May 26, 2024
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KSI Net Worth: How Rich Is The Owner Of Expensive Business Ventures?

KSI Net Worth

KSi Net Worth: There is an irreplaceable bond between the entertainment and sports industry. But, are you reminded of any star who is active as a rapper and also as a boxer? We are talking about KSI. Originally named Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji, KSI is an English rapper. He is also a popular boxer and famous YouTuber. He is a multitasker. The artist is the CEO of Misfits Boxing and also owns a few restaurant chains. The star arrived on YouTube in 2009 and now holds 41 million subscribers on his channel. Moreover, he is such a figure that has rarely been out of the media spotlight. This time, people have brought them to the headlines as they are curious about KSI Net Worth. Since the star is into several things, fans already have their expectations. Let us explore the details!


Williams Olatunji was born on June 19, 1993, in London. He attended Berkhamsted School, where he met his future collaborator Simon Minter. Talking about his early career, KSI started posting videos on YouTube under the name ‘KSIOlajideBT.’ The uploaded clips contained gaming commentary of the FIFA video game series. However, he dropped out and later decided to pursue a YouTube career. Further, the star entered the YouTube group called Sidemen. In 2015, KSI even published his biography and later released another piece called Sidemen: The Book. Gradually, he shifted to uploading vlog-style content on the channel. Coming to his music releases, KSI gained success with his independent releases, including Creature and Uncontrollable. In 2019, the rapper was signed by RBC Records and recorded his debut studio album. On top of that, the Down Like That song received international recognition and popularity.

The Fierce Rivalry Between KSI And Tommy Fury!

KSI Net Worth
KSI And Tommy Fury

It is common for players to have rivalries in a boxing ring. Many a time, people highly anticipate matches that are known for cutthroat competition. One such high-profile boxing match that garners worldwide attention is between KSI and Tommy Fury. Both are more than just players in the boxing industry. They are termed as ultimate sensations that know no boundaries of rivalry. The heated rivalry started when the two fighters got involved in a post-match argument following KSI’s victory over Joe Fournier. Both the boxing star has never faced each other professionally in a ring. The fierce encounter is highly expected to be taken into a proper fight between the two. Thus, it would be interesting to see whether or not KSI and Tommy Fury would confront each other in the match. But if they do, it will eventually grow KSI Net Worth.

KSI Relationships: Who Is He Dating Now?

It is not strange for celebrities or influencers to have romantic linkups with a string of females. Talking about KSI’s love life, the rapper and YouTuber has always tried to keep his personal life away from the camera. But fans have managed to dig into his relationship status and noted down a few names. Williams Olatunji once dated Seana Cuthbert, an internet personality. Both were together in high school, but the couple broke up in 2014.

KSI Net Worth

According to the media reports, KSI then moved on with Lois Sharpe. She was spotted in a video titled Mauritius With My Girlfriend. Well, the clip is no longer available and has been deleted. Further, the YouTuber’s name was romantically associated with a model and social media star, Nia Pickering. They reportedly started their relationship in 2018 and got separated in 2019. However, the linkup was neither addressed by KSI nor Nia. Some other names suggested by Sportskeeda on the list are YouTuber Marina Joyce and Olivia Boo Rolland.

Coming to his present relationship status, KSI is back with his unnamed girlfriend. The social media star’s documentary claimed that the influencer is looking forward to being a dad. Hence, it would not be wrong to speculate that KSI might be dating anyone secretly.

KSI Net Worth: Is The Rapper A Millionaire?

As per the industry insiders, KSI Net Worth is estimated to be around $27 million. He owns multiple real estate that is worth millions. The boxer owns a couple of houses in Watford and London. Apart from this, the Lose singer is popular for his notable collection of vehicles. His luxury car collection includes Bentley and Aston Martin. This shows that KSI really loves cars, and Lamborghini Aventador is his ultimate favorite. Recently, the internet personality moved into a new home that is worth $6 million.

KSI Net Worth

A prominent portion of KSI Net Worth comes from YouTube and his music career. Since his channel has millions of subscribers, KSI already earns a huge amount through the platform. On top of that, Williams has invested significantly in various business ventures. He co-founded Prime Hydration and XIX Vodka. Moreover, KSI has also bagged huge paycheques by appearing in web series, movies, and television shows. This is all about KSI Net Worth. Stay tuned to TECH RADAR 247

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