Lost Gold Of The Aztecs Season 2
History Channel

Lost Gold Of The Aztecs Season 2: Reason Why The Series Should Return!

Legendary treasure, folklore, and mysterious curses are enough to draw anyone’s attention. And History Channel’s docuseries Lost Gold Of The Aztecs is one such show that delves deeper into all these aspects. Since the show dropped its finale, fans have been clamoring for Lost Gold Of The Aztecs Season 2. Well, the finale hinted at an unexplored world which has made the audience curious to see what’s next is aligned for them. Things get spookier in the finale when one family explores the Fire Pit, which can answer several questions. But will the network ever return with the docuseries? Well, we have bittersweet news for the fans. So keep reading to know more.

The Aztec Empire and the curse surrounding it are globally famous, and there’s a belief that several prestigious gemstones and artifacts are buried there. However, people have not gotten their hands on Montezuma’s treasure over the years. Well, it’s believed that the treasure is worth over $3 billion. Thus three families decide to break the legendary old curse to find the treasure. Lost Gold Of The Aztecs follows each family’s epic adventure as they search for treasure in three different states.

Lost Gold Of The Aztecs Season 2: Is It Renewed Yet?

Lost Gold Of The Aztecs Season 2
History Channel

Since fans last saw the quest for the legendary treasure, they are keen to know when the daring three families will return to explore more. However, it’s been a year since Lost Gold Of The Aztecs dropped on the History Channel. But the network hasn’t yet made an official announcement regarding the future of the second season. Well, the network is famous for bringing such documentary series on its platform. Thus it’s unlikely that the show will get axed after one season. However, History Channel still needs to renew the series. So the chances of its renewal are quite thin.

On the other hand, the show received mixed reactions. It gained only 6.6 stars on IMDb. Although it’s lower than expected, such a docuseries gather only this much of the ratings. Hence based on it, the future of Lost Gold Of The Aztecs Season 2 remains in limbo. But typically, the network takes quite a long time to announce the future of the show. So considering this, we expect the show to receive a renewal soon this year.

Chances Of Lost Gold Of The Aztecs Season 2 Return!

Lost Gold Of The Aztecs Season 2
History Channel

Well, all three families were trying their best to unearth the truth behind the legendary treasure. The Dillmans were working on the cave chamber while the Villescas family was trying to unearth the truth behind the Fire Pits. But the closer they reached to unearth the mystery, the more complexity and mystery they received. However, the first season has yet to provide an answer regarding the legendary treasure and Emperor Montezuma’s curse. So it’s expected that it will be explored in Lost Gold Of The Aztecs Season 2. Well, one season isn’t enough to uncover the mystery surrounding the 500-year-old treasure. So there’s a possibility that the network will return with another season to continue this journey.

Lost Gold Of The Aztecs Season 2: Who Will Be In The Cast?

If the show gets greenlit, then chances are high that the entire cast will return for Lost Gold Of The Aztecs Season 2. In the previous season Daniel Dillman, Derrick Dillman, and Gina Dillman played a crucial role in extracting the details related to the treasure. So the Dillman family is expected to return to explore their quest. Apart from them, Gabriel Villescas, Ramon Villescas, Kevin D Hoagland, and Chris Hegg will also join them. It’s expected that Kari Loya, Lon Child, Jerome Lovato, and Esequiel Padilla will return as well. Besides them, Aaron Jordan, Michael Webber, Ryan North, and Glade Hadden are expected to return.

What To Expect From Lost Gold Of The Aztecs Season 2?

In the previous season, the Villescas family risked everything by pushing their exploration to find Conquistador gold. They brought more heavy machinery and crew. While things didn’t work out well initially, the family finally made an underground discovery that widened their search. As for the Dillmans, they called a geophysicist to locate underground caverns and caves. This move turned out successful as it helped them find the largest one ever in the history of the family. Later, the family drilled into the chamber to unearth the hidden treasure. But the family discovered the water trap after reaching the bottom of the chamber.

Lost Gold Of The Aztecs Season 2
History Channel

Meanwhile, the Gold Miners in Nevada worked on the underground tunnel system. They brought the explosives to open the mysterious gate and enter the chamber. Although the first season ended on a cliffhanger where none of them found a lead for the legendary treasure, it’s expected to explore the angle in Lost Gold Of The Aztecs Season 2. In the upcoming season, fans will get a chance to see more of the underground chambers. It’s believed there are more layers of this mystery, and the team will soon uncover it.

Lost Gold Of The Aztecs Season 2: Release Date

As of now, History Channel has yet to renew the show for the second season. Typically, the network announces its decision a few months later. But this isn’t the case with Lost Gold Of The Aztecs. However, the Lost Gold Of The Aztecs Season 2 release date will soon be announced once the show gets greenlit. Since it will undergo production, thus it’s expected that the second season will return in the fall of 2024. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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