amazing season. But as of now, the network hasn’t announced a Crazy Love Season 2 release date. Well, the possibility of the second season is currently in limbo. But we will update you as soon as we learn an official announcement. Till then, stay with TechRadar247

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